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Celebrate Rakshabandhan with your family and Bag2Bag


Welcome August!

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The month which itself means celebrated. August sprinkles festivities all around, toiling away the scorching heat, the one that brings in the major festival of brother-sister love but in the contemporary world, everyone is so busy with their intense lives that they hardly get any time to meet and greet their loved ones. But not a single festival in India is complete without celebrations, dance, gatherings, lots of sweets and gifts. The happiness and eternal love for each other is primary and rest others are secondary when we are in festive mode.

Rakshabandhan is on the cards. The festival of faith and unconditional love that deepens the special bond a brother and a sister share. You travel, buy expensive gifts and spend quite a lot from your savings just to get that pretty smile on her face. You are ready to do everything just to make her happy. You don’t worry about the savings you did for the latest phone you wanted for yourself or the vacation that your gang was planning.

Bag2Bag understand you like no one can and we care for you and your hard-earned money. We can help you keep your pockets full while you are traveling to spend quality time with your family during festival season.

Bag2Bag is humbled by the love and faith showered by all its customers. Recently one of our customers shared a very touching experience. (Name changed for the purpose of customer privacy).
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Tarun is from Mumbai but he works in Pune. He has two loving sisters, one is married in Delhi and the other one is in Bangalore. Last year, he planned to surprise both his sisters to meet both of them on Rakhi. Therefore, he saved for few months and then booked an early flight to Delhi, met his sister, took another flight to Bangalore and met the other sister. By the time he reached the airport to board the flight for Pune, the check-in closed. Therefore, he decided to take the next flight, scheduled after 4 hours. Using the bag2bag website, he quickly booked a hotel for a few hours and took a power nap to wash off all the exertion. Later he boarded the next flight to Pune.
This hourly hotel booking through Bag2Bag helped him save his money, which he would have wasted by paying to the hotel for the whole day.
Sometimes you don’t want to stay with your relatives because you feel uncomfortable in disturbing their privacy or you don’t want to be called ‘the uninvited guest’ and so prefer staying in hotels.
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Keeping your comfort and budget in mind, we have tie-ups with a large number of luxurious and reliable hotels across 22 cities in India including Bangalore, Jaipur, Shirdi, Delhi, Haridwar, Manali, Jaisalmer and many other places that provide hourly stay to the people at best and affordable price.

Now, you no longer need to wait for the flight or bus sitting in the reception area of the hotel but you can smartly check-in as per your convenience. The best part is that you can book your stay for as short as one hour.

Check the authentic customer reviews, the hotel location and the other terms and conditions at Bag2Bag and pick the right hotel as we aim to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

So be a smart traveller by booking a hotel online through Bag2Bag for a mini stay and start saving.

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