Hotels in Chennai

One Night Stay Hotels In Chennai

One Night Stay Hotels In Chennai

People who visit Chennai for business reasons, Medical reasons, US Visa or just a city visit for a night are those who are in the need of one night stay hotels. One night stay hotels are the most sought after hotel booking options in metropolis like Chennai in India. Book night stay hotels which are closer to IIT, IT firms or US consulate and save the time. There are hotels in Chennai that can be booked for one night stay. Book best night stay hotels offered by Bag2bag for a safe and comfortable stay. We are sure you will come back to us during your next visit to Chennai. Many top night stay hotels in Chennai are budget friendly as well as couple friendly. If you are planning to stay for one night then it is better option to book for night stay instead of booking the hotel for full day. Check for one night stay hotel options in Chennai. Most of the visitor who visit Places like Chennai are in the need of one night stay hotels.


Yes! Chennai is a city which is most often visited for business reasons, Education or any Medical reasons. There are many couple friendly night stay hotels for booking is available in Chennai through bag2bag. You can book for night stay, day use, day stay or for a few hours also.

Night stay hotels in Chennai booked through Bag2Bag ranges from as low as Rs.600 in prime locations. This helps you to save around 60% -70% of the total cost.

There are many budget night stay hotel in Chennai.  You can book hotels like Hotel Star of Lloyds Guest house US Consulate, Lloyds Guest house T Nagar, Grand View Residency  etc. You can check for more information on budget hotels in Chennai.

There are many luxurious night stay and premium night stay hotels available for booking through Bag2Bag like Hotels Hotel Azeez Avenue Hotel, The lotus Apartment etc.  You can check for more information.

 Chennai has quite a good number of places where you can party and enjoy drinks and there are places where you can enjoy midnight snacks. Visit places like 10 Downing street, Pasha the Park, Gatsby 2000, The flying Elephant, the leather Bar to name a few.