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Sometimes there is requirement of hotel for just a single night. People who visit divine places like Mathura are in the need of night stay hotels. People do like and prefer booking one night stay hotels rather than booking conventional stay options. Bag2Bag offers good night stay hotels in Mathura. Bag2bag has many hotels for unmarried couples in Mathura. Book best night stay hotels offered by Bag2bag for the safe and comfortable stay. We are sure you will come back to us during your next visit to Mathura. Many top night stay hotels in Mathura are budget friendly as well as couple friendly. If you are planning to stay for one night then it is better option to book for night stay instead of booking the hotel for full day. Check for one night stay hotel options in Mathura. You can also book hotels for few hours and have a comfortable stay.


Yes! There are many couple friendly night stay hotels for booking is available in Mathura, birth place of Sri Krishna through bag2bag. You can book for night stay, day use, day stay or for a few hours also.

Night stay hotels in Mathura booked through Bag2Bag ranges from as low as Rs.999. This helps you to save around 60% -70% of the total cost.

There are many budget night stay hotel in Mathura near Railway station and other localities which are near to temples and other tourist attractions. You can check for more information on budget hotels in Mathura.

There are many luxurious night stay and premium night stay hotels available for booking through Bag2Bag. You can check for more information.

Mathura is a holy place. There are not much nightlife in Mathura as the place is a religious place. You can enjoy the night stroll around the temples in Mathura or Vrindavan and the Aarthis and Darshans that happen just before the temple closes. Experience the grand rituals when the priests try to sing their lord and his favorite consort to sleep, the love and affection that becomes even more evident at this time. You can explore the mystery of the night which is guided by the grace of spirituality and devotion. Experience a sense of calmness in Mathura.