Celebrate Valentine's Day with our Selfie Contest.

Is there any fee to enter the contest?

Not at all! Anyone can participate in this contest absolutely free of charge.

Will submitted photos be returned?

No! Once you have submitted your photos they will not be given back to you.

Will I receive notification that my work has been received?

Once you have submitted your entry on our landing page, it will show you a message saying “Thanks for your participation!”.

Please tell me the size and format.

Please submit your photos in either JPG and PNG format and ensure that the size of your photo is not more than 5 MB

My photo has a date stamp. Can I submit it?

Of course! You can submit a photo with a time stamp but make sure that you submit a brand new photo and not an old one.

Is it possible to enter multiple times?

No! One person is allowed to submit only one entry for this contest.

After entering, is it possible to cancel my entry and resubmit another work?

No! Once you have submitted your photo, it will be recorded in our portal so you won’t be able to cancel your entry or resubmit another one.

When will results be available, and how will I know them?

The results of this contest will be available by the end of February 2023. These results will be declared on our social media platforms like instagram and facebook. So, stay tuned!

What is the deadline for submissions?

The last day of submission for this contest will be February 14, 2023. Any submissions after this date will be disqualified.

How is the winner notified?

The winner of this contest will receive an official email from us as well as they will be notified via messages on instagram and facebook.

Who can I contact if I am having problems with uploading?

If you have any queries regarding the contest feel free to contact us at events@bag2bag.in