Top homestays in Wayanad @ ₹ 2744/night

Do homestays in Wayanad offer business-friendly amenities?

Yeah! If you are looking to work for a few days amidst picturesque locations of Wayanad, book homestays with Bag2Bag. Host business clients in the expansive space and accomplish your tasks quickly. 

How much do Homestays in Wayanad cost?

With Bag2Bag, you can book homestays in Wayanad that varies from Rs. 2254 to Rs. 5390. Get all the incredible facilities and enjoy your trip. 

What are the amenities we can expect in homestays near Wayanad?

Homestays are all about recreating the essential comforts of your own home. So, you can find all the relevant amenities that make your stay more memorable. Free Wi-Fi, parking space, comfy living space, kitchen, swimming pool, jacuzzi, etc., are available in the homestays. 

What are the homestays with activities in Wayanad?

You can look for several engaging indoor and outdoor activities in a few selected homestay properties in Wayanad. Try exciting experiences such as cycling, mountain biking, trekking, etc.

Are homestays in Wayanad available to rent at budget prices?

Indeed! Based on your preferences, you can book homestays in Wayanad at budget prices. Get the latest deals and offers on homestays via Bag2Bag and further save more. 

Budget Friendly Homestays in Wayanad

How about escaping into nature in Wayanad? This astonishing hill station opens the door to fantastic travel experiences all around the year. Amiable weather blends with a heavenly backdrop to enchant travellers. Be it absorbing serenity amidst vivid greeneries or trekking along the high-altitude peaks, Wayanad offers limitless options for different travellers. The best places to visit in Wayanad include Chembra Peak, Banasura Dam, Edakkal Caves, Soochipara Falls, Kuruvadweep, Pookot Lake, Sulthan Bathery, Lakkidi viewpoint, Thirunelli Temple, etc., When you visit this hill station, book budget friendly homestays in Wayanad with Bag2Bag.

Book Homestay Accommodation for any Purpose

Looking to spend leisure time in the magical landscape of Wayanad? Bag2Bag has the best accommodation choice for travellers visiting this hill station. Book homestay accommodation for any purpose in Wayanad and make use of the ultimate convenience. Whenever you plan to extend your vacation to soak in its beauty further, homestays will deliver the supreme hospitality experience. Embrace slow living in the midst of striking tea valleys, gushing waterfalls and majestic peaks of Wayanad. Long-duration stays can be extremely rewarding and soul-soothing for all travellers. Get rid of the expensive accommodation pricing and rather choose the homestays at competitive prices. Taking a romantic trip to Wayanad? Homestays in Wayanad provide custom-made stays for couples. Bedecked in a spectacular setting, couples can’t find any better stay than this in Wayanad. Live in a discrete space which is further enhanced with homely comfort. The budget-friendly homestays in Wayanad offered by Bag2Bag can meet the needs of different travellers in a remarkable fashion.

Book Homestays in Hill Stations of Wayanad

Planning a year-end trip with your family in Wayanad? Amazing! Book homestays in hill stations of Wayanad with Bag2Bag and feel eternal bliss. Spend at least a week and explore the unexplored gems in Wayanad. Unlike a regular vacation, you won’t have to rush to cover important tourist destinations all in a day. Get the ultimate advantages when you book homestays in Wayanad with Bag2Bag. Stay in colonial-style homestays surrounded by sprawling tea valleys and gardens and calm your senses. Well-laid-out rooms, extensive views of nature, spa, outdoor pool, etc., will make your stay memorable. You can use modern kitchen facilities to cook comforting meals on your own. Some homestays even offer breakfast daily to delight travellers. Nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts, etc., can prefer to stay in a homestay and get the desired benefits. You won’t feel like missing the comfort of your home anytime!

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