Top homestays in Hampi @ ₹ 784/night

Why do people choose to stay in Homestays in Hampi?

Backpackers and solo travelers choose to stay in homestays for their affordability. These are the cheapest form of accommodations that offer comfortable stays to travelers. These establishments also allow travelers to live among locals and learn from their culture. 

How do Homestays in Hampi work?

Homestays are typically spare rooms present in a house owned by locals. These rooms are made available for travelers visiting the location at a much more affordable rate. These rooms are equipped with all basic amenities. Guests are also offered food in homestays. 

Are Hampi homestays cheaper than hotels?

Yes, Homestays are way cheaper than hotels. These establishments offer more casual stays compared to hotels. These accommodations do not include housekeeping, laundry service, room service, and so on thus they are cheaper than hotels.

How far is Hampi from the nearest airport and railway station?

Hubli airport is the closest domestic airport to Hampi at a distance of 166 KM. The Bangalore airport is the closest international airport which is around 350 KM away. You can also travel to Hampi by rail as the closest railway station here is Hospet around 13 KM away.

What is the best time to visit and stay in a Hampi homestay?

You can visit Hampi all around the year. However November is the best time to visit this historical city to witness the glorious vijay utsav. Hampi experiences the best weather from October to February. Avoid visiting Hampi during rains as the boulders and roads here can get very slippery. 

Book Homestays in the Historical city of Hampi

On the banks of the Tungabhadra river lies this historical marvel named Hampi. This is a city known for its glory that lasted for over 600 years. Now it has turned into a land forgotten in time. Several temples, palaces, ancient market streets, royal pavilions, and many more ancient architectures are scattered around the land of Hampi. It is no wonder that Hampi has now been declared a UNESCO world heritage site. The city has a lot to offer and people from all age groups can enjoy the best stay in Hampi with the affordable accommodations of Bag2Bag.

Ancient architecture in Hampi

This historical city is dotted with architectural marvels of ancient India. The temples here will give you a sneak peek into life more than 6000 years ago.  Explore the glorious days of the Vijayanagara empire here with Bag2Bag’s convenient lodging in Hampi.

  1. Vijaya Vittala temple- This temple is known for its extravagant architecture. The temple is dedicated to lord Vittal who is a form of lord Vishnu

  1. Virupaksha temple- This temple is dedicated to lord shiva. It is known for the usage of mathematical concepts. These concepts were used efficiently to build and decorate it.

  1. Lakshmi Narasimha temple- The temple has a giant idol of lord Lakshmi Narasimha. The god sits here in a cross-legged Yoga position with a belt supporting the knees. The idol initially had goddess Laxmi sitting on his lap but was damaged during the rampage of the Deccan sultanate

  1. Badavalinga temple- Badavilinga is a combination of two words – Badava and Linga. The word Badava means poor and Linga represents Shiva. It is believed that a poverty-stricken peasant woman commissioned the Shiva Linga placed inside the temple.

  1. Anjaneya hill- Hampi was previously known as Kishkinda which was the land of Vanara as per Ramayana. This hill is thus believed to be the birthplace of lord Hanuman. 

  1. Hire Benakal- It is a megalithic site found in Hampi. Eight neolithic burial structures are seen here. This represents the advanced civilization of ancient India.

Tourist activities in Hampi

While the historical marvel of this city is worth visiting, many come here to explore a chill Hampi. Backpackers and foreign tourists come here to explore the more youthful vibes. If you too are looking for some fun activities to do during your chill stay in Hampi then here are a few things you must do.

  1. Have a ride in Coracle that look like handmade baskets 

  2. View the sunset from Malyavanta hill

  3. Shop for handmade goodies on Hippie island

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