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What is the price range for Bag2Bag service apartments in Adyar Chennai?

The price range of service apartments for 1 night in Adyar Chennai varies from Rs. 1899 to Rs. 2899. You can always look for best prices and the latest deals on hotel bookings on the Bag2Bag website or the mobile App which is available on iOS and Android and book hotels for long stay.

Does Bag2Bag offer Budget serviced apartments in Adyar Chennai?

Certainly! Bag2Bag offers a wide range of budget-friendly service apartments in the region of Adyar. You won’t miss any aspect of experiencing comfort though it is pocket friendly. Grab the best service apartments in Adyar and save huge! Enjoy the fully furnished amenities with best tariff rates.

Are these apartments in Adyar good for corporate or executives in Chennai?

Yes, Serviced apartments in Adyar can be best suited for corporate people and executives that can exactly provide comfort like home. The presence of special amenities in the service apartments in Adyar will offer a home-like atmosphere. Nowadays homestays have Conference rooms, Meeting rooms which will help corporate people and executives in many ways.

Are there any hotels in Adyar for an extended stay?

Yes, there are many hotels in Adyar Chennai for extended stay options. The more you stay, the less you pay in long stay hotels in Adyar. You can book these hotels for few days to months as well and have a home like stay. 

About Adyar Chennai

Adyar, a highly advanced locality in Chennai, is situated on the southern shores of Adyar River. The areas like Tharamani, Raja Annamalai Puram, Thiruvanmaiyur, Kotturpuram, and Besant Nagar are situated in the vicinity of Adyar. With residential property values shooting up like never before, Adyar has become one of the upscale neighbourhoods in Chennai. The locality is home to Kalakshetra which preserves the age-old culture and tradition. Adyar enjoys swift connectivity to other areas through roads. The traveller’s hotspots in Adyar includes Theosophical Society, Adyar Eco Park, and Elliot’s Beach. If you are off to Adyar, trust Bag2Bag Rooms to book your extended stay. The presence of service apartments in Adyar Chennai will help the needs of various travellers.  

Travellers looking for convenient stay options in the city can choose homestay in Adyar Chennai. The locality is known for its sound infrastructure amenities. Also, the prestigious educational centres are located very close to Adyar. The area attracts techies in mass owing to the establishment of hi-tech IT Parks. 

Service apartments in Adyar Chennai for extended stay

Planning to stay in Chennai for a long period? Ok! Leave the hassles about where to stay in a fairly new city. Book the service apartments in Adyar with Bag2Bag Rooms and enjoy the maximum convenience. Whenever you choose the homestay in Adyar Chennai, neglect the hassle of packing and moving your whole luggage. A fully-furnished stay will enhance the hospitality experience for travellers. Whether to stay for a few days, a week, a month, or longer, book the extended stay hotels in Chennai. The longer you plan to reside in the city, the more you save! The stunning alternative choice for several travellers! Leisure travellers, corporate people, couples, senior citizens, etc can look for a more accomplished stay at lower prices.


The long stay apartments will offer enormous flexibility as travellers can switch between managing business tasks and enjoying a cosy stay. Slick kitchen appliances, reliable Wi-Fi connection, vast room space, meeting hall, and separate bedrooms will make for a special stay. If you are thinking of relocating to Chennai, look no further than the service apartments offered by Bag2Bag Rooms. The presence of modern amenities in the service apartments can provide extra cushion and so travellers are very much interested in choosing the same. For easy bookings, download the Bag2Bag Android and iOS apps!

Homestay in Adyar Chennai

Searching for a convenient place to stay with your family? Homestay in Adyar Chennai can be a smooth and innovative option if you prefer to stay long in Chennai. Instead of booking a hotel and paying more for that, simply grab the service apartments in Chennai with Bag2Bag Rooms. Stay for a while until you find a permanent residence in the city. The availability of furnished amenities in the apartments will ease your burden. As the Adyar is well connected to the major IT hubs, techies will find it extremely convenient. Always experience worry-free travel in the city. With spacious rooms and meeting halls, travellers can easily manage business-related tasks in the perfect environment. Taxed enough because of work? Host your friends over the weekend and have unlimited fun! Homestays in Adyar Chennai can perfectly fit the needs of different travellers away from home. 

Hotels in Adyar Chennai for extended stay

Adyar is a locality, where students, business travelers, medical travellers prefer to stay while they are in Chennai. There is a huge need for extended stay hotels in Adyar Chennai, as travelers look for safe and comfortable lodging at affordable rates for long stay. Bag2Bag hotels provide luxury long term hotel stay for guests at very affordable rates in Adyar Chennai. These long stay accommodations in hotels come with amenities like Self service Laundry, In house Restaurants, Swimming pool, Gym, Spa facilities, 24 hour help desk and other amenities which will help the travellers in many aspects. These extended stay hotels are usually centrally located and are very close to business and IT hubs. Many hotels in Adyar are near to IT Hubs and hence provides best stay for business travellers.  Hence, guests can avoid the travel time and stay comfortably near their workplace during their stay in Adyar Chennai

These hotels in Adyar Chennai for long stay do help medical travellers who visit the city for the best medical treatments. These hotels are pocket friendly and provide a stay with discounted tariffs for a longer stay. Tariff rates will significantly reduce for long stay accommodations which are very beneficial for the guests and these are the best economical stay options. Stay longer and pay less with Bag2Bag hotels for an extended stay in Adyar Chennai. You can make use of the long stay hotels for family reunions, Business trips, Medical visits and  casual visits. These long stay hotels in Adyar can be booked for few days, weeks, or months as well. 

Service apartments and homestay in Adyar Chennai for women travellers and senior citizen

Adyar is touted as one of the poshest areas in Chennai with stunning infrastructure facilities.  The locality provides easy access to several hi-tech IT parks and so attracts techies from different parts. Homestay in Adyar Chennai offers a safe and secure environment for women travellers and senior citizens. With 24-hour security service and the presence of other facilities, service apartments can be the best choice for travellers visiting Chennai. When you turn up in Chennai to level up your business, attend tech seminars, and for leisure purposes, experience a pleasant stay by accessing the homestays in Adyar via Bag2Bag Rooms. The temples and cultural centres in the area will highly appeal to senior citizens. Travellers can also receive specialized treatment from popular hospitals to cure the illness. If you need a stay that lasts for more than a few days, book the service apartments in Adyar Chennai with Bag2Bag Rooms.

Economical service apartments and affordable homestay in Adyar Chennai

How about grabbing the flexible stay at lower prices? Ok! Avail the economical service apartments in Adyar Chennai. Look for a convenient stay that suits your budget in the popular areas of Chennai. Bag2Bag Rooms offer a wide range of affordable homestay options to benefit several travellers. The long-term stay will always prove to be economical. Cherish all the world-class amenities during your stay even if you access service apartments at lower prices. The benefits are endless and travellers can often go lighter on their wallet. The special amenities generally accompany your stay to provide that extra cushion. Whether you visit Chennai for leisure or work-related reasons, simply access the service apartments in Adyar to enjoy your trip. 

Business stay service apartments in Adyar

Adyar welcomes business travellers all around the year as it encompasses several tech parks. The locality has seen unprecedented growth in recent times. Visiting the city to bolster your business values and attract new clients? Book the service apartments in Adyar Chennai for experiencing an ideal accommodation. Your stay comes equipped with the necessary amenities for offering a smooth and perfect stay experience. The exclusive amenities like a separate workplace, speedy internet connection, and relaxing atmosphere will exactly meet the demands of business travellers. Service apartments in Chennai can be turned into a tiny offices to work for a few weeks or months. This is relatively cheap when compared to office spaces. This is why service apartments are becoming popular among several corporate people. The spacious atmosphere will let you finish your business commitments with ease and your kids can also have some fun time. Book the luxurious service apartments in Adyar to bask in true luxury!

Service apartments and homestay in Adyar Chennai for medical travellers

Adyar is home to some of the world-class hospitals such as Adyar Cancer Institute, Fortis Hospital, Padmapriya Hospital, Mint Hospital, etc. If you are in Chennai for frequent health check-ups or treating illness, just choose extended stay hotels in Chennai via Bag2Bag Rooms. With unmatchable facilities and hospitality services, you can experience a comfortable stay. Planning to stay in Adyar for more than a week? Just rent the service apartments in the Adyar of your choice and feel at home. Homestay in Chennai comes furnished with superior amenities to make your stay more memorable and enrich the overall experience. So, senior citizens can easily make use of the presence of homestay in Adyar Chennai.

Luxury service apartments in Adyar Chennai

Can’t wait to relish true luxury in Chennai? Luxury service apartments in Adyar can be best suited for business leaders, leisure travellers, young couples, solo travellers, and so on. The key facilities in the service apartments include fitness centres, conference halls, reliable Wi-Fi connection, kitchen sets, furnished living space, and self-laundry services. With this level of convenience, you don’t need to go elsewhere to experience a cosy and warm stay. You can move to Chennai with only the necessary items as the apartments are fully furnished. Also, service apartments in Chennai are suitable for accommodating business clients for a week or more. Meet up with friends over dinner, utilize the slick kitchen amenities, and unwind in the perfect atmosphere. Feel the cultural essence of the city! Also, the urban appeal of the city will continue to attract millennial people. Rent the luxury service apartments in Chennai to precisely feel the luxury with Bag2Bag Rooms.

Service apartments and homestay for couples in Adyar Chennai

Looking for cosy and affable accommodation with your partner? Ok! Choose from a great range of service apartments in Adyar Chennai via Bag2Bag Rooms. Couple-specific amenities, well-maintained rooms, and modern amenities will together offer delightful accommodation for millennial couples. Experience tailor-made hospitality services in a pleasant ambience.  Homestay in Adyar can be availed at minimal prices. Share beautiful moments together and look for memorable accommodation. You can indulge in cooking for a while, enjoy watching favourite movie shows and revel in the stay.