Book hotels for extended stay for short term and Long term

What is an extended stay?

Extended stay is when you book a stay for a longer duration that can stretch from a week to a month. These rooms come with hotel-level services like wifi availability, gym, spa, pool, and many more which are often located close to necessary facilities such as grocery stores, pharmacies, and entertainment centers like malls, theaters, and many more.

What are the amenities included in an extended stay?

You can enjoy amenities such as spacious rooms, free wifi access, a kitchen, a private pool, a heater, Jacuzzi, gym, spa and many more  in Bag2Bag extended stay providing comfortable stay to the users.

How are Bag2Bag extended stays located?

Most of our extended stays are located close to railway stations, bus stops, and airports as well as in the center of the city close to all tourist spots so you can have a comfortable stay without much travel hassle.

What accommodations are included in an extended stay?

Bag2Bag properties include hotels, resorts, service apartments, homestays, cottages, guesthouses, and villas which offer heavy discounts for extended stays so you can enjoy long stays that are cost-effective.

Who can benefit from an extended stay?

People planning to relocate to a new city, planning a destination wedding,  planning a family get together, college reunion, business travel, staycation, a really long vacation or to make the most of their work from home situation can truly benefit from an extended stay.

How can I book an extended stay?

It is very simple to book an extended stay with Bag2Bag. Once you open the website choose your type of stay which in this case will be an extended stay. After you have chosen that state your destination, state your check-in and check-out date and then click enter. Now you will be able to view different accommodation options on the website including hotels, resorts, service apartments, homestays, cottages, guesthouses, and villas.

For how many days can I book an extended stay?

You can book an extended stay for multiple days, weeks, and even months.

What are some couple-friendly options for an extended stay?

Most of the extended stays offered by Bag2Bag are couple friendly. You can choose for couple-friendly option by choosing the “couple-friendly” option from the “popular” filter available on the website.

How many people can stay in an extended stay?

Depending upon the size of your group 2- 3 people can opt for Hotel rooms, resorts, or even 2 BHK service apartments. Larger groups can choose cottages, guesthouses, homestays, or even 3 BHK - 4 BHK service apartments as well. If you are looking for a truly big space and hosting over 10 people then private villas are perfect for you.

Which IDs are required for an extended stay?

All Guests need to carry one valid original Government ID proof such as a Voter ID card, Aadhar Card, Passport, Driving License, etc. No photocopy or soft copy will be accepted and also Pan Card will not be accepted as ID Proof.

How can I cancel my booking for an extended stay?

You can cancel your booking for an extended stay with Bag2Bag with ease. All you need to do is contact the Bag2Bag support team at +9335505099 or mail us your queries at for assistance in booking cancellation.

How do I make payment for my extended stay with safety?

You can pay for your extended stay with cash or online through E-wallets, Debit cards, credit cards, etc which are extremely safe and user-friendly.

Can I book an extended stay from my mobile phone?

Yes, you can book an extended stay from your mobile phone with the Bag2Bag app which is now available for both Android and iOS so you can book your stay anytime and from anywhere.

Are there discounts available for extended stays?

Yes, users can avail a number of coupons that are available on the website for users to use and save money on their extended stay. The website also provides pre-discounted rates for extended stays so you will pay less for longer stays.

Whom do I contact if I face any issues in my extended stay?

We are available 24*7. You can reach to our support team through Call & Chat between 7:00 AM to 23:00 PM also available on email round the clock to help with your query.

What are homestays?

Homestay is for those missing their home on their long stays. Here you get to live in the homes of people so you get to enjoy the comfort of a family while enjoying their home-cooked food on a time away from home.

What are resorts?

Resorts are luxury accommodation spots that also provide multiple on-site facilities such as gym, spa, multiple dining spots specializing in different cuisines, bar, casino, golf course, pool, sports activities, shopping spots, entertainment programs, and many more. Most resorts also practice an all inclusive model wherein the cost of food and drinks are built into the room rates.

What are service apartments?

Service apartments are 1BHK,2BHK,3BHK, and 4BHK apartments that you can book for your extended stays. These service apartments come with hotel-level services like wifi, gym, spa, and many more with some additional amenities like a pet-friendly environment, private modular kitchen, and private pool for those looking for some alone time and privacy.

What are cottages?

Cottages are small houses typically located on the outskirts of busy cities especially built for people looking for some peace and time away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. Cottages mostly have architecture inspired from the olden days perfect for cosy dwellings.

What are villas?

A villa is typically a big luxurious house that can be either a single unit or have multiple floors. These accommodations are perfect for those traveling with a big group and looking for a private stay that is also luxurious. These villas are gigantic and spacious and are built with multiple bedrooms, living and dining areas, media rooms, home gyms, private swimming pools, kitchens, and bathrooms with sturdy verandahs and a beautiful garden.

What are guesthouses?

Guesthouses are accommodations provided by local residents in their homes. There are different types of guest houses such as motels, inns, boarding rooms, casitas, homestays, and bed & breakfast spots. These are perfect for people looking for less formal accommodations that are less expensive and more personalized.

Choose from Service Apartments, Homestays, Resorts, and More

An escape from busy work life, relocating to a new city, planning a destination wedding,  family get together, or college reunion. Reasons for a long stay away from home can be many but its ultimate solution is Bag2Bag hotels, homes, and experiences. Make the most of your vacation, reunions, and getaways with Bag2Bag homes that offer a variety of accommodations like homestays, service apartments, resorts, villas, cottages, and guest houses to suit your needs. You can book these accommodations from the website as well as from mobile apps. The Bag2Bag app is available for both android and iOS.

Bag2Bag extended stays have chosen the location of their properties to ensure you enjoy the comfort of your home with hotel-level services.  Our properties will provide you with spacious rooms, proper wifi access, a gym, spa, kitchen, and many more amenities all in locations close to grocery shops, eateries, pharmacies, and entertainment hubs for your ultimate comfort and enjoyment.

The wide variety of accommodation options is an added plus for those looking for a specific experience with their long stays. If you are looking for some privacy and rejuvenation in a pet-friendly space with your personal swimming pool, gym and spa then Bag2Bag service apartments, villas, and resorts are perfect for you. Ranging from 1BHK to 4BHK our service apartments come with fully furnished rooms, modular kitchens and are also couple friendly so you can spend some quality time with your loved ones while the villas and resorts are designed for you to experience a luxurious private stay.

Bag2bag also provides homestays, guesthouses, and cottages for those missing home on their internships and business travels and looking for a cozy stay providing a homely feeling. Our homestays also allow you to experience local cuisine with a food menu that you can pre-book with your stay to experience the local culture with your long stay.

Enjoy luxury in resorts, swim in your villas with a private pool, cook in your 2BHK service apartment kitchen, read in peace at your cozy cottage, and experience home in another city with our homestay. Pick your perfect stay from the variety of options available at Bag2Bag extended stay for an unforgettable experience at your next vacation, get together, reunion or getaway.