Best Service apartments in Vijayawada

What is extended stay in service apartments in Vijajyawada?

If you are planning to stay for many days, then you can book for extended stay in Service apartments in Vijayawada. Extended stay in service apartments are a type of lodging with features unavailable at standard hotels. Service apartments provide home like amenities. They have amenities like guest rooms with Kitchens. Extended stay in service apartments are useful for Business travelers on extended assignments, Family reunions or relocations, Medical visits etc.

Why is home stay better compared to hotel stay?

Home stays are less expensive for long stay options compared to the service they offer. Home stays offers homely atmosphere. You will get more service and personal attention compared to Hotel stay. 

What is the price range for Bag2Bag service apartments in Vijayawada?

Price range of service apartments for one  night in Vijayawada starts from as low as Rs. 5822 . You can log in and get the latest offers and discounts on service apartments.

What are the sizes of services apartments in Vijayawada? How many rooms does it have?


The size of service Apartments in Vijayawada depends on how many rooms the apartment has. Usually Service apartments have 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedrooms along with Kitchen, Guest room, Lobby, Garden, Swimming pool etc., Play area etc.

Best Service apartments in Vijayawada

Choose the best Service Apartments in Vijayawada through Bag2Bag. Service Apartments provide you the most Convenient stay if your stay is long. You have Lot of space, Flexibility, Cooking and Washing facilities, Kitchen, Free Wi-Fi, and other amenities as well. So, Service apartments are ideal for travelers, Family Reunion, and also for those who want homely atmosphere. The advantage of service apartments is more if traveling for a long duration. Corporate travelers choose to stay in service apartments if they are looking out for long term accommodations. Serviced apartments are lot more flexible with early check-ins, parking, and a whole lot of other services. Cost per head is also cheaper as these apartments can accommodate 3-6 adults depending on a number of rooms the apartment has. Bag2Bag has best service apartments in Vijaywada. Book through Bag2Bag and avail the benefits.