Long Stay Hotels Booking in Bangalore

Long stay Hotels in Bangalore for Business travelers, family stay, Couples.

Long stay hotels in Bangalore usually offers a complete fully fitted apartment. These apartments are custom built. You can stay here for a few days to months or even years if required. These long-stay hotels are usually used by people for long term accommodation. Therefore these apartments often have things , the average home would require. The features that long stay hotels offer are unavailable with standard hotels. These features usually provide more home-like amenities, Long stay hotels are very useful for business travelers on long term assignments, Families in midst of relocation and of course others who are in the need of temporary housing. These longstay hotels can be a holiday home or a homestay if you are planning to visit a city for a long term vacation with your friends or with your family. Bag2Bag has a good number of long stay hotels across localities in Bangalore. The more you stay, the less you pay with Bag2Bag hotels. We have service apartments in Bangalore on monthly basis in localities like Indira Nagar, White Field, MG Road, and Koramangala etc. There are service apartments in Bangalore for unmarried couples too.