Best Extended Stay Hotel Booking In Kochi

What are some top amenities of extended stay hotel booking in Kochi?


Some top amenities of extended stay hotels in Kochi will include Seperate kitchen, Bedrooms, guest room, play area, Fridge, Washing Machine, Free WIFI, T.V, Lobby, Balcony, Terrace area, Meeting rooms, Conference rooms, etc.

Can couples book service apartments in Kochi for extended stay with Bag2Bag?

Yes. Couples can book service apartments in Kochi for extended stay with Bag2Bag subject to confirmation from the property owner. If the stay is long, you will get discounts on your stay with Bag2Bag.

Service Apartments in Kochi

Kochi is located in Kerala. Many Homestays in Kochi can be booked for an extended stay. Book through Bag2Bag and grab the offer. Serviced Apartments are best suited for long term stays. 

Bag2Bag has many service apartments in Kochi in localities like service apartments in cochin edappally, service apartments in kakkanad cochin, service apartments near Kochi airport, homestay in Kochi near the railway station, and so on. You can book apartments based on your need and have the most comfortable stay while you are in Kochi. These service apartments in Ernakulam-cochin are ideal for customers who want a home-like environment.  They usually have large space compared to hotel rooms and guest houses. They also provide self-cooking facilities.  These advantages further get amplified, if you are traveling for the long term. Bag2Baf offers service apartments in Kochi for a month, service apartments in Kochi for weekly rent, low budget service apartments in Kochi, service apartments in Kochi for daily rent and so on. Choose the one based on the need.  These service apartments are best suited for business travelers who or on long term assignments, Corporates, Executives and also fao a family vacation.  service apartments Kochi Kerala will reduce the hassle of arranging for WIFI, Housekeeping, Furniture, Utilities, etc. 

If you are staying with your friends, the cost per head can be 60-70% cheaper as these apartments can easily accommodate 3-6 adults per apartment. Whereas if you book a hotel room, the maximum number of persons it can accommodate is only 2.  They also offer flexible check in check out, cancellations, parking, etc.   furnished service apartments in Kochi are 50-60% more spacious as compared to hotel rooms. You are also allowed to cook your own meal.  Security is the main concern for many guests coming to India. Hence they choose to stay in Luxury hotels which invest a lot in securing their guest when they are at the hotel.  On the other hand service apartments also provide the same level of security as these apartments come with CCTV Cameras, Round the clock security services etc. Book homestay in cochin and have a comfortable stay while you are in Kochi