Long Stay Hotels Booking In Kochi

Does Bag2Bag offer long stay Budget serviced apartments in Kochi ?

Yes, Indeed. Bag2Bag has many Budget service apartments in Kochi with modern and luxurious amenities. Long stay Serviced apartments in Kochi provide a comfortable stay with budget pricing.

Why Service apartments are better than hotel stay for long stays in Kochi?

Service apartments for long stay in Kochi are less expensive compared to the service they offer. Service apartments are clean and Hygienic and have a homely atmosphere. 

Long stay hotels in Kochi

Bag2Bag has a good number of hotels in Kochi which can be booked for long stay. These long-stay hotels are best suited for the business professional, Executives who are looking for accommodations which last for may days.  These hotels can also be booked, when you are relocating for a particular city with your family and looking for accommodations for a few months. These hotels have many advantages compared to conventional hotels. We have service apartments near Kochi airport, homestay in Kochi near the railway station, service apartments in cochin Edappally, service apartments in Kakkanad Cochin which can be booked for a long stay.  These long-stay accommodations are fully furnished,  You can just walk in your luggage and stay as long as you need.  These hotels or homestays are conveniently located. So, You can stay in the city centre or near business hubs which will benefit you a lot. These hotels are budget friendly as well. If you stay for many days you can save a huge amount on accommodations. 


These long stay accommodations are best for professionals in various industries who are in the ned of long stay hotels.  Persons involved in Corporate business, Project work, Short term training, Assignments, Market and location visit Campaign professionals, Contractors, Policy Advocates who travel a lot find these accommodations very beneficial.  They can make it a temporary home as long as they stay in the city.  These hotels make life easy when moving to a different city.  If you are travelling on medical reasons or for those who are receiving care form home staying near to the hospital can make use of it. 

If you are planning to renovate your house, and temporarily need an accommodation to stay, you can book these hotels for a few months.  These are also beneficial for digital nomads who want to work remotely and want to explore new places along with work.   If you plan to explore a new city book long stay hotels and stay  for as many months as you need,