long stay accommodation in Kolkata

What are some top amenities of Home stay in Kolkata?

Some top amenities of Home stay in Kolkata will include Separate kitchen, Bed rooms, guest room, Play area, Fridge, Washing Machine, Free WIFI, T.V, Lobby, Balcony, Terrace area, Meeting rooms, Conference rooms etc.

Can couples book service apartments for long stay with Bag2Bag in Kolkata?

Yes. Couples can book service apartments for long stay in Kolkata with Bag2Bag subject to confirmation from the property owner. If the stay is long, you will get discounts on your stay with Bag2Bag.

Hotels for long stay in Kolkata

Kolkata is a city that is known for its rich Heritage and Culture. Homestays in Kolkata provide various advantages such as exposure to other cultures, Local food, and also the home-like atmosphere. You won’t feel like you are home away. Kolkata is the commercial, Educational, Cultural Centre. It is also best known for its colonial architecture. People flock the city for various reasons. If you are planning a long stay to explore Kolkata with your friends or family or planning a business trip which lasts for many weeks, then book a service apartment in Kolkata

Long stay hotels in Kolkata are truly beneficial for business travellers, Corporates, Travel nomads etc. Book long-stay hotels and stay comfortably. You will get a long stay hotel in Kolkata which provides huge discounts and attractive deals.  These long stay hotels offer the private furnished room that will have amenities like Kitchen, Wifi and housekeeping service as well.  The room can be rented out for weekly, monthly or even more.  You will get cheap accommodations as well. If you are looking for luxury accommodations, then there are luxury accommodations as well in Kolkata.  These accommodations are available in prime locations which will benefit business travellers, executives a lot. 

We have service apartments near ruby Kolkata, service apartments in Ballygunge Kolkata, service apartments in Kolkata salt lake, service apartments in Kolkata park street, service apartments in Kolkata near airport, service apartments in Kolkata near Gariahat, service apartments in Kolkata near Behala, service apartments in new Alipore Kolkata, service apartment in Kolkata near the new market which can be booked for a few weeks to a few months and more than that.

These long stay hotels come with amenities like water, gas, kitchen which is fully furnished, Wifi etc.  You can just book the hotel and walk in with your luggage.  There are no contracts or other obligations to book these long stay hotels.  If you are planning to visit the city alone or with family these long stay hotels can be booked based on the need.  These hotels are located in prime localities which will help you stay near the office .  These accommodations are budget friendly as well. Book long stay hotels in Kolkata and stay comfortably. If you are on a business trip to Kolkata on project work, Corporate business, short term assignments book hotels for long stay and save on accommodations.  Extended stay hotels make life easy when you visit the city which is completely new to you .