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What is the price range for Bag2Bag service apartments in Thane Mumbai?

The price range of service apartments for 1 night in Mumbai near Thane starts from as low as Rs. 1850. You can log in to and get the latest offers and discounts on service apartments.

Does Bag2Bag offer Budget serviced apartments in Thane Mumbai?

Yes, Indeed. Bag2Bag has many Budget service apartments in Thane with modern and luxurious amenities. Budget Serviced apartments provide a comfortable stay with budget pricing. You can download Bag2Bag Android or iOS App and do the bookings online.

Are these apartments good for corporate people or executives in Mumbai?

Yes, Serviced apartments in Thane are good for corporate people and executives as they get to stay in Home like atmosphere being away from home. Homestays provide the best service and care compared to hotels. You will get a homely atmosphere and feel like home though you are away from home. Homestays in Thane, hotels in Thane for extended stay have Conference rooms, Meeting rooms which will help corporate people and executives in many ways.

About Thane Mumbai

Thane is famously known as the city of lakes.  The locality is known for scenic locales, Old forts, Boat rides and Resorts.  Thane surely is a beautiful getaway in Mumbai.  Thane is a manufacturing hub and is becoming a major IT and ITES services hub as well. Thane is well connected by train, bus etc. There are many tourist attractions in Thane which is a must visit. The Elvis Butterfly Garden is a major tourist attraction in Thane. It  is an open air butterfly park. There is Sargam Water Park and Resort in Thane which is located amidst natural Mango orchards. You can also visit Upvan Lake which is a beautiful and eco friendly lake in Thane. Travellers who visit Mumbai plan to stay near Thane considering the whole lot of benefits it carries along. Bag2Bag Rooms offer service apartments in Thane Mumbai and Hotels in Thane Mumbai for extended stay to benefit travelers. 

With the availability of flourishing IT Hubs and educational centers, Thane offers a permanent abode for several people. Make use of the homestay in Thane Mumbai and live in a comfortable space while you are on long holidays.

Service apartments in Thane Mumbai for extended stay

Need a comfortable and luxurious living space for a few weeks? Well! Service apartments in Thane Mumbai will meet your needs. No matter what, you can book long stay hotels instantly and feel home away from home. With numerous  facilities and comfortable rooms, you don’t have to think twice before availing the service apartments in Mumbai near Thane. Move to new cities with only luggage as a homestay in Mumbai comes furnished with all special amenities. Whether to stay for a few days, a week, a month, or longer, book the extended stay hotels in Mumbai. The long stay accommodation options will not only offer extreme comfort but also reduce your expenses. Leisure travellers, corporate people, couples, senior citizens, etc can make the most of service apartments in Thane Mumbai. 

Slick kitchen appliances, reliable Wi-Fi connection, vast room space, conference rooms, and separate bedrooms will make for a special stay in Thane. Service apartments in Mumbai are designed carefully to meet the evolving needs of millennial travellers.

Homestay in Thane Mumbai

Holidaying in Mumbai? Searching for a perfect place to stay with your family? No worries! The homestays in Thane Mumbai have all the contemporary facilities to offer a relaxed stay for families. Behind the usual amenities, service apartments provide the perfect atmosphere to work, live, and enjoy the trip. The availability of furnished amenities in the apartments will ease your burden. As the Thane is well connected, you won’t have to get stuck in horrible traffic. Instead, you can experience worry-free travel in bustling city Mumbai. If you are on a business trip , you can easily carry your tasks from the homestay apartments in Mumbai. To keep your mind refreshed and recharged always amid the busy weekdays, chill out with your family and friends in Thane which is known for its beautiful lakes. Homestays in Thane Mumbai can perfectly fit your needs away from home.

Hotels in Thane Mumbai for extended stay

Looking to enjoy the dazzling cosmopolitan life of Thane Mumbai? Wonderful! Then, go for  extended stay hotels in Mumbai offered by Bag2Bag Rooms. Get a long stay accommodation in the lively locality of Thane and save more. Access the modern hospitality facilities and wait for a memorable stay. Millennial travellers can look for an exclusive stay and enjoy living in the spacious atmosphere. Hotels in Thane Mumbai for long stay will let travellers spend less on accommodation like never before. Enjoy the additional perks and comforts while securing an extended stay in Mumbai. If you need a temporary stay for a week near Thane, book the long stay hotels and experience the finest hospitality. Business people, couples, leisure travellers, families, etc., can make full use of the extended stay hotels in Thane. 

If you need to prolong your stay, don't fret! The more you stay, the less you pay with Bag2Bag Hotels. Bag2Bag Rooms offer hotels in Thane for long stay at budget prices. Extended stay hotels in Mumbai also ensure the safety of the guests with 24-hours strict security services. Hygiene and cleanliness measures are employed to provide a sanitized stay. Download Bag2Bag Android and iOS apps for flexible long stay bookings! Book the extended stay hotels of your choice on the go and have a cozy stay. When you need a stay for continuous nights, book the long stay hotels in Thane and feel relaxed. Secure a stay in the posh areas and experience Mumbai like never before.

Service apartments and homestay in Thane, Mumbai for women travellers and senior citizen

Thane is one of the posh residential neighborhoods which attracts  people of different backgrounds. Numerous Business travellers throng the city to work with prominent companies. Homestay in Thane offers a safe and secure environment for women travellers and senior citizens as well. With flexible services and the presence of other facilities, service apartments can be the best choice for travellers visiting Mumbai. When you turn up in Mumbai to elevate your business, attend meetings, and for leisure purposes, experience a pleasant stay by accessing the homestays in Thane via Bag2Bag Rooms.There are service apartments near major hospitals which will benefit the medical travellers a lot. If you need a stay for a month, book the service apartments in Thane Mumbai with Bag2Bag Rooms.

Economical service apartments and affordable homestay in Thane, Mumbai

Do you want to experience the finest hospitality at cheaper prices in Mumbai? Ok! Avail the affordable service apartments in Thane Mumbai. You won’t have to spend too much for experiencing comfortable accommodation in the financial capital of India. Bag2Bag Rooms offer a wide range of affordable homestay options in Mumbai to benefit several travellers. Just extend your stay to minimize your spending with Bag2Bag rooms. Cherish all the world-class amenities during your stay even if you access service apartments at economical rates. The homestays in Thane have proved to be highly beneficial and affordable for all travellers. The special amenities generally accompany your stay to provide icing on the cake. Whether you visit Mumbai for leisure or work-related reasons, simply access the service apartments in Thane to enjoy your trip.

Business stay service apartments in Thane

Thane houses some of the most popular IT and Business hubs and commercial buildings. It is no wonder that the area attracts business travellers from across the globe. Visiting the city on business reasons? Book the service apartments in Thane Mumbai for experiencing ideal accommodation. Your stay comes equipped with the necessary amenities for offering a smooth and perfect stay experience in Thane. The exclusive amenities like a separate workplace, speedy internet connection, and relaxing atmosphere will exactly meet the demands of business travellers travelling financial capital  Mumbai. You can even arrange a temporary office environment for a few months. Run a workplace with no hassles and save money and spend on other expenses.The spacious atmosphere will let you finish your business commitments with ease . Book the luxurious service apartments in Thane, relish a cosy stay like never before.

Service apartments and homestay in Thane, Mumbai for medical travellers

Thane accommodates some of the exceptional healthcare centres such as Horozon Hospital, Bethany Hospital, Jupiter Hospital etc. If you are in Mumbai for frequent health check-ups or treating illness, just choose extended stay hotels in Mumbai near Thane via Bag2Bag Rooms. With unmatchable facilities and hospitality services, you can experience a comfortable stay. These service apartments do provide best services tailor made for medical travellers. If you are here to stay longer, just rent the service apartments in the Thane of your choice and feel at home. Homestay in Mumbai comes furnished with superior amenities to make your stay more memorable. So, senior citizens can easily make use of the presence of homestay in Thane Mumbai.

Luxury service apartments in Thane Mumbai

Experience a luxury stay  in Mumbai. With Bag2Bag Rooms, you can avail the luxury service apartments in Thane. The extended stay hotels can be best suited for business leaders, leisure travellers, young couples, solo travellers, and  the lsit goes on. The key facilities in the service apartments include fitness centers, conference halls, reliable Wi-Fi connection, kitchen sets, furnished living space, and self-laundry services and many more. With this level of convenience, you don’t need to go elsewhere to experience a cosy and warm stay in Thane. You can move to Mumbai with only the necessary items as the apartments are fully furnished and come with house keeping services as well. Also, service apartments in Mumbai near Thane are suitable for accommodating business clients for a week or more. Host the weekend dinner parties for your friends, look for a rollicking weekend, and unwind in the perfect atmosphere in Thane.

Service apartments and homestay for couples in Thane, Mumbai

Travelling to Mumbai with your dear one? Ok! Choose from a great range of service apartments in Thane Mumbai through  Bag2Bag Rooms. Couple-specific amenities, furnished  rooms, and modern amenities will together offer delightful accommodation for millennial couples in Mumbai. You can’t find any perfect ambience to relax with your dear one than a service apartment in Thane. Homestay in Thane can be availed at minimal prices and the more you stay the less you pay with Bag2Bag Service apartments in Thane. Enjoy the company of your partner and share unlimited love and laughter. You can indulge in cooking for a while, enjoy watching favourite movie shows and cherish the stay!