Book hotels in Kausani for long stay @ ₹1764/night

Which properties does Bag2Bag have in Kausani for an extended stay?

Pratiksha Himalayan Retreat, Atithi Homestay,  Chevron Mountain Villa, Nature's Valley Resort, Stay Inn, and Chevron Mountain Villa are some of the popular extended stays provided by Bag2Bag in Kausani.

What are the different kinds of long stays available in Kausani?

For a long stay, Bag2Bag offers a lot of options for lodging in Kausani such as hotels, homestays, villas, service apartments, guesthouses, and cottages.

Does my cottage in Kausani provide wifi for an extended stay?

Absolutely! Free wifi is provided in almost all accommodations in Kausani including cottages.

Is private parking provided during Kausani's long stay?

Definitely! Guests traveling in their cars get designated free parking spots during their long stay in Kausani.

Do villas allow pets on their premises during a long stay in Kausani?

Of course! Many of the villas offer pet-friendly long stays in their villas of Kausani. However, this feature is not available in all villas so users are required to check this in the policies and amenities of their chosen villa on the Bag2Bag website and app.

About Kausani

A cozy spot in India free of tourist frenzy is the Kausani hill station of Uttarakhand. This hidden wonder was called the Switzerland of India by the great Mahatma Gandhi. You can plan a stay in Kausani during the winter from October to February and experience the beautiful snowfall here. However many travelers choose to visit during the summer from September to May making it one of the best places to stay in Uttarakhand. Visitors coming to this hill station need not worry about entertainment as there are many wonderful places to visit in Kausani. We have compiled a list of a few of these spots.

Kausani tourist places

  1. Kausani Shawl Factory:- This shawl factory is an effort made to preserve the local handicraft industry. Here tourists can buy beautifully embroidered shawls as little tokens from the hill station.
  2. Kausani Planetarium:- This is a fun yet educational spot that organizes live planet Shows. Here parents can come with their kids and show them the astronomical telescope and other fun science-related subjects.
  3. Kausani Tea Estate:- Tourists visiting this hidden hill station need to visit this location where premium quality tea is grown and observe the manufacturing process. The tea harvested from this estate is exported to Korea, Germany, the U.S., and so on.
  4. Stargate Observatory Kausani:- This is the first private observatory in Kausani that started in 2016. Here experienced staff offers a guided tour of the night sky where visitors can learn about the moon, planets, star clusters, galaxies, and nebulae through the telescope.
  5. Sumitranandan pant gallery:- This is one of the most popular tourist attractions here in Kausani. This gallery is dedicated to the well-known Hindi poet Sumitranandan Pant. Visitors can see the holograms of his literary work here. 

Temples in Kausani

  1. Katarmal:- Katarmal Sun Temple holds a great deal of significance in the history of ancient India. This grand sculpture showcases the immense creativity and architectural talent of ancient architecture.
  2. Baijnath Temple:- This is a notorious ancient temple present in Kausani that is built in a nagara style. This temple is dedicated to the lord shiva who is worshiped here as the god of healing.
  3. Rudrahari Mahadev Temple:- This is an ancient lord shiva temple located on the bank of the river Kosi. This ancient monument is in fact a cave temple that is popular due to its spiritual importance and devotional values.

Ashram in Kausani

  1. Anasakti Ashram:- This beautiful ashram is where Mahatma Gandhi had stayed and named this hill station as the Switzerland of India. Here travelers can practice yoga and participate in peaceful prayers.
  2. Lakshmi Ashram:- This is a well-known school for girls in Kausani. Out of all other schools, this institution holds a special place in people’s hearts as it runs on the principles of Gandhiji.

Nature spots in Kausani

  1. Rudradhari Falls & Caves:- The Rudradhari waterfalls along with mystic caves are one natural beauty of Kausani you shouldn’t miss. This is a popular trekking spot among travelers.
  2. River Sarayu and Gomti:- These two rivers meet in Kausani making the spot holy for Hindu travelers. People visit this Sangam for some peace and tranquility.
  3. Himalayan peaks:- Trishul Peak, Nanda Devi Peak, and Panchachuli Peak are the three peaks of Majestic Himalayan that visitors can see from Kausani.

Now that you know about these beautiful wonders of nature and ancient architecture, go ahead and explore them from Bag2Bag hotels and homes. Here you will find top luxury resorts with various other accommodation options offering a comfortable stay in Kausani. You can book these accommodations in Stay Inn, Pratiksha Himalayan Retreat, Chevron Mountain Villa, Chevron Mountain Villa, Atithi Homestay, and Nature's Valley Resort with ease from Bag2Bag’s website and app. The Bag2Bag app is now available on android and iOS so you can book your accommodation at any time and from anywhere.

Homestay in Kausani

The best way to enjoy the beauty of this hidden hill station is by opting for a stay in Kausani homestay. Such spots offer a lounge that is budget-friendly and less formal than generic hotels and resorts. This is the main reason why home stay in Kausani are very popular among backpackers and solo travelers. Travelers looking for affordable lodging must stay in this budget homestay.  The properties here offer spacious bedrooms with private bathrooms, large balconies opening to stunning mountain views, flat-screen TV, towels, free wifi, induction, fridge, washing machine, bed linen, and many such amenities. Travelers looking for an enriching experience can eat a warm home-cooked meal that includes authentic local cuisine in a homestay with food.  If you want lavish accommodation but don’t want to miss out on homely feels and cultural experiences then you can choose a luxury homestay in Kausani.

Resorts in Kausani for an extended stay

The true hospitable nature of this hidden hill station can be explored only in the best resorts in Kausani. Rooms here provide all of the required amenities such as kitchen/kitchenette, private bathroom, desk, bathtub, balcony, flat-screen TV, electric kettle, coffee/tea maker, and so on. Guests can also expect to enjoy the variety of fun activities for entertainment and relaxation in these Kausani hotels and resorts. You can enjoy walking tours, a class about local culture, a children's playground, themed dinner nights, a games room, live music/performance, happy hour, yoga classes, live sports events, billiards, spa lounge/relaxation area, massage chair, sauna, solarium, jacuzzi and so on in these luxury resorts. Travelers with different needs will surely find comfort in these peaceful resorts by the himalayan range. So plan your stay in Bag2Bag’s hill stations resorts today and have a beautiful stay.

Hotels in Kausani for extended stay

Out of all the accommodation alternatives present here the one that has maintained its popularity over the years is Kausani hotels. Kids, adults, senior citizens, couples, and travelers of all sorts can find comfortable lodging here. You can find the best hotels in Kausani easily with Bag2Bag and enjoy many convenient amenities. Most of the family hotels here feature rooms with a garden, private parking, free wifi, delicious food, furnished rooms, breakfast buffets, AC, heater, and so much more. The warmth and the hospitality offered here make them as good as 5-star hotels in Kausani. Guests can enjoy quality room service here at a steal deal of a price which proves to be helpful for travelers looking for cheap accommodation. Thus, Bag2Bag also offers budget hotels in Kausani at a lower price point with high-quality services. Hotels here are situated in safe localities and have the best security infrastructure making them safe for unmarried couples.

Service Apartments in Kausani for Extended stay

Travelers who prefer a little more privacy than what is offered in hotels can plan a stay in Kausani service apartments. Here guests can enjoy a stay in 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK, and even 4BHK flats with quality services like laundry facilities, housekeeping, maid service, day and night security guard, chef service, 24/7 CCTV surveillance, and many more.  These service apartments in India are the perfect home away from home. These accommodations are perfect for animal lovers as here guests get a pet-friendly environment and all their needs are met. Bag2Bag offers the best-serviced apartments here that are in convenient locations such as near airports, railway stations, bus stops, and so on. Guests can also run their errands here from nearby grocery stores, pharmacies, and so on. Here you can find couple-friendly rooms as well so you can enjoy quality alone time in the hill station of Kausani.

Villas in Kausani for extended stay

If you are traveling to this hidden hill station in large groups of friends or families then luxury villas here in Kausani are your best bet. Bag2Bag offers some of the best villas in India for those looking for some luxury and independence while traveling. These self-standing mansions are fully furnished and have aesthetic interiors, modular kitchens, private pools, jacuzzi, multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, well-maintained backyards, spacious living rooms, and many more utilities. Kausani also has a range of forest villas for travelers who like living on the outskirts near jungles where they can cook, lounge, and explore at their leisure. Bag2Bag also offers many mountain-view villas in Kausani for those who like to have a beautiful view during their grand stay. People planning a longer stay here can also easily book luxury villa rentals from Bag2Bag at an affordable rate. So however big your group may be, these private villas offered by Bag2Bag in Kausani Uttarakhand will surely make for a stay where you can enjoy your independence.

Cottages in Kausani for extended stay

Looking for a cute little lodging in the woods then book your cottage in Kausani with Bag2Bag. These small, traditionally built houses, known as cottages are typically located on the outskirts in locations that look enchanting. Cottages in Kausani are spread across one or two floors and offer their guests all necessary utilities like a shared lounge, a garden, a well-equipped kitchen, private parking, free wifi, continental and local meals, etc. These hillside cottages make for a cozy stay for couples and families alike. The wide spaces present here provide ample space for kids to run around. You can also book riverside cottages here in Kausani with Bag2Bag and have a magical stay in this hidden hill station.

Guesthouses in Kausani for extended stay

If you don’t mind sharing your living space with other like-minded people then book a guesthouse in Kausani for a fun and friendly stay. Equipped with necessary amenities in a casual environment with a personal touch these accommodations are some of the most comfortable guest houses in India. There are a large number of family guest houses in Kausani that are perfect for a holiday getaway. Those traveling on a tight budget with a considerably large family can lodge in Bag2Bag’s low price guest houses.

Service apartments and Homestay in Kausani for Women Travelers and senior citizens

Being a hidden hill station of India it is normal for solo female travelers to often look for safe accommodations here. Be rest assured that with Bag2Bag’s best homestays in Uttarakhand you will have a safe stay. Here you share accommodation with locals so you will never be alone during your stay. Similarly, senior citizens traveling to Kausani can book 1 bhk service apartments that are well equipped to cater to old people. These Kausani service apartments.

The entire unit is located on the ground floor with proper wheelchair access, toilets with grab rails, adapted baths, walk-in showers, raised toilets, an emergency cord in the bathroom, etc.

Economical service apartments and Homestay in Kausani

Want some privacy and still want to save money then book Bag2Bag service apartments here in Kausani. You will also be able to book affordable monthly rentals in service apartments with Bag2Bag for your short or long stay. One added advantage you will get here is that Bag2Bag’s smart display of rates will allow you to compare prices of service apartments on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. This way by booking with Bag2Bag you will end up saving more on your monthly apartment rentals in service apartments.

Business Stay Service Apartments in Kausani

Moving to Kausani for a job opportunity or a business trip? Fear not because Bag2Bag got you covered with business apartments. These service apartments come with conference rooms, lounging areas, whiteboard rooms, a canteen, and many other facilities ideal for your business meetings. Those planning to relocate to Kausani for career opportunities or simply work from the hills can quit searching for service apartments near me and just book with Bag2Bag. Here you will find budget-friendly lodging with ultimate privacy and premium services. Bag2Bag’s best-serviced apartments and other accommodations will have all your needs covered.

Service Apartments and Homestay in Kausani for traveling for Medical reasons

Shyam Lal Shah Gangola District Hospital, Uttarayana Hospital, and M.N.Srivastava Hospitals are 3 well-known medical treatment facilities here. Many patients from other nearby villages and towns come here to seek treatment. These medical travelers can book service apartments with kitchens that are nearby hospitals. By doing this patients can enjoy healthy home-cooked meals from the kitchen instead of tasteless bland foods. Those traveling for a small medical check-up can also book a service apartment in Kausani for 1 day.

Luxury Service Apartments and Homestays in Kausani

Luxury lovers can often feel like they miss out on cultural experiences due to their accommodation choice. Don’t worry! Because Bag2Bag provides a luxury homestay in Kausani for you to have some local experience. Travelers can also take a dip and swim around in Bag2Bag’s homestay with pool for a lavish experience. If you value your privacy as much as a luxury then 4 BHK service apartments will be a great choice for you. So plan a lavish stay in this beautiful hill station with Bag2Bag’s convenient accommodation solutions.

Service Apartments for Couples in Kausani

Being the gorgeous hill station that it is, many couples flock to Kausani for a romantic getaway. The main concern of any couple traveling is to find safe and judgment-free accommodation and that is exactly what Bag2Bag provides. You can book a service apartment here as it provides rooms for unmarried couples that are in safe and gated localities. With Bag2Bag you can enjoy some much-needed privacy in couple-friendly service apartments. So plan your romantic getaway today and explore the beautiful hill station of Kausani with Bag2Bag’s convenient accommodations.