Luxury Long stay hotels in Kolkata @ ₹800/night

Are accommodations in Kolkata Budget friendly for a long stay?

Absolutely! Most of the accommodations offered by Bag2Bag in Kolkata are affordable. While homestays are the most budget-friendly alternative here some hotels also offer an extremely affordable extended stay in Kolkata.

Do accommodations in Kolkata offer smoke-free rooms?

It depends on the policies of your chosen accommodation. Most of the properties in Kolkata strictly prohibit smoking. However, some accommodations have lenient policies regarding smoking. Kindly check the policies of your accommodation to confirm.

If we are an unmarried couple can I book a room in Kolkata with Bag2Bag?

Definitely! Bag2Bag offers couple-friendly accommodations here in Kolkata for a long stay. The guest needs to select the “couple friendly” filter to view all of the accommodations in Kolkata that accept unmarried couples and book them conveniently.

Do accommodations in Kolkata offer a swimming pool?

Of course! Most of the luxury hotels and resorts in Kolkata have swimming pools on their property that guests can enjoy. Even some guesthouses and service apartments have swimming pools on their property.

Can I book a stay in Kolkata as a third party?

Yes! As a third party, you can definitely book accommodation for someone else in Kolkata. Just be sure to select the “I’m booking from someone else” option when the question pops up saying “Who are you booking for?”.

About Kolkata

Kolkata is the capital city of west Bengal State. The city is centered on the banks of Hooghly river. It is known as the city of joy.  Kolkata is one of the metropolitan cities in India. Kolkata is well known in the field of art, Literature, Cinema and Theater. The  city's colonial architecture is reflected everywhere . It is also a home for the best educational institutions in the country.   Durga Pooja is celebrated on a grand scale in Kolkata during Dussehra. There are people from across the globe who visit Kolkata for various reasons. There is a huge need for extended stay accommodations in Kolkata considering the huge foot fall it receives every day.  Book Service Apartments in Kolkata for an extended stay, stay longer, and explore Kolkata. You can book Service Apartments in Kolkata offered by Bag2Bag at an affordable price. 

Bag2Bag also has hotels in Kolkata which can be booked for long stays. You can book these hotels for a few days to months as well. These hotels are usually located near educational institutions, Major business hubs etc. These accommodations in this beautiful city  will also  have In-house restaurants, Gym, Spa, Swimming pool and other amenities which will make your stay comfortable and memorable. There are cottages, Villas in Kolkata which will provide you with the ultimate travel experience.

Service Apartments in Kolkata for Extended stay

Serviced apartments are the sought after accommodations for Extended stay in Kolkata. So, what is the need for long stay accommodations?  The reasons are innumerable. It can be anything like business trips, Family reunions, pilgrimage, education, casual visit  etc. If you are looking out for good service apartments in Kolkata near Victoria Memorial, then just book through Bag2Bag as we provide the best  extended stay and long stay hotels in Kolkata for the perfect stay.

Bag2Bag has Luxurious Serviced apartments in Kolkata on weekly, monthly basis which provides a relaxed stay for the travelers. We do have Serviced homestays in Kolkata for a family stay, business stay, student  stay etc. These Serviced apartments  around Kolkata are suited for Senior citizens as well as for women travelers who visit the city for a long term. These Serviced apartments in Kolkata come with round the clock security, Vegetarian food, Kitchenette , On call medi assistance etc, and a whole lot of amenities.. To know more, about luxury stays , you can visit Bag2Bag or download the Bag2Bag App which is available on  Android as well as on iOS.

Home stay in Kolkata

Homestays will let you experience local culture, Cuisine and get you to the basics. You will feel home though you stay in a home stay. It is also a place where tourists flock for varied reasons from across cities. If you have plans for  a long stay to explore Kolkata with your friends or family or planning a pilgrimage trip that lasts for many days to months then book a homestay in Kolkata. If you plan to stay in the outskirts of Kolkata, then go  for Homestays in Kolkata which are truly luxurious. There are many homestays in Kolkata outskirts that are  very beautiful, Luxurious and are very economical. These homestays can be booked easily using Bag2Bag App or website.  If you are searching for homestays with a swimming pool then there are homestays in Kolkata with a pool which provide the best experiences. If you are planning to visit the city with your family, book a family homestay in Kolkata for reunions  through Bag2Bag which is best suited for family vacations.

Hotels in Kolkata for extended stay

Kolkata, known for its metropolitan culture, welcomes travelers from across the world. There is a huge need for extended stay hotels in Kolkata, as travelers look for comfortable accommodation options.  Bag2Bag hotels provide luxury long-term hotel stay for guests at very competitive rates. This hotel stay comes with a whole lot  of amenities like Self service Laundry, In house Restaurants, Swimming pool, Gym, Spa, and  varied other services as well.  These hotels are usually  located at convenient places and are very close to business and IT corridors which provides a convenient option for the travelers.

If you are planning for medical treatments in the city and looking for a long stay option then choose Bag2Bag . These hotels in Kolkata for long stays do help medical travelers. Tariff rates will significantly reduce for long stay accommodations which are very beneficial for medical travelers, especially those who look for stays that last for more than a week or months 

Very big advantage of extended stay hotels is the price . The more you stay, the less you pay with long stay accommodations. . These hotels typically offer additional Lounge places, Bars, concierge and other services as well. Many do provide transportation services  to  railway stations, airports,  shopping centers, tourist attractions, and business districts. Hotels do have recreational facilities like Swimming pools, bath tubs, Spa services  etc.

Service apartments and Home stay in Kolkata for Women Travelers and senior citizen

Kolkata being one of the metro cities  of India and a business hub receives Solo Women travelers who are on business reasons like to attend seminars, conferences etc. Considering the requirements of women travelers, Bag2Bag offers service apartments in Kolkata, Hotels in Kolkata for long stay for those who travel on business, medical, academic and other reasons. We do have good service apartments near Howrah bridge Kolkata. Book Homestay in Kolkata for an extended stay and relax. We provide good Service apartments and hotels in Kolkata for an extended stay for elderly or senior citizens who visit the city for hospital visits. Make use of the best homestays and family-friendly service apartments in this city. Stay longer and pay less with extended stay features exclusively with us. Service apartments come with round the clock security, well-maintained and spacious rooms, medical services on call l and many more ! Many Serviced apartments come with Swimming pools and Spa Services, Jacuzzi etc.

Economical service apartments and Home stay in Kolkata

If you are looking for any economical service apartments or hotels in Kolkata for an extended stay,  Bag2Bag has a wide range of Service Apartments which provide a splendid stay in Kolkata. If you are a solo traveler or traveling with family, these homestays in Kolkata and hotels for long stay provide you with affordable stay options Stay longer and pay less with Bag2Bag budget accommodations in city. Bag2bag has Service apartments and hotels in almost all localities of Kolkata like Salt Lake, Rajar Hat, New Town  etc. If you are searching for cheap service apartments in Kolkata  then just log into and book the homestay hotel in Kolkata of your choice. Hotels in Kolkata and Service apartments in Kolkata for 1 day are also made available through us.

Business Stay Service Apartments in Kolkata

Kolkata being the metro city receives travelers every day. They do visit Kolkata for numerous reasons. If you are on a business visit to Kolkata, looking for the best service apartments in Kolkata or hotels in Kolkata and planning to book for an extended stay or executive stay, then there are a range of Best Service Apartments, Hotels in Kolkata and homestays in Kolkata for an extended stay through Bag2Bag.  Couples who are planning to visit the city for many days  can book luxurious Service apartments and you will surely be surprised with the hospitality.  You can book the best-in-class stays available, specifically designed for a corporate and business stay. Serviced apartments in Kolkata on a monthly basis are very convenient if you are planning for a business trip that lasts for more than a few days. Serviced apartments in capital city Kolkata are also very affordable if you book through us. Log into and get the list of service apartments in Kolkata, Hotels in Kolkata for long stay and select the one which is near business hubs in the city. These hotels for long stay will help business travelers in various aspects. They are located near business and IT hubs, they do provide additional lounge spaces, in-house restaurants, Spa, Jacuzzi  and a whole lot of amenities.

Service Apartments and Home stay in Kolkata for traveling on Medical reasons

Kolkata is home to major hospitals like Apollo Hospitals, AMRI Hospital, Nightingale Hospital  and many more. You will find good medical services in Kolkata at a very economical rate. People do visit Kolkata across locations for medical issues or for treatment for any major illness. If you are searching for good service apartments, hotels in Kolkata and homestays in Kolkata, book through Bag2Bag for the best deals on long stay. Homestay in Kolkata is available across all localities which are pocket friendly too.. Bag2Bag offers Service Apartments, Homestay and hotels in Kolkata for an extended stay. We do offer the best homestays at a very competitive price near Major hospitals . We have good service apartments, Homestays, Furnished Apartments, hotels in areas like Salt Lake, New Town, Sarani etc  which are very close to major health care providers.

Luxury Service Apartments and Home stay in Kolkata

Luxury Service Apartments in Kolkata and hotels in Kolkata for corporate stay and executive stay are available in localities like Salt Lake , Sarani, New Town etc. Our fully furnished serviced apartments are known for the exclusivity of taste when it comes to elegant, customized furniture that is placed attentively to give our customers a royal feel and are truly blissful. Enjoy your stay in beautiful, serene and lavish surroundings with world-class hospitality and services at much affordable rates. We provide all amenities for business and personal holiday travelers who are looking for a serviced apartment in Kolkata, a hotel stay in Kolkata for an extended stay or an executive stay at top localities. The warmth of our service apartments is homely and yet elegant. The space is decorated for global travelers and is an absolute bliss for the travelers. We provide a swimming pool, spa, broadband connection, fine dining experience for our travelers to bask in luxury. Luxury service apartments in New Town  Kolkata and other localities as well can be booked for long stays.

Service Apartments for Couples in Kolkata

Book ultra luxurious service apartments for couples in the locality of your choice in Kolkata based on your choice.  Booking service apartments is hassle-free and go for the coziest and most comfortable homestay while you are on vacation with your loved one in the city. These extended hotels in Kolkata come with all modern amenities like a swimming pool, free Wi-Fi, Jacuzzi, and provide a fantastic stay for the couples stay in the city. Best service apartments and hotels in Kolkata for an extended stay are available across all locations in Kolkata. Just look for “service apartments in Kolkata near me” and you are sure to find the best through Bag2Bag. There are many 3 bhk service apartments in Kolkata which are suitable for friends or family reunions. 1 bhk service apartment in Kolkata and 2 bhk service apartments in Kolkata are also available through Bag2Bag. Opt for those that suit your requirements. Serviced apartments in Kolkata for couples are available across all localities . You can also book couple home stay  or a hotel in Kolkata for couples for a long stay.

Villas in Kolkata for extended stay

Who would not love to  stay in an elegant villa in Kolkata? Bag2Bag Rooms offers splendid luxury villas in Kolkata for all those who look for chic and modern accommodations.. You can access additional amenities and features like an in-house restaurant, a lush garden, private  terrace, Fully furnished Kitchenette and other amenities that leaves you spell bound. Beautifully designed villas will surely provide a wonderful stay for the travelers. You can spend quality time in the pool and get rejuvenated at the Villas. There are Spa and Massage services which will sooth your body and mind . Get the best villas in Kolkata at very competitive prices and make for a satisfying trip. Super luxury  villas are available in the city to book for an extended stay with Bag2Bag Rooms.

Resorts in Kolkata for extended stay

Traveling to Kolkata and planning to explore in and around Kolkata.  Well! You can now book resorts  via Bag2Bag Rooms which are located near Kolkata. Based on your preferences, you can choose from budget to luxury ones. Go for  properties that boast spectacular  views of this stunning city . You will have a private balcony and vast living room to a modern kitchen, revel in contemporary and luxury services and facilities at the hotel. Use the delightful option of booking resorts in Kolkata for a long stay with Bag2Bag Rooms and have a stay that can be cherished throughout.   Live in a cozy space that is filled with exemplary amenities. A weekend getaway in Kolkata can be more exciting with Bag2Bag resorts in Kolkata.

Cottages in Kolkata for extended stay

Love a stay in  themed cottages ? Bag2Bag Rooms has all that you long for while you are on vacation . Book a fabulous stay amidst nature, cityscapes and royal attractions near Kolkata  Get all the splendid amenities while you stay in the cottages amidst lush greenery..  If you wish to stay for more than a few days, book cottages near Kolkata for extended stay and explore the hidden gems near Kolkata. . With this, you can save more besides enjoying splendid accommodation. Use the 24*7 Wi-Fi and relish other recreational facilities which are a must explore in metro cities.  Download Bag2Bag Android and iOS apps to enjoy the memorable  long stay bookings in the city Business people, couples, wanderlust souls, Solo travelers etc., can book cottages with Bag2Bag Rooms with budget friendly rates.

Guesthouses in Kolkata for extended stay

You can find fully loaded amenities in the guesthouses booked through Bag2Bag at affordable costs. How about having a private balcony, private terrace and sipping a hot cup of coffee which is pure bliss for the wanderers. You can book guest houses near  Kolkata for extended stay which are close to tourist attractions and are accessible easily from city transit points. Lush green garden, beautiful living space, terrace, pool, fully equipped  kitchen etc., will make your stay further joyful in the capital city. Stay in the private guest houses for the time you prefer and avail various  offers while you stay in a private guest houses. Indulge in the stunning culture and heritage of Kolkata that can leave you enthralled. There are many shopping malls and bazaars which are near to Guest houses which will provide the perfect stay for all your travel needs.