service apartments in Koramangala Bangalore

What is the price range for Bag2Bag service apartments in Koramangala Bangalore?

The price range of service apartments for 1 night in Koramangala Bangalore varies from Rs. 2250 to Rs. 5000. You can always look for prices and the latest deals on hotel bookings on the Bag2Bag website or the mobile App Android and iOS to get the best rates on online  bookings.

Does Bag2Bag offer Budget serviced apartments in Koramangala Bangalore?

Certainly! Bag2Bag offers a wide range of budget-friendly service apartments in the region of Koramangala. You won’t miss any aspect of experiencing comfort though you are paying the minimum. Grab the best service apartments in Koramangala and save huge! Enjoy the fully furnished amenities.

Are these apartments in in Koramangala good for corporate or executives in Bangalore?

Yes, Serviced apartments in Koramangala can be best suited for corporate people and executives that can exactly provide comfort like home. The presence of special amenities in the service apartments will offer a home-like atmosphere. Nowadays homestays have Conference rooms, Meeting rooms which will help corporate people and executives in numerous ways.

Are there any hotels in Koramangala for an extended stay?

Yes, there are many hotels in Koramangala Bangalore for extended stay options. The more you stay, the less you pay in long stay hotels in Bangalore near Koramangala. You can book these hotels for few days, weeks to few months as well.

About Koramangala Bangalore

Koramangala is a hugely popular locality among young tech workers, College Students due to many IT Companies and colleges in its vicinity. It is one of the upscale residential and commercial localities in Bangalore. This locality  is in close proximity to many prime localities as well and has got excellent connectivity. Koramangala is a very good location for PGs, Hostels and Service Apartments. Are you looking for serviced apartments in Koramangala or Home stay in Koramangala? Bag2Bag offers you the wide range of service apartments in and around Koramangala for the travellers benefits. Bag2Bag do offer hotels in Koramangal for long stay which can be booked for few days to few months as well.

Koramangala has good connectivity through Metro to other localities of Bangalore which is a big advantage for travellers. Bag2Bag provides service apartments in Koramangala Bangalore which provide excellent stay options for Business travellers, Medical travellers and of course Casual travellers.

Service Apartments in Koramangala Bangalore for Extended stay

Service apartments are most needed among travellers for business reasons, Medical reasons, Students who are planning to stay for a year or two or for relocating families.  Since, Koramangala is one of the prime localities and has got good connectivity people usually consider or prefer service apartments in Koramangala Bangalore .There is a huge need for Serviced apartments in Koramangala and Home stay in Bangalore as it is close to other major localities like Hosur Road, HSR Layout, Adugodi, Jayanagar, BTM etc. Home stay in Bangalore near Koramangala is preferred among business travelers, Women travelers, Medical Travelers who look for the best stay at affordable rates. Looking for Best Service Apartments in Koramangala?  Go for Bag2Bag extended stay hotels. We offer the best Koramangala service apartments which provide luxurious stay for the travelers. There are many Service Apartments like Trusted stay Raheja Koramangala which provide pocket friendly accommodations with excellent service and hospitality. If you are looking for Luxury apartments in Koramangala, book the same with Bag2Bag for the best deals on extended stay accommodations. You can book weekly, monthly through Bag2Bag which comes with all the amenities you need for a perfect stay in Bangalore. We do have homestay in Koramangala for a family stay, Business stay, and for a corporate stay. Majority of service apartments in Bangalore Koramangala for rent comes with round the clock security, Play Area, Private Terrace or Balcony, Fully equipped  kitchen and many more amenities.

Homestay in Koramangala Bangalore

Home stay is a hugely popular form of Hospitality and lodging Service. Most of the Homestay in Bangalore provide guests with as much amenities and comforts as in a reputed hotel rooms. Homestays provide an economical and safe way to stay while you relocate to a new place for short term or long term. These homestays offer quality and affordability and are surely a value for money for long term stays. Those who are looking for Homestay in Koramangala can book through Bag2Bag for the best accommodation in Koramangala. These homestays provide round the clock security, Kids play Area, Free WIFI and other wide range of amenities which will definitely please the clients. 

Hotels in Koramangala Bangalore for extended stay

Koramangala is a locality, which is very close to major IT Hubs in Bangalore. There is a great need for extended stay hotels in Koramangala Bangalore, as travelers look for safe and comfortable lodging at budget rates for long stay in Koramangala Bangalore . Bag2Bag hotels provide luxury long term hotel stay for guests at very affordable rates near Koramangala Bangalore. These long stay accommodations in hotels come with amenities like  Laundry, In house Restaurants, Swimming pool, Gym, Spa facilities,Concierge  and many other amenities which will benefit the travellers in numerous ways . These extended stay hotels are usually very close to business centers, Hospitals etc and hence provide the best stay. Many hotels in Koramangala are near to the Metro  and hence provide the best stay for business travellers.  Hence, guests can avoid the travel time and stay comfortably near their workplace during their stay in  Koramangala  Bangalore

These hotels in Koramangala Bangalore for long stay do help medical travellers who visit the city for the best medical treatments. These hotels are pocket friendly and provide a stay with discounted tariffs for extended stays for travellers for the perfect stay. Hence,  will surely help medical travellers to a great extent. Tariff rates will significantly reduce for long stay accommodations which are very beneficial for the guests especially medical travellers  and these are the most sought after accommodation options for long stay in Koramangala. Stay longer and pay less with Bag2Bag hotels for an extended stay in Koramangala Bangalore. You can make use of the long stay hotels in Koramangala for family reunions, Business trips, Medical visits, quarantines and for casual visits and for varied reasons as well.  These long stay hotels in Koramangala can be booked for few days, weeks as well as for months. The more you stay, the less you Pay with Bag2Bag long stay hotels in Koramangala .

Service apartments and Homestay in Koramangala Bangalore for Women Travelers and senior citizen

Koramangala, Bangalore is a prime locality and receives travellers who plan to stay in and around this locality considering the bountiful benefits that come along. This locality receives Solo Women travelers who are on business reasons, academic reasons or on regular Visits. Women travellers always look forward to safe stay and Service apartments play a great role in terms of security and safety of the customers. Hence, women travellers who are planning for a long stay can always go for serviced apartments in Koramangala as this will help them in many ways. There are also senior citizens who visit Bangalore for medical reasons, Family or friends Re- Unions and many more reasons. They prefer to stay in an environment which comes with security and medical emergency services. So, go for the best service apartments in Koramangala Bangalore and stay comfortably.

Economical service apartments and Affordable homestay in Koramangala Bangalore

There are travellers who plan to go for Economical Service apartments which are much affordable and are quite pocket friendly. If you are looking for budget accommodations for an extended stay near Koramangala Bangalore, then Bag2Bag has a wide range of service apartments in Bangalore near Koramangala to offer which are very much economical. If you are a solo traveler or traveling with family, these homestays in Koramangala Bangalore provide you with the utmost comfortless. Stay longer and pay less with Bag2Bag pocket friendly hotels in Bangalore. If you are searching for cheap service apartments in Bangalore near Koramangala then just log into or you can check out Bag2Bag App which is on Android as well as on Bag2Bag iPhone and book the stay of your choice.

Business Stay Service Apartments in Koramangala

Koramangala is a locality which receives business travellers on a very large scale .Needless to say it receives other travellers in great numbers as well.. They do visit for various business reasons, medical reasons and of course regular travellers.. If you are on a business visit to Bangalore, looking for best service apartments near Koramangala then it is the best option to choose home stay or service apartments near Koramangala Bangalore. These  business stays come with specific amenities like Conference rooms, Good Internet connectivity and other amenities as well . Couples who are planning to visit the city for 3 days or more can book luxurious Service apartments near Koramangala and you will be pleased with the hospitality with Bag2Bag hotels. Unmarried couples too can book service apartments in Bangalore near Koramangala. You can book the best in class service apartments in Koramangala specifically designed for a business stay or a premium stay. Service apartments in Bangalore on a monthly basis is very appropriate if you are planning for corporate visits which lasts for months.

Service Apartments and home stay in Koramangala Bangalore for Medical Travelers

Koramangala, Bangalore is home to major Hospitals like Apollo Spectra Hospitals, Acura Specialty Hospital, Marvel Multispecialty Hospital and many more. People do visit these hospitals for medical issues or for treatment for any major conditions.  If you are searching for good service apartments and homestays in Bangalore near Koramangala, book through Bag2Bag. These homestays are very economical for long stay options and are much affordable . Bag2Bag has excellent offers for long stay and the longer you stay the lesser you pay with budget service apartments in Koramangala. We do offer the best homestays at a very convincing rate. We have good service apartments, Homestays, Furnished Apartments in Koramangala which are very close to major health care centers. Spend less on accommodation with Bag2Bag hotels, we do understand the need and provide genuine service.

Luxury Service Apartments in Koramangala Bangalore

Koramangala is one of the prominent localities in Bangalore for various reasons. Looking for luxury service apartments in Bangalore near Koramangala for corporate or business stay?  We do have service apartments in Koramangala 4th block, service apartments in Koramangala 1st block as well as service apartments in Koramangala 5th block as well. Book through Bag2Bag for huge discounts on Business stay, corporate stay and executive stay in Bangalore near Koramangala. Our fully furnished serviced apartments are known as one of a kind when it comes to well maintained, custom made furniture that is placed thoughtfully to give our customers a feel of satisfaction. Enjoy your stay in lovely and lavish atmospheres with world-class amenities. We provide all amenities for business and personal holiday travelers who are looking for a serviced apartment in Bangalore near Koramangala for an extended stay or executive stay. You can book our executive suites in and around Koramangala,  online and spend some time off your routine life with your friends and family. These homes provide a swimming pool, spa, Gym, broadband connection, fine dining experience for our guests so that they can have a gala time with friends or family.. Homestay in Bangalore near Koramangala offers luxury along with home like comforts specially designed for premium and corporate stay.

Service Apartments and Homestay for Couples in Koramangala Bangalore

Couples look for accommodations which are safe to stay and provide a friendly atmosphere. There are many fully furnished Serviced apartments in Koramangala Bangalore and also home stay in Koramangala Bangalore, which are couple friendly and provides a secured and comfortable  stay for couples. Most of the accommodations allow unmarried couples as well. Book these service apartments in Koramangala easily through a mobile app.  These long stay hotels come with all modern amenities like swimming pools, free Wi-Fi, Jacuzzi, and a lot more. Best service apartments are available near Koramangala. opt for the home stays which suit your requirements and are within budget. Serviced apartments in Bangalore for couples near Koramangala are flexible and are much Pocket friendly. You can opt for 1 BHK , 2 BHK Service apartments which come with amenities like swimming pool, Fitness center, Spa etc.