Top one night stay hotels in Shimla @ ₹1078/night

Is my desired long-stay lodging option for Shimla available with Bag2Bag?

Definitely! Bag2Bag offers a wide range of accommodations in Shimla including resorts, hotels, homestays, service apartments, villas, cottages, and guesthouses. You will definitely find the accommodation your heart desires here with Bag2Bag’s multiple lodging options.

How many people can stay in a single extended stay booking in Shimla?

This depends upon the type of option you choose during your stay in Shimla. Rooms of hotels, resorts, and homestays accommodate upto 3 people. However, people traveling with big groups can opt for 2- 3 BHK service apartments, guesthouses, or even luxury villas for a fun stay in Shimla.

Is a later or earlier check-in/check-out possible with Bag2Bag long stays in Shimla?

Absolutely! Bag2Bag is proud to offer flexible check-in and check-out for their short as well as extended stays in Shimla and all other places in India. Users need to specify the timing along with the dates while booking their accommodation to benefit from this feature.

Does my cottage in Shimla have a parking space?

Of course!! Almost all cottages in Shimla offer parking spots to their guests that are guarded by a security guard. However, we advise you to check if this facility is available for your chosen cottage in the amenities section.

Where do I find details of my long stay in Shimla?

You can find all the necessary information including policies, rules, and amenities of your accommodation in Shimla from the Bag2Bag portal. All this information is present towards the bottom of the page displaying your chosen accommodation.

About Shimla

The capital city of Himachal Pradesh and known as the queen of hills of India is Shimla. This hill station is one of the most beautiful places in India.  No wonder it was declared the summer capital of India during the British raj. Surrounded by a dense forest of Deodar, this city holds a significant place in India's colonial history. So plan your travel now and be sure to book your accommodation with Bag2Bag for a memorable stay in Shimla.

Famous tourist places in Shimla

  1. Kalka Shimla Toy Train- Enter Shimla riding the Kalka Shimla Toy Train that passes through mesmerizing tunnels and curvy railway tracks to a station close to mall road which happens to be the shopping hub of Shimla.
  2. The Ridge- The Ridge is known for the beautiful sunset that people can enjoy with a cup of coffee from coffee shops spread across the street.
  3. Christ Church- The christ church is the second largest church in north India. It is located on the Ridge in Shimla.
  4. Scandal Point- The place gets its name because of the story that goes about a supposed scandal that took place here. It is said that the Maharaja of Patiala had eloped with the daughter of the British Viceroy from this point.
  5. Viceregal Lodge- This is an 18th-century building. Originally it was used as a house of retreat for the Viceroys of India. Now it has been turned into the Institute of Advanced Studies.
  6. Green Valley- This green valley is located around 8 km away from Shimla. . Many Bollywood movies have been shot at this spot making it quite famous for photography.
  7. Shimla State Museum- This is an old Victorian mansion that is now converted into the Shimla state museum. The museum presents an exquisite collection of ancient artistic, archeological, historical, and human ethnological work.
  8. Chadwick Falls- Nature lovers wishing to escape the busy city and have a fun picnic must visit Chadwick falls. This fall has a height of 100 m and is surrounded by pine trees, the fragrance of the wild, and the sight of beautiful flowers.

Shopping in Shimla

From shopping streets to coffee corners, the city also proves to be the perfect place for a fun evening. Shopping here from branded clothes to souvenirs made out of wood is bound to provide you with the best stay in Shimla.

  1. Mall road
  2. Lakkar Bazar
  3. Middle Bazar
  4. Lower Bazar
  5. Tibetan Market

Temples in Shimla

Shimla is the perfect place for young adults to visit with their parents as this hill station has a number of temples that one must visit to experience divine energy.

  1. Jaku temple
  2. Kali Ka Tiba temple
  3. Tara Devi
  4. Kamna Devi Temple

Discover Shimla on your terms with a wide variety of stays Bag2Bag has offered so you can have a memorable hill station experience. Book the best hotel in Shimla near mall road with Bag2Bag. These accommodations will give you all the necessary amenities of free wifi, gym, spa, and food alongside hillside dining spots that you can choose for the most romantic dinner. The wide range of romantic hotels is carefully selected by Bag2Bag to ensure a safe and judgment-free stay. You can also choose to book a couples resort in the hill station of romance easily with Bag2Bag.

Service Apartments in Shimla for Extended stay

Shimla has a variety of experiences to offer from temples, and colonial architecture, to shipping centers and coffee shops all located close to Mall road and by the Ridge. The climate here is pleasantly cold creating the perfect getaway from the hustling and scorching cities. Hence many travelers visit here searching for the cheapest stay in Shimla. You can choose to make the most of your work-from-home situation and relocate here. Move to the hills alone with a 1 BHK service apartment or get your entire family to move into a 2 BHK service apartment for an extended stay by the snowy hills. Accommodations are also great for short stays as they offer budget-friendly lodging in Shimla.

Homestay in Shimla

Enjoy the beautiful sunset from the rooftop of your best homestays in Shimla. Listen to the stories of this hilly beauty from locals while tasting their staple food and delicacies. These homestays in Shimla are conveniently placed as most of them are close to market areas of mall road, Lakkar Bazar, and so on saving your time for the commute. Also, these establishments provide a stay that is cheaper than budget hotels in Shimla. Most of the homestays here serve their guest's authentic local cuisines and are equipped with basic amenities. Here guests can expect to live in houses with traditional interiors and beautiful gardens. Guests will also get multiple rooms, a level screen TV, a kitchen and a refrigerator introduced, a private washroom with a shower, a seating region, and many more facilities offering the best stay in shimla.

Hotels in Shimla for extended stay

The city of Shimla welcomes all kinds of tourists and travelers who are looking to explore the beauty of this hill station. Therefore Bag2Bag offers a wide range of accommodations that suit every pocket and every duration like hourly stay or long stay. If you are out on a shopping spree, book the best hotels in Shimla mall road to shop for branded clothes while indulging in baked goods and coffee.

After a long day of shopping and walking on the Ridge and visiting all the colonial architectural buildings, relax in luxury hotels in Shimla. Here you can experience spas that will help you rejuvenate for your next day filled with exploring and shopping. 

Bag2Bag offers a romantic luxury hotel room for those looking for a romantic getaway in this beautiful hill station. Many unmarried couple-friendly hotels are also available with Bag2bag offers safe stays to couples.

Here guests are provided with dining experiences by the hill alongside necessary amenities like a pool, heater, wifi, laundry, and many more. With Bag2Bag you can also avail hefty discounts and discount coupons on your extended stay here so you can enjoy your stay at a hotel in Shimla to the fullest without a pinch on your pocket.

Villas in Shimla for extended stay

Shimla is also a beloved place for groups of friends and family to visit for a fun vacation. The climate here is pleasant and the city is flooded with tourist spots, shopping centers, and adventure sports. There is something for everyone here to enjoy in these fully furnished luxury villas in Shimla. So have your family time or chill with your buddies in your own personal space with all the necessary facilities like wifi, a kitchen, a private pool, and many more in a spacious villa.

One can also book pet-friendly villas in Shimla from Bag2Bag so you never have to leave your cute pup or kitty behind when going on tours. These establishments are desired for their inspiration from colonial architecture so you can live and dine like the white rulers. Bag2Bag has also selected a range of couple-friendly villas in Shimla because true love blooms by the hills and there is no better place to cuddle than in the cozy cold of this hill station.

Resorts in Shimla for extended stay

There is no better experience than grilling chicken and roasting marshmallows by the fire in the cold of the hill station. To experience fire-grilled indulgence, book the best resort in Shimla with Bag2Bag and experience cold with hot and delicious food.  Mall road of Shimla has a line of cafes, bakeries, and coffee shops by the side so it is natural for people to enjoy on their evening walk but if you are drowning in the guilt of those extra calories then burn them off in resorts with gym and spa because rest day massage is equally important after treks to Jakhu Hill and Chadwick waterfall. So book a comfortable stay for you and your loved ones in the best resorts in Shimla for family only with Bag2Bag.

Cottages in Shimla for extended stay

Apart from being the hill station away from the city hustle, Shimla is also a capital city making it one of the busiest places to be in Himachal Pradesh. For travelers looking for some peace and quiet Luxurious cottages in Shimla are perfect as they are little homes located on the outskirts.

Even though these cottages are located on the outskirts they aren’t cut off from the main city. Guests get to enjoy all the lavish facilities here like a modular kitchen equipped with utensils and a dishwasher. Rooms here are spacious and provide a heater, Tv, Hair dryer, mini fridge, and so on. The large gardens of these cottages will offer cozy lodging in Shimla tucked away in nature.

Guesthouses in Shimla for extended stay

Book guest houses in Shimla to experience the hospitality of the hillside people. These guest houses provide a jacuzzi, pool, kitchen, and many such facilities. Users can book these Shimla guest houses easily from the Bag2Bag website and app which you can now download for Android and iOS.  It is natural to desire a house by the hills to experience the feeling of your own personal home in this beautiful hill station. These guesthouses offer you just that and hence are considered to be one of the most desirable places to stay in Shimla.

Service apartments and Homestay in Shimla for Women Travelers and senior citizens

Many people travel to Shimla with old parents and grandparents so they can visit all of the temples present here. However, traveling with old parents can be challenging hence Bag2Bag provides safe service apartments in Shimla that are situated close to these temples that your parents can visit in the morning and evening for all the puja and aarti. Bag2bag provides you with a range of senior citizen-friendly service apartments in these areas for comfortable travel.

Many women also travel to Shimla as it holds a variety of shoppable items ranging from branded clothes on the mall street to artisanal articles in  Lakkar Bazar. Bag2Bag offers accommodations that are absolutely safe for women  so the only thing you will have to worry about is spending money on shopping.

Economical service apartments and Homestay in Shimla

Solo travelers prefer Shimla as it is the perfect place to get lost in ancient India to find your true inner self. These experienced hunters are often short on money and are looking for stays that are cheap and also enrich them with experience. Hence homestays here are perfect for travelers searching for the cheapest stay in Shimla. Here they get to stay in local homes and eat the staple food of the locals allowing them to connect with the hills at a deeper level.  If you are looking for the best homestay in Shimla that offers their guests necessary facilities like a kitchen, wifi, and all other necessities look no further than Bag2Bag. Here you will get lodging with the best deals and discounts on accommodations.

Business Stay Service Apartments in Shimla

Being the capital city of Himachal Pradesh all the business-related activities occur largely in Shimla so the city also hosts a large number of travelers who visit for business conferences, and business seminars or to relocate for a new job. People moving to the city for a new job can book service apartments in Shimla on a monthly basis that are available at heavily discounted rates on the Bag2Bag website and app because relocation is stressful enough and people shouldn't be burdened with high accommodation prices. There is also a range of best-service apartments in Shimla with conference rooms, common lunging areas, and canteens available on the Bag2Bag website and app for people traveling for business seminars and conferences so they can work from hills in peace.

Service Apartments and Homestay in Shimla for traveling for Medical reasons

Being the Capital and the biggest city of Himachal Pradesh, people from near and far locations visit Shimla seeking medical treatment for their sickness and illness. Tenzin Hospital, Kamla Nehru Hospital, and Deendayal Upadhyay Zonal Hospital are a few of the many hospitals and medical centers available in Shimla that people visit from nearby towns and villages. People can comfortably book homestays in Shimla near hospitals so they can look after their sick family members from close proximity. There is a wide range of homestays with kitchens so you can cook healthy food and not feed tasteless hospital food to the patient.

Luxury Service Apartments and Homestay in Shimla

Shimla is no stranger to luxurious living as it has been the summer capital of elite Britishers during India’s colonization period. After a day spent walking around the grand British mentions it feels good to come back to a luxurious service apartment with a private pool, modular kitchen, and all other amenities to make you feel like a rich British official. Live in these carefully designed fully furnished service apartments with Bag2Bag as here you will be able to choose from a plethora of service apartments ranging from 1BHK to 4 BHK service apartments in Shimla as per your desired experience and needs.

Service Apartments for Couples in Shimla

Shimla is the most romantic place in India and is heavily visited by couples married and unmarried alike. The cold hills and stars-filled sky creates the perfect destination for couples to enjoy their private time during a weekend getaway. Bag2Bag offers a couple of friendly service apartments here that are ideal for a safe, non-judgmental, and romantic vacation. These accommodations come equipped with all necessary amenities so no discomfort comes between you and your loved one. Also, they are located in gated complexes with proper safety infrastructure in place ensuring you and your loved one stay safe and have a memorable stay in Shimla.