Best Hourly hotels in Allahabad starting @749 with flexible check in and check out!

Are there any hotels for Hourly hotel booking, Short Stay Hotel booking, Day time hotel booking and Day use Hotel booking in Allahabad?

Yes! Bag2Bag Rooms has amassed several hotels near Allahabad that can be availed based on the number of hours you need a stay. You don’t have to spend extra for hotel stay. Besides, there are many couple friendly hotels in Allahabad. You can access the hotels in Allahabad for day use, short stay or hourly use through Bag2Bag Rooms.

How many hourly hotels and day use hotels available for booking in Allahabad from Bag2Bag?

The wider presence of short stay hotels in Allahabad will offer convenient stay for travellers. You can book hotels in Allahabad on an hourly basis or daytime basis.

Are Early check in hotels and Late check out hotels available to book in Allahabad?

Yes! There are early check-in hotels in Allahabad available to book via Bag2Bag Rooms. Download Bag2Bag Android and iOS apps to grab exciting hotel deals!

What is the price range for Hotels in Allahabad?

hotel stay for 3 hours will prove economical for all. You can rely on Bag2Bag Rooms to book hotels at much cheaper rates.

About Allahabad

Allahabad officially known as Prayagraj is a metropolis in Uttar Pradesh. It is located at the confluence of Ganga , Yamuna and Saraswati and is one of the oldest cities in India. There is no wonder that this place is frequented by millions of travelers. It is a historical as well as religious place. First Shakthi Peetha is located here. There is a huge need for the best accommodation options in Allahabad. Bag2Bag Rooms offer hotels in Allahabad to help travelers enjoy a flexible stay. Travelers can explore the amazing list of sightseeing places in Allahabad. 

With sound infrastructure amenities and swift transport facilities, Allahabad makes things easy for city dwellers. Couples can make use of the couple friendly hotels in Allahabad offered by Bag2Bag Rooms. The Allahabad Kumbh Mela, also known as the Prayag Kumbh Mela  is one of the well known and most visited religious events in Allahabad. Access the day use hotels in Allahabad with Bag2Bag Rooms and feel the utmost convenience. From mesmerizing historical attractions to modern hang out spots, Allahabad has everything to amuse travelers.

Best time to visit Allahabad

Best time to visit Allahabad is in the months of October to March.Allahabad Kumbh Mela also known as Prayag Kumbh Mela is held at Triveni Sangam in Allahabad. It is known for religious gathering and a lot of travelers flock to Allahabad to witness Kumbh Mela. . With Bag2Bag Rooms, travellers can access the hourly hotel room booking in Allahabad and look for a memorable experience. Visit the nearby tourist attractions of Allahabad  during the weekends. Make use of the Allahabad hotels for leisure reasons. Allahabad is the most visited pilgrimage center in India. Purna Kumbh Mela is held at Allahabad every 12 years.

Transportation services in Allahabad

Travelers can look for different modes of transport options in Allahabad. Commuting in and out of the city is not a difficult  task in Allahabad because of superior transport facilities. Local transport in Allahabad include Taxis, Cabs, Local buses etc. Bag2Bag Rooms offer hotels for a few hours in Allahabad to benefit different travelers. To make travelers relish the finest luxury, Bag2Bag Rooms has amassed 5 star hotels in Allahabad. It still preserves its heritage charm while also rapidly evolving into a big city. This is a city which boasts to have the best transport services in the city. You can also use Cycle -Rickshaws and Auto Rikshwas as well.

Shopping in Allahabad

Allahabad has become a favorite hotspot for avid shoppers. New shopping establishments have arrived along with the bustling markets in the city of Allahabad.. From trendy apparel, footwear, to other modern accessories, you can purchase everything at unbelievable rates in best malls in Allahabad like Meena Bazaar, Bahuguna Market, Lakshmi Market, Pink Market, Katra Bazaar etc, , are some popular places of interest for shopping. Go on a shopping spree without having to spend a lot . After shopping for long hours in the city, relax in the hotels Allahabad offered by Bag2Bag Rooms. indulge in the ultimate shopping and keep yourself engaged for long hours in Allahabad. Bag2Bag Rooms offer Allahabad hotels to ensure convenient accommodation for travellers. There are  restaurants like Barbeque Nation, Eden Cafe, Muktanandam, Sagar Ratna etc are hunger saviours in Allahabad.

Nightlife in Allahabad

Allahabad comes alive during the night with the presence of several high end  bars, pubs, and nightclubs. Party lovers can have a real fun time! The famous nightlife places in Allahabad include Kushwaha Lounge, Barrel House, Kalrav Club, Kichhu Lodge, Marina Inn , and so on. Sip on your favourite cocktails, mocktails  while snacking on crispy sides. Groove to the funky music all night long in Allahabad! The bars in the city will bring in the boisterous vibes for all party freaks. When you have enjoyed the most in the best nightlife places, enjoy a safe stay in the night stay hotels in Allahabad.

Make use of the hotels Allahabad across the main localities and stay in a secure environment. You can always rely on the 24 hours checkin hotels in Allahabad to accommodate round the clock. To fit the needs of travellers, Bag2Bag Rooms has encompassed Allahabad hotels. Whether it’s day or night, you can look for convenient accommodation. No more hassles to choose a suitable stay in Allahabad. 

Hourly hotels in Allahabad

Allahabad is one of the fast-emerging cities in India. As more travellers visit the city on regular basis,  there is a huge need for the best accommodations in the city. . So, Bag2Bag Rooms offer hourly hotels in Allahabad. Travellers have the option to secure the best hotels on hourly basis. A reliable and affordable hotel stay is guaranteed for all travellers at convenient locations.. Choose from the available range of 1-12 hours slots and book your stay. Bag2Bag Rooms has accumulated several hourly rooms in Allahabad to suit the preferences of young travellers. Be it for leisure or business purposes, book hotels for few hours in Allahabad with Bag2Bag Rooms. You don’t have to spend more for cherishing the convenient accommodation. Download Bag2Bag Android and iOS apps to book hotels at the best rates in the city.

There is no dearth of options for booking day use hotels in Allahabad. Make use of the innovative options and save more. Grab a hotel in Allahabad with Bag2Bag Rooms and pay only for the hours you stay. To relish the extra comfort, secure the hourly hotel room booking in Allahabad. The availability of couple friendly hotels in Allahabad will help the cause for millennial couples. A safe and cool accommodation experience awaits couples in this beautiful city. 

Hotels for one night stay in Allahabad

Need a cozy stay for a night? Book hotels for one night stay in Allahabad with Bag2Bag Rooms. A secure accommodation coupled with flexible amenities will benefit travelers. Also, you don’t have to pay extra when you use hotel rooms only during the night. The presence of hotels for unmarried couples in Allahabad can ease the worries of unmarried couples. The availability of early checkin hotels in Allahabad, 24 hours checkin hotels in Allahabad will bring additional convenience for travellers. Checkin and checkout at the time you prefer and pay less than usual. Travellers can enjoy this luxury of booking hotels for a few hours. Grab 3 star hotels in Allahabad even for night use and indulge your senses. After landing in the city, step into the hotel instantly and access the room late at night in Allahabad. Book hotels near the railway station, airport, and popular tourist attractions. Access the night stay hotels in Allahabad and forget all the hassles.

Couple friendly hotels in Allahabad

Planning a beautiful trip to Allahabad with your loved one? Chill! To make it further memorable, Bag2Bag Rooms offer couple friendly hotels in Allahabad. An exclusive and secure accommodation option for millennial couples in the city. When it comes to unmarried couples, Bag2Bag Rooms provide unmarried couple friendly hotels in Allahabad. Access a cool range of amenities and unwind in the sophisticated hotel space in the city. To enjoy the finest luxury, book 5 star hotels in Allahabad with Bag2Bag Rooms. The hotel facilities are carefully designed to make travellers feel great comfort and freedom. 

While you explore the magnificent cityscape of Allahabad, you can admire the heritage sites. Allahabad is one of the wonderful vacation spots for couples. Also, the nearby tourist attractions are easily accessible. Book the hotels for couples in Allahabad with Bag2Bag Rooms and enjoy your stay. You will experience luxury along with safe and affordable stay.

Day use hotels in Allahabad

Planning a short weekend trip to Allahabad? Then, book day use hotels in Allahabad offered by Bag2Bag Rooms. During your leisure trip, access the hotels only during the daytime and spend less on accommodation.. A flexible and innovative method that suits the preferences of millennial travellers. You can cherish the additional convenience at affordable tariff rates. Travellers in transit, couples, and business travellers can make the most of day stay hotels in Allahabad. Hotel stay gets enhanced with the presence of dayrooms in Allahabad. Even if you stay only for a few hours, you can utilize all the cosy amenities at the hotel rooms.. Plan a short stay in the best areas of Allahabad and enjoy supreme comfort. Do you travel more often? Look no further than day use hotels. Whether to pass the layover time or experience a daycation in 5 star hotels, options are innumerable.. Bag2Bag Rooms offer budget hotels in Allahabad to benefit several travellers.

Budget hotels in Allahabad

Looking for inexpensive hotel options in Allahabad? Nice! Just make use of the budget hotels in Allahabad offered by Bag2Bag Rooms. Get all the necessary facilities at cheaper prices. Also, whenever you choose hotels in Allahabad for a few hours, you can avoid paying extra. The easy access to cheap hotels in Allahabad will allow travellers to go lighter on their wallets. Without having to spend a lot on accommodation , access the flexible hotel stay. Book cheap hotels in Allahabad for a few hours to take a quick nap, refreshing shower, and lock your belongings. Regardless of the number of hours you stay, you can utilize all the modern amenities in the hotel room with utmost comfort. The amenities such as Wi-Fi, car parking, swimming pool, and spacious rooms will make your stay memorable in Allahabad. The economy hotels in Allahabad and early morning checkin hotels in Allahabad provided by Bag2Bag Rooms contribute to the needs of different travellers. 

Best business hotels in Allahabad

Travelling to Allahabad soon for business reasons? Relax! Bag2Bag Rooms offer business hotels in Allahabad that exactly fit the purpose of travellers. Cherish the flexible checkin and checkout time while booking a day stay in the city. The Allahabad hotels come furnished with business-related amenities to gratify the demands of business travellers. Private hotel ambience, reliable internet facilities, lounge room, and meeting rooms will particularly aid business travellers travelling Allahabad. You can enjoy the convenience of working and relaxing at the same time. 

Just secure the best business hotels in Allahabad for hourly use or short stay and experience the maximum convenience. There are many hourly hotels for unmarried couples in Allahabad available to book through Bag2Bag Rooms. Also, travellers can make the best use of the budget hotels in Allahabad to store their belongings before going out to explore the city. 

5 star hotels in Allahabad

Looking to indulge in the finest luxury in Allahabad ? Wow! Grab 5  star hotels in Allahabad with Bag2Bag Rooms. You can now taste the ultimate luxury at unbelievable rtraiff rates. To make travellers wallow in sheer luxury, Bag2Bag Rooms offer 5  star hotels in Allahabad. Luxury is not pricey anymore for millennial travellers.! You can’t resist the temptation to book the best luxury hotels and that too at discounted tariff rates.. Plus, fascinating hotel deals and offers will add to your joy in the city. To elevate your stay experiences, your luxury hotel accompanies modern room, plush decors, in-house restaurants with mouth watering delicacies, etc. Select from the range of premium hotels in Allahabad available via Bag2Bag Rooms based on your needs. Grab the 5 star hotels near the famous attractions and spend your leisure time. 4 star hotels in Allahabad can be availed during the day or night for multiple reasons.

Hotels at Allahabad near railway station

Prayagraj Junction  railway station serves the city of Allahabad. Need a convenient accommodation near the railway station? Chill! Bag2Bag Rooms provide budget hotels in Allahabad near the railway station to make things easier for travellers. Layover time won’t be stressful when you accommodate in the nearby hotels in Allahabad. So, unwind in the perfect space until your train arrives in the city. The best way to get rid of boring times is to simply avail the 24 hours checkin hotels in Allahabad and loosen up for a while. Choose the day use hotels in Allahabad through Bag2Bag Rooms and experience a flexible stay. This will specifically benefit solo women travellers and senior citizens during the night who plan to stay near railway station. You don’t have to move too far as you can choose the hotels in Allahabad near the railway station. Bag2Bag Rooms provide hotels for couples in Allahabad closer to the railway station.

Hotels near Allahabad airport

Allahabad airport also known as Prayagraj airport is the airport serving Allahabad city.  Access the luxury hotels near airport during long layovers and stay relaxed near airport.. Business travellers looking for a premium stay can use the 5 star hotels and enjoy the luxury without having to travel far from the airport.  Hotels in Allahabad hold all the modern amenities and so guarantee an enriching experience for all. Travellers can recline in the comfy sofas before catching the flight. Book hotels Allahabad for an hourly stay, day stay and night stay. Checkin and check out at your convenient time to avoid any further hassles while booking Allahabad hotels. A perfect solution for all leisure and business traveler needs.

Nearest tourist places in Allahabad

Kumbh Mela is a well known religious event held in Allahabad and attracts thousands of tourists from across the globe. Colourful festivals and majestic architecture in the city enchant modern travelers. The most captivating travel places in Allahabad include Anand Bhvan Museum, Akbar Fort, Prayagraj, Khusro Bagh Prayagraj, Allahabad Museum, Chandrashekar Azad Park, All Saints Cathedral and so on. There are many hourly hotelsday stay hotels and night stay hotels in Allahabad near tourist attractions through Bag2Bag. These hotels are affordable and also luxurious. You are entitled to use all the amenities at the hotel, though you book the hotel for a few hours.