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About Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad is a city belongs to the state of Uttar Pradesh and is one of the prominent cities in National Capital Region of Delhi. The city of Ghaziabad holds excellent rail and road connectivity. Ghaziabad railway station plays a crucial role in shifting passengers in North India. It can also be called as “Gateway of Uttar Pradesh” due to its existence in the vicinity of Delhi. Ghaziabad is currently thriving in terms of new construction and the recent studies show that the city of Ghaziabad is the second-fastest-growing in the world. Placed in the Upper Gangetic Plains, the city is split into Trans-Hindon on the west and Cis-Hindon on the east by Hindon River. Exhuming performed on the shores of Hindon river have indicated that civilization prevailed during 2500 BC.

Adjoining towns and villages of the city such as Garhmukteshwar, Pooth Village, and Ahar Region have appeared in Mahabharata. Similarly, the fort at Lioni is related to the legend of Lavanasura of the Ramayana age. The city of Ghaziabad and its neighbouring localities have been flooded with historical values. After Independence, the number of industries in the city has bolstered which laid a foundation for the current development. Famous industries in Ghaziabad city include National Abrasives, Mohan Meakin Breweries, Bharath Electronics Limited, Central Electronics Limited, Tata Oil Mills, Mohan Nagar Industrial Estate, Indo-Bulgar Food Ltd. etc.,

A highly sophisticated Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium is located in Ghaziabad. To seek the utmost tranquillity, temples such as ISKCON, and Laxmi Narayana Temple are situated in the city of Ghaziabad. Offer prayers to your beloved gods! There is a hidden gem called City Forest in Ghaziabad which can be a perfect recourse to the city life. Escape into the beauty of nature which is further embellished with a blissful lake. You can cherish boating there and get captivated by a little fountain present in the centre of the lake. An unblemished natural retreat amidst the bustling city.

Best Time to Visit Ghaziabad

The best time to visit Ghaziabad is between October and March. The presence of charming weather throughout these months can make your visit more enjoyable. You can explore all the picturesque spots in and around the city of Ghaziabad.

Transportation in Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad city is permeated with excellent transport facilities. Local dwellers in the city can avail the facilities such as metro, bus, autos, and taxis. You can roam around the city of Ghaziabad without any hassles.

Ghaziabad for Shopaholics

Shopaholics can indulge in shopping as Ghaziabad has everything from local markets to modernistic shopping malls. You can enjoy shopping based on your needs. Gandhinagar market is known to be one of the ancient and splendid markets in Ghaziabad. The place holds a lot of tiny shops where you can buy textile items, traditional garments, jewellery, and garments at a bargaining price. There is also the ample presence of the malls such as Shipra Mall, Gaur Central Mall, The Opulent Mall, Sun Rise Mark Mall, World Square Mall, and Mahagun Metro Mall in Ghaziabad. You can purchase multinational brand clothes, cool accessories, books, kids products, and many more. There will be a long-stretching food court and a separate section for kids. So, you can kill time easily with your family and friends.

Nightlife in Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad is a perfect city to unleash a cheerful night. While the city is famous for its city forest, crammed markets, posh shopping malls, you can also relish the buoyant nightlife in Ghaziabad. To keep your spirits high at nights, there are plenty of swanky pubs, bars, and restaurants put in place in the city of Ghaziabad. To feel the colourful night vibes, just enter into these bars where the sky is the limit to your jubilation.

To experience the flawless nightlife in Ghaziabad, visit these places such as Sapphires, Chillum, Illusion, Mocking Bird, Black Lounge, Liquor House, Sultan Lounge, 9 Mars Lounge, Berco’s, and 3B’s. Dear party animals, go crazy at nights after the restless work hours. The lively ambience present in the pubs will pace yourself to the night. Escape the burning conditions of Ghaziabad in a stimulating manner at nights. It’s time to get immersed in the entertaining music played by DJ and be ready to dance.

Hotels for few hours in Ghaziabad

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Night stay hotels in Ghaziabad

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Hotel for a one night stay in Ghaziabad

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Budget-friendly hotels in Ghaziabad for a short stay

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Business-friendly hotels in Ghaziabad for short stay, day stay and night stay

If your intention of the visit to Ghaziabad is related to business, you shouldn’t struggle to book budget hotels in Ghaziabad near railway station based on your needs. So,  Bag2Bag has gathered sufficient hotels in the vicinity of Ghaziabad to accommodate several business travellers. Everything should go according to your plan during your visit to neglect the unnecessary stress. As the day stay hotels in Ghaziabad you booked through Bag2Bag offer special amenities, you can feel very convenient during your stay. By booking a short stay room with Bag2Bag, you can even host the meeting in the same room with your delegates. What if you can’t reach the meeting location on time? No worries! You can reschedule a meeting in a stunning manner in the generous lounge room.

The hourly stay hotels in Ghaziabad come handy when you need to take a quick shower or to drop your baggage. Just wander across the dynamic city of Ghaziabad for a while once you are done with your business commitments. You can shop for plenty of items from the nearby stores. Simply cherish the special amenities that come with your hourly stay hotel booking and get your business wishes fulfilled during the trip. Alongside, you can book hotels for couples in Ghaziabad.

Day use hotels in Ghaziabad

How day use hotels in Ghaziabad can create a positive impact on your stay? The concept of day use hotels in Ghaziabad was initially conceived to offer hourly hotel rooms only during the day. This won’t impose a heavy payment while you stay. Therefore, paying for a night you haven’t stayed is meaningless when you book a day stay hotels via Bag2Bag in Ghaziabad. Just ensure that you are moving on with the current trend and making use of the highly advantageous hourly use hotels offered by Bag2Bag near Ghaziabad. Choose unmarried couple friendly hotels in Ghaziabad near your destined location so as to avert the traffic. Finish all your duties and pay a visit to nearby modernistic malls to kill time!

Couple friendly hotels in Ghaziabad


People may have mixed opinions based on this change but you always need a secure and private couple friendly hourly use hotel in Ghaziabad. Bag2Bag has set certain criteria while collaborating with hotels for couples in Ghaziabad to provide the couples with the utmost comfort. Being a couple, you are free from the vulnerability of any harassments or any form of external disturbances. Amiable staffs in the couple friendly hotels in Ghaziabad will make for a memorable stay. To make use of the hotels for unmarried couples in Ghaziabad, you should possess valid IDs and should be at least 18 years of age. Being a couple, you can pay a visit to nearby City Forest to get away with bustling city life. Boating with your loved one is always special. Just ramble along the banks of the lake! Hotels for couples in Ghaziabad is offered by Bag2Bag with utmost privacy.

Hotels near Railway station in Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad railway station serves plenty of passengers on a regular basis. It connencts travellers across different cities. The city of Ghaziabad shares excellent connectivity with New Delhi, Old Delhi, Hazrat Nizamuddin, and Anand Vihar Terminal. There are many temples and attractive spots near Ghaziabad railway station.

If you prefer booking budget hotels in Ghaziabad near railway station, make use of the hotels offered by Bag2Bag. What if you can’t travel far from the railway station? That’s when Bag2Bag comes to play and offer budegt hotels in Gausambi Ghaziabad for all purposes. You can easily avail day stay hotels in Ghaziabad, extended stay hotels, and hourly use hotels near Ghaziabad railway station. Several travellers usually prefer staying near Ghaziabad railway station instead of moving far. To offer them a flexible stay, Bag2Bag offer hotels near railway station. Select from the wide range of budget-friendly and luxury hotels in Ghaziabad via Bag2Bag with ease. Most importantly, you can make use of the couple friendly and pocket-friendly hotels via Bag2Bag near railway station.

Hotels near Airport in Ghaziabad

The city of Ghaziabad holds Hindon Airport that was recently built. Also, Indira Gandhi International Airport is just a 1 hour drive away from Ghaziabad. There are a myriad of budget hotels in Vaishali Ghaziabad offered by Bag2Bag to facilitate passengers. It is highly helpful if your flight is delayed by any means. Instead of waiting at the airport for long hours, stay peacefully at one of the hourly hotels in Ghaziabad offered by Bag2Bag.

Close by attractions that can be covered within few hours

There are plenty of attractions that lies in close proximity to Ghaziabad. During your journey or while returning back to Ghaziabad, you can book budget hotels in indirapuram Ghaziabad via Bag2Bag without any hassles. Make use of the day use, day stay, and couple friendly hotels in Ghaziabad offered by Bag2Bag.