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Amritsar is famous for Golden Temple, Gurudwar and many more attractions People do flock Amritsar from across the world. People do visit the city for many reasons like Piligrimage, Honeymooning or just for a hangout or night out with their loved ones. Bag2Bag offers hourly hotel room booking in Amritsar which offer luxury hotels for a comfortable stay. Book through Bag2Bag and relax! Hourly booking allows you to save money on accommodation. Hourly hotel bookings are convenient if you need the hotel for few hours, just to get freshen up and take a nap and relax for few hours. Book hourly hotels in Amritsar and stay comfortably.  You can even book Hotels in Amritsar near Airport for few hours. There are many budget hotels in Amritsar near railway station. If you are searching for budget hotels in Amritsar near railway station then book through Bag2Bag for offers and discounts.