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What benefits will I get by booking a homestay for my long stay in Nainital?

Homestays in Nainital are the cheapest accommodation. Apart from this these homestays allow guests to try authentic and local home cooked food. Guests also get to interact with locals here.

Do extended-stay guest houses in Nainital permit smoking?

Unfortunately, most of the guesthouses in Nainital do not allow guests to smoke on the premises. However, some hotels here in Nainital do allow their guests to smoke in the outdoor garden or on an open terrace. It is advisable to confirm if your guesthouse permits smoking from the hotel policies available on Bag2Bag.

Can I bring my dog to a resort in Nainital for an extended stay?

Absolutely! Most of the extended stay resorts in Nainital offer pet-friendly environments to their guests so they can travel with their animal friends without any worry. However, there are some resorts that do not allow pets on the premises so do check out the resort policies to ensure pets are allowed in your chosen resort.

Am I allowed to stay in Nainital cottages with an infant for a long stay?

Of course! Guests are welcome to travel and stay in Nainital cottages with infants and small children as well. These cottages offer gardens and large wide spaces for your kids to run and infants to crawl making them the perfect choice to travel with kids.

Do guesthouses in Nainital provide meals during an extended stay?

Definitely! Many guesthouses in Nainital offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner to their guests during their stay. However many guest houses might not include the cost of meals in the accommodation cost. Do confirm if your accommodation offers meals and whether the cost of these meals is included in the cost of accommodation by checking the policies of the accommodation.

About Nainital

Nestled in Kumaon hills, Nainital is among the most beloved tourist destinations in India. This picturesque destination is beloved by tourists around the world for its pleasant weather, collection of lakes, and the divine Shakti Pitha that has blessed this holy land. This hill station has remained popular since the British raj and showcased the elements of this colonial architecture and grandeur on its streets. These reasons should be enough to convince you to stay in Nainital. But if you need a little more convincing then here is a list of tourist places in Nainital for you to explore that are bound to make you fall in love with this beautiful city of lakes. On your visit, check out Bag2Bag for comfortable and flexible accommodation provided in the best place to stay in Nainital.

Places to visit in Nainital

As the name suggests this city of lakes is full of beautiful lakes and along with this there are many other places to visit in Nainital in 3 days or more. Even the accommodations here are conveniently located with a minimum commute time to these spots leading to Nainital sightseeing which is favorable for travelers.

Tourist spots

  1. High Altitude Zoo
  2. Eco Cave Gardens
  3. Snow View Point
  4. Jim Corbett Museum
  5. Pangot and Kilbury Bird Sanctuary
  6. Governor's House Raj Bhawan
  7. Himalayan Botanical Garden
  8. Suspension Bridge


  1. Naini Lake
  2. Bhimtal 
  3. NaukuchiaTal
  4. Sattal Lake
  5. Sariyatal
  6. KhurpaTal Lake
  7. KamalTal
  8. Garud Tal


  1. Naina Peak
  2. Lands end
  3. Tiffin top
  4. Kilbury
  5. China peak


  1. Tibetan Market
  2. Bara Bazaar
  3. Mall road
  4. Flea & Street Markets

Religious spots

  1. Naina devi temple
  2. Mukteshwar Temple
  3. Hanuman Garhi Temple
  4. Gurudwara Shri Singh Sabha
  5. Sattal Christian Ashram
  6. Jama Masjid Mosque
  7. Kainchi Dham

Best time to visit Nainital

While the city of lakes stays pleasant throughout the year there are a few of the best months to visit Nainital that travelers should keep in mind based on their desire. This hill station experiences spring from march to june hence is the best time to visit and see the city in its full bloom. However, if you want to experience the chilly winter of Nainital then you should travel here in late November and February.

Equipped with this list of  “ Nainital tourist spots” you can now explore the wonders of this city and leave the stress of accommodation to Bag2Bag. Those looking to enjoy the beauty of this hill station in a grand manner can book offbeat resorts near Nainital. In contrast, those looking for a more earthy experience can opt for homestay at Nainital to experience the culture by living with locals and dining with them. Any accommodation you need Bag2Bag has it as they offer a diverse stay in cozy cottages, affordable homestays, luxury resorts, hourly hotels, flexible service apartments, and many more. So look no further than Bag2Bag for comfortable, convenient, and affordable places to stay in Nainital.

Service Apartments in Nainital for Extended stay

One popular accommodation alternative to look out for during your visit to this hill station is Nainital service apartments. These accommodations are often fully furnished and provide a stay to their guests that are completely private and molded as per their needs. Guests can have a comfortable stay here with free WiFi, air-conditioned rooms, free on-site parking, a fully-equipped kitchen, and all modern amenities. These apartments are also ideal for a short stay in the city as they are a considerably affordable alternative compared to hotels and resorts. These spacious accommodations paired with Bag2Bag’s services offer a conveniently cheap stay in Nainital to travelers. Now travelers need not spend hours searching for service apartments near me for a day as with Bag2Bag finding and booking accommodation on an hourly basis as well as a long stay is easy.

Homestay in Nainital

While many may visit Nainital for its beauty there are quite a few people who love to see this hill station to immerse in their culture and there is no better way to learn about the culture than from the locals themselves. This city of lakes is home to some of the best homestays in India and visiting this city without exploring them will indeed be a shame.

Fear not! As you can find the best deals on Nainital home stays with the Bag2Bag website and app which is available on both android and iOS. Here you will live and eat with the locals curating a memorable stay. Some of the best homestays in Nainital are offered by Bag2Bag and they supply various services. These homestays are present in scenic locations and offer clean rooms. The best part of these accommodations is the hospitality offered here which makes you feel at home.

Hotels in Nainital for extended stay

The vast majority of tourists who flock to Nainital for vacations and getaways look for comfortable hotels to stay in Nainital.  Vaapi Comfort Inn, Clarks Residences, Call Of The Wild Arra Collection Hotel, Mk Villa Arra Classic Hotel, The Palace Belvedere, etc are considered some of the best hotels in Nainital for family.  These accommodations are ideal and very popular among tourists for various reasons. Here guests can enjoy a house restaurant, a garden, and free WiFi throughout the property. Several 5 star hotels in Nainital near lake provide luxurious stays to their guests such as a room with a lake view through the balcony, free private parking, free shuttle service, continental breakfast, flat-screen TV, and so on. All these features are bound to make for the best stay in Nainital.

Villas in Nainital for extended stay

The pleasant climate and variety of activities and experiences have made Nainital a desirable destination for tourists. Many of these people choose to visit the hill station in big groups. For anyone traveling with a friend, booking a villa is your best choice. The city offers lavish villa resorts which are basically fully-furnished, self-standing mansions. These establishments include a patio, seating area, access to a garden, a terrace, mountain views, free private parking.

free WiFi, flat-screen TV, room service, and so much more. Many luxury villas in Nainital are available on the Bag2Bag platform for you to choose from and book for your desired period of time. Guests can stay in these accommodations for a few hours under the “short stay” option or book them for weeks and even months. Hence searching for and booking a villa for rent in Nainital is now convenient with Bag2Bag.

Resorts in Nainital for extended stay

Everyone who visits Nainital is searching for the ultimate winter experience. People are here to enjoy the cold and all the activities one can enjoy in the cold. This is where luxury resorts in Nainital come to play. Indulge in the bonfire-roasted marshmallows with decadent Kumaoni and Garhwali food from the best resorts in Nainital available on Bag2Bag. These establishments are very lavish and offer world-class facilities such as a fully equipped gym, rejuvenating spas, elegant pools, multi-cuisine restaurants, activities, excursions, and many more providing all-inclusive relaxation. Some of the more offbeat resorts near Nainital offer multiple room options to their guests. They provide lavish private rooms, mud huts, villas, wooden cottages, and many more leading to a stay that is rich in experience.

Cottages in Nainital for extended stay

As serene and peaceful as it is, the city of Nainital can get a little chaotic as most of the tourists who visit this hill station. People looking for some time away from the crowd and wishing to get lost in the outskirts search for a cottage near me during their visit to Nainital. This is where Bag2Bag comes into play with a wide variety of cottages in Nainital for a cozy stay by the countryside. Most of them are small, traditionally built houses that are spread across one or two floors. Some of the Bag2Bag accommodations also offer cottage resorts that travelers can book for a cozy stay. These accommodations have clean rooms with antique furniture and offer services like complimentary breakfast, a fully equipped kitchen, a full-time caretaker, and many more making it the perfect choice for city dwellers looking for a momentary escape in the hills.

Guesthouses in Nainital for extended stay

People looking for unfussy accommodation with a personal touch in the hill station must skip searching guest houses near me on the internet and check out Bag2Bag. With Bag2Bag you can book comfortable accommodation in a hotel guest house in the city of lakes. Here guests can expect accommodation that is absolutely safe for unmarried couples. People traveling with pets can find it quite difficult to find comfortable accommodations that are understanding of their situations. Hence, many of Bag2Bag’s guesthouses let you stay with your animal friends in a pet-friendly environment. These establishments are often run by local families where the host will provide you with local recommendations and optional meals. These guest houses in Nainital come with cozy living rooms, shared lounges, gardens, free WiFi, a terrace, private parking, room service, barbecue facilities, and so on making them the best place to stay in Nainital.

Service apartments and Home stay in Nainital for Women Travelers and senior citizens

People can choose from a wide range of homestays and service apartments here that are comfortable for senior citizens. Being the holy land that has the holy Naina Devi temple, many senior citizens travel here to pray. Many women also bring their old parents to these holy places or often travel alone for a work trip or a solo trip to the hills. Bag2Bag understands the concern for safety and security in such unfamiliar destinations and thus provides women-friendly stays, especially in homestays and service apartments of Nainital.  New moms looking for a safe and comfortable stay while enjoying the aesthetic beauty of this hill station can also choose a homestay with kitchen, heated rooms, running hot water, and all other necessities to keep you and your baby safe, comfortable, and happy.

Economical service apartments and Homestay in Nainital

Travelers looking for a cheap stay in Nainital that is rich with experience must check out homestays and service apartments in this hill station. With Bag2Bag travelers will also get access to the cheap and best hotels in Nainital. Choose to stay cheap, smart, and comfortable with Bag2Bag. Here you will find great discounts for every kind of accommodation during your long stay. The Bag2Bag portal displays rates that are heavily discounted for weekly and monthly bookings making it ideal for solo travelers searching for budget-friendly lodging for a long duration of time.

Business Stay Service Apartments in Nainital

With the boom of technology and the internet, the world is coming close and creating multiple job opportunities even in hill stations like Nainital. Being one of the more popular cities of Uttarakhand many flock here for new jobs or other business opportunities. Anyone who is relocating for a new job can book service apartments for monthly rent with Bag2Bag. If you are starting a new business or just visiting for an out-of-station business conference choose from a wide range of accommodations in Nainital that offer monthly apartment rentals. These establishments come with canteens, conference halls, lounging areas, and many more amenities needed in a professional setting.

Service Apartments and Home stay in Nainital for traveling for Medical reasons

Krishna Hospital & Research Centre, Neelkanth Hospital, Sushila Tiwari Cancer Hospital, and many more prominent hospitals are available in Nainital which people from nearby towns prefer for their reliable treatment. In such cases, it can often be difficult for people traveling with patients to find suitable accommodations nearby hospitals. Bag2Bag understands these concerns and provides a range of service apartments near hospitals so you can choose the stay that best suits your budgetary requirement at that moment. If the patients have some dietary restrictions you can choose to cook healthy food from service apartments with kitchens so you don’t have to compromise on your medical travel.

Luxury Service Apartments and Homestay in Nainital

Famous for its pleasant weather, Nainital has maintained its popularity since the days of the British raj and is still desired by many who are searching for luxurious living. You can book luxury service apartments to truly experience the rich hospitality this hill station has to offer. You can choose from a range of 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK, and even 4 BHK service apartments. These apartments come with heated rooms, hot tubs, a private pool, a jacuzzi, and many more luxurious amenities. Nainital is known for its chilly cold and these service apartments will let you experience the epitome of a luxury stay with amazing lake views.

Service Apartments for Couples in Nainital

After a long day of shopping for candles, tracking on the Kilbury hiking trail, and catching the sunset from a boat ride in Naini lake the last thing you need to worry about is the safety at your hotel. That is why Bag2Bag provides a wide range of service apartments safe for unmarried couples so nothing can come in between your romantic getaway. The couple-friendly service apartment offers many luxury amenities such as hot tubs, a private pool, a jacuzzi, and many such luxurious amenities that will transform your vacation into a once-in-a-lifetime experience. So choose Bag2Bag for a romantic getaway you will never want to forget.