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What is Bag2Bag Hourly hotel booking, Short Stay Hotel booking, Day time hotel booking and Day use Hotel booking in Jodhpur?


Jodhpur is a historic city in the Rajasthan state. People who are in the need of hourly hotels in Jodhpur can book the same through Bag2Bag.  With Hourly hotel bookings, you can book hotels for a few hours. You can book for as low as 1 hour. You can pay only for the hours you stayed.

Hence, you can go for Hourly hotel booking in Jodhpur and save on hotel bookings. Day time and Day use hotel booking also allows you to book hotels on an hourly basis for day use and day stay in Jodhpur.  

How many hourly hotels and day use hotels available for booking in Jodhpur from Bag2Bag?

Bag2bag has many Luxurious and Budget hotels to book on hourly and day use, day stay basis in Jodhpur in all prime locations.  

Can unmarried couples book hotels online in Jodhpur?

Unmarried couple can book hotels in Jodhpur without any qualms.  You can check for the couple friendly tag before booking the hotel in Jodhpur. All most all hotels in Jodhpur through Bag2bag are couple friendly! There are many Night stay hotels, Homestays in Jodhpur for married as well as unmarried couples and honeymooners that can be booked through Bag2bag.

Are Couple friendly hotel bookings available in Jodhpur?

Yes! There are many couple friendly hotels available in Jodhpur to book through Bag2Bag. Bag2bag helps you to book good couple friendly hotels without any worries. We do have good couple friendly hotels in Jodhpur near Fort and near Jodhpur Bus stand. These couple friendly hotels can be booked for night stay, Day stay or for day use also. Bag2bag is a portal which helps you to book couple friendly night stay hotels without any hassles. 

What is the price range for Hotels in Jodhpur?

The price range for Bag2Bag Hotels in Jodhpur starts from as low as Rs.900 for Luxurious hotels for 3 hours booking. Even you can book couple friendly hotels at the same price for hourly use.

What are some of Budget Hotels available for booking in Jodhpur?


There are many budget friendly hotels available for booking in Jodhpur through Bag2Bag. You have hotels in all most all localities. You can visit the Website bag2bag.in for more details.  

What are some of the Luxurious hotels and Premium Hotels available for booking in City Jodhpur?

Bag2bag has many Luxurious Hotels to book for short stay, day stay and hourly use. Check Bag2bag.in for more details.

What are the famous areas and hotspots to hang around in Jodhpur?

Jodhpur is known as Blue city or Sun City. It is a city in the Thar Desert of the Indian state of Rajasthan. There are many attraction which will truly enthrall the visitors in Jodhpur. You can visit Mehrangarh Fort and Museum which is a massive historic site with preserved art. You can visit Umaid Bhavan Palace, Bal samand Lake, Kalyana Lake, Mandore Garden, Ghanta Ghar, Sardar Market, Rao Jodha Desert rock Park and many more.

About Jodhpur

Jodhpur is a city in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is located towards the western side of Jaipur. It is the second biggest city in Rajasthan. Jodhpur boasts to have Beautiful palaces, Enthralling forts as well as ancient temples. Jodhpur has bright and sunny weather all through the year. This is the reason Jodhpur is also known as “ Sun City” All most all houses Based around the fort of Mehrangarh are painted in blue color, so the city is also known as Blue city.


It is one of the prime cities of Rajasthan. It is very well connected to the rest of Rajasthan by air, By road and rail links. Some local festivals of Jodhpur city which are the main attraction for tourists are Nag Panchami, Marwar Festivals, Nac sati, Ganguar, Veerpuri Fair, Holi, and Diwali.  The entire city decks up with a colorful look. The age-old customs and beliefs of Jodhpur City interest most tourists who carry out a visit to this city.

The royal sport of Jodhpur is Polo.  Polo buffs visit the city to participate in the various equestrian events that are held here. Jodhpur is also well known for its furniture industry, handicrafts, glass bangles, cutlery, carpets, and marble goods. Jodhpur also boasts of unique cuisine. The local eateries accord the tourists a delectable dish of local culinary delightsJodhpur is a colourful and vibrant city. The traditional folk dance and music performances, which are held at night, are great attractions to the visitors. 

Best Time to Visit Jodhpur

You can visit Jodhpur between October to March. October is the onset of peak season as the weather turns pleasant. However, you can visit the city during other months as well. 

Transportations in Jodhpur

Jodhpur has got good local transport. You can hire a Taxi, Cabs, and Auto rickshaws for local sightseeing. For  longer distance Buses are also available which is the cheapest mode of transport. 

Jodhpur for Shopaholics

Jodhpur is a heaven for shopaholics. There are several shops and Bazaars that sell goods which are found only in Jodhpur. You can  explore the Bazaars in Jodhpur and shop till you are lost!. You can shop for different kinds of perfumes, Scents, Sarees, Decorative items for home and the list is endless. The clock tower market is famous for spice shopping. The red chillies found here are world-renowned. The food you get in Jodhpur and the color you see in it is mostly due to the red chillies found here. You need to bargain as much as you can and try to get at the best prices. You can buy flavored teas, Antiques and Hand-embroidered fabrics.   If you are planning to buy some colourful and vibrant Bandhej then head to Nai Sarak. Some people also call it as Bandhani. There are a variety of dye fabrics, Saree, dress materials, Dupattas, and turbans that you can get from this market.  You can also visit other markets like Sojati Market, Mochi Bazaar, Kapraa Bazaar etc.

Night Life in Jodhpur

Despite being the heritage city there is no dearth of interesting and fun bars and clubs in Jodhpur. It is more than its spice shops, Heritage places, Temples, and forts. If you love to enjoy the nightlife in Jodhpur you can visit places where you can have some fun and entertainment.  You can checkout classy bars and high-end breweries and also most happening Lounges. The city has it all. You can visit Pulse Bar which will surely impress you with its charismatic interiors. The music is hep, the staff is fantastic and is a perfect place for night owls. The list of drinks is also quite impressive. There is Mox Vox The Restro where you can dance the night away in Jodhpur. Here you can go for some classy cocktails.  They have a big and colorful dance floor with a live DJ. You can also visit Trophy Bar, Alibaba world, Sheesha Lounge, and many more in Jodhpur.

Hotels for few hours in Jodhpur

Jodhpur is a heritage city in Rajasthan. So, if you are planning to visit Jodhpur and explore the city for a few hours then no need to book a hotel for full day. Just book budget hotels in Jodhpur for a few hours.  There are many hourly stay hotels in Jodhpur which are couple friendly too. Even unmarried couples can book hotels in Jodhpur.  Bag2Bag has many hotels to stay for couples in Jodhpur. You can book Hotels for Few Hours in Jodhpur which are near to famous tourist spots like Mehrangarh Fort,  Jaswant Thada, Bal samand Lake, etc. You can drop in your luggage in the hotel, get fresh and visit the places and come back to the hotel and check out. You can save huge if you book hotels for a few hours. Hourly Hotel Booking in Jodhpur is very easy through Bag2Bag.  If you looking for low budget hotels in Jodhpur, book the same through Bag2Bag budget hotels in Jodhpur near railway station or budget hotels in Jodhpur near bus stand  and visit the nearby places. 

Budget friendly Hotels in Jodhpur for Short Stay

Jodhpur is a blue city that is known for its rich culture and Heritage. People who prefer to stay for many days in Jodhpur can book budget hotels that provide luxury at budget pricing.  Budget friendly hotels provide the same comfort and luxury as compared to any luxury hotels. You can go for budget hotels in Jodhpur near Mandore Garden and near Mehrangarh Fort and Museum. If you are looking for couple friendly hotels, Bag2Bag has Couple Friendly Hourly Hotels in Jodhpur. There are many budget friendly hourly hotels in Jodhpur for short stay. Bag2Bag has budget hotels in Jodhpur near Jodhpur Fort and budget hotels in Jodhpur near the Sardar market as well. We have partnered with the best hotels that have a proven record in providing excellent service to customers. All the quality checks are done before partnering with a hotel on parameters such as standard, security, and quality of staff that will handle the guests in a smooth and fair manner. We partner with hotels ranging from budget to 5-star categories and ensure the staff, location, amenities & services at the hotel are such that you will feel safe and love to come back to us for your next hotel booking. Bag2Bag has a good number of Budget friendly hotels in Jodhpur which can be booked for day use, Day time or for day stay. Book Best Budget Hotels in Jodhpur and have huge savings in your expenses. There are low budget hotels in Jodhpur and also Hotels for Unmarried Couples in Jodhpur for Few hours. Day use hotels in Jodhpur, Day Stay Hotels in Jodhpur is also available. Best hotels in Jodhpur for group travelers are also available at affordable price.

Night Stay Hotels in Jodhpur

Jodhpur being the heritage city people visit the city from across the globe. If you are planning for a night stay then Bag2Bag can surely help you in this regard. Many night stay hotels, Homestays, Couple Friendly Hourly Hotels in Jodhpur are available which offer comfy stay along with modern amenities. You will be surprised by the hospitality you get in Jodhpur. Hotels for Unmarried Couples in Jodhpur for Few Hours are also available for night stay options. Best hotels in Jodhpur for honeymoon couple booked through Bag2Bag offers great discounts and offers. Jodhpur is a hill station and ideally a preferred location among honeymooners. Book night stay hotels and cherish the stay. If you are visiting the city with friends you can book luxury hotels in Jodhpur for a night stay and have a gala time. Jodhpur has got vibrant nightlife. Book night stay hotels in Jodhpur and experience the luxurious nightlife in Jodhpur.

Hotel for one night stay in Jodhpur

One night stay hotels can be booked easily in Jodhpur Rajasthan through Bag2Bag. You need not book the hotel for a full day if you want to stay for a single night. We have Hourly Hotel Booking in Jodhpur. We have budget hotels in Jodhpur for family and group trips. Book Hotel in Jodhpur on Hourly Basis and enjoy the stay. Jodhpur is a very famous heritage city in Rajasthan where tourists flock. If you have arrived late, need not worry Bag2Bag has many last-minute hotels to offer. With Bag2Bag you can easily book late check-in hotels, late check-out hotels and early check-in hotels. Travel stress-free with Bag2Bag and save on accommodations. Budget hotels in Jodhpur are available for one night stay at very affordable price near bus stand.

Business friendly Hotels in Jodhpur for Short Stay, Day stay and Night Stay

There is no dearth for business friendly hotels in Jodhpur. People do visit Jodhpur for business reasons as well. Jodhpur being the spice hub and famous Bandhani fabrics,  city do witness people visiting the city for various business reasons as well. You can book business friendly hotels of your convenience. If you have a layover time of 2-3 hours or more still you can book for a short stay from Bag2Bag and get the benefits. You can drop in your luggage in any luxury hotels in Jodhpur near the bus stand, relax and go explore Jodhpur We do budget hotels in Jodhpur near fort as well. Book Hotel in Jodhpur for a Night Stay. Bag2bag offers Hourly Hotels and night stay hotels in Jodhpur for Unmarried Couples too! If you are looking for homestays in Jodhpur, book through Bag2bag and have huge savings. Many budget hotels in Jodhpur are business friendly and offer day stay, Day use as well as night stay.

Day Use hotels in Jodhpur

If you are visiting Jodhpur during day time for any business purpose or any family reunions, you can book day use hotels in Jodhpur or any day stay hotels in Jodhpur, budget hotels in Jodhpur near the fort which will be very pocket-friendly. Why pay more if your stay is only for a day or only a few hours! There are many day stay hotels available in Jodhpur in locations near the bus stand through Bag2bag. Day use Hotels helps you save on accommodation. You can save on accommodation and extend your stay if you need Bag2bag hotels. Bag2Bag has many Day use, Day stay, Day Time Hotels in Jodhpur, and hourly stay hotels in all major localities of Jodhpur. Budget hotels in Jodhpur booked through Bag2Bag are available for day use, day stay and for hourly use also. Hotel for Short Stay in Jodhpur offers a comfortable luxurious stay. Day use hotels and Day stay hotels in Jodhpur booked through Bag2Bag comes with very affordable price and hence helps you save on hotel expenses. Budget hotels in Jodhpur for the family is available for day use through Bag2Bag.

Couple Friendly hotels in Jodhpur

Jodhpur is one such destination which is often visited by couples. There are many couple friendly hotels in Jodhpur. Many hotels allow unmarried couples as well.  Many Short Stay Hotels in Jodhpur are couple friendly. You can book Couple Friendly Hourly Hotels in Jodhpur. You can even book Unmarried Couple Friendly Hotels in Jodhpur at very affordable rates. Couples also can book top night stay Hotel Rooms for One Night in Jodhpur. Unmarried couples can also book hotels in Jodhpur for night stay. You just have to possess valid ID proof to book Unmarried Couple Friendly Hotels in Jodhpur through Bag2Bag. You can also book hotels in Jodhpur for honeymoon couple which are couple friendly and budget friendly. You can even look out for best hotels in Jodhpur if you are visiting the city for a day or two, budget hotel in Jodhpur near fort for couples. Hotels for Unmarried Couples in Jodhpur for Few Hours are available easily in Jodhpur. Best hotels in Jodhpur for honeymoon couple is available through Bag2Bag with all modern amenities.

Hotels near Railway station in Jodhpur

Jodhpur Junction railway station is a major railway station located in Jodhpur. Jodhpur Railway station has connectivity to all major cities in India and Rajasthan. You can book hotels near Jodhpur railway station as many budget hotels are available near Jodhpur railway station through Bag2Bag. 

Hotels near Airport in Jodhpur

Jodhpur airport is a civil enclave airport in Jodhpur. Jodhpur airport had a domestic terminal which has almost 3 gates.  The domestic terminal connects Jodhpur with several other cities of the states across India. Book hotels near Jodhpur Airport through Bag2Bag which provide comfortable stay.

Close by attractions that can be covered within few hours

Jodhpur is known as Blue city or Sun City. It is a city in the Thar Desert of the Indian state of Rajasthan. There are many attractions which will truly enthrall the visitors in Jodhpur. You can visit Mehrangarh Fort and Museum which is a massive historic site with preserved art. You can visit Umaid Bhavan Palace, Bal samand Lake, Kalyana Lake, Mandore Garden, Ghanta ghar, Sardar Market, Rao Jodha Desert rock Park and many more.