Book Night stay hotels in Gurugram @ ₹ 979 for 1 night

Are there any long stays available in Gurugram that are close to the airport?

Yes! Most of the long stays provided by Bag2Bag in Gurugram are conveniently placed and are very close to airports. This way travelers can save time on their commute and have a comfortable stay in the city.

Which extended stays can pet owners book in Gurugram?

Most of the homestays, guesthouses, cottages and villas in Gurugram allow pets on their premises. However it is advised to check if your chosen extended stay option is pet-friendly in the accommodation policies.

Is smoking allowed in cottages of Gurugram?

No! Many cottages in Gurugram prohibit smoking on the premises. However, guests have the option to go for a smoke in the designated smoking zone present in the outdoors of the property.

How long can I book a long stay in Gurugram?

With Bag2Bag you have the freedom to book an extended stay in Gurugram for a few hours or you can also book an accommodation on daily, weekly and monthly basis. 

Are guesthouses in Gurugram safe for women?

Absolutely! All guesthouses in Gurugram are absolutely safe for women. These guesthouses are gated and have day and night security. Also as a bonus guesthouses  in Gurugram are under 24/7  CCTV surveillance.

About Gurugram

Gurugram is one of the premier hubs of finance, Information Technology, and banking in India. The city has experienced brisk growth across sectors to compete with top cosmopolitan cities. Extensive expressways, an impressive skyline, and hi-tech workspaces describe the buzzing charm of Gurugram. The city remains an integral part of the National Capital Region. While Gurugram is well-known for hosting ultramodern commercial centers, it has picturesque natural spots. An endless list of amusement parks, malls, ornate restaurants, etc., provide serious entertainment options for locals. Bag2Bag offers service apartments in Gurugram to facilitate convenient accommodation for modern-day travelers. Also, there are many homestays in Gurugram available to book via Bag2Bag. Food lovers can relish the diverse food culture bestowed in Gurugram. As millennials are highly inclined to settle in Gurugram, Bag2Bag has amassed several extended stay hotels.

Service apartments in Gurugram for extended stay

Travelers can happily live in a service apartment that holds all the modern comforts. A perfect place to work, relax, cook, and so on. Booking service apartments in Gurugram can be highly beneficial for long stay needs. Rent the private living space even for a few months across the affluent areas in Gurugram. The longer the duration, the less you pay! Extend the stay based on your own needs and gather the ultimate benefits. Bag2Bag lets travelers book service apartments for extended stay in Gurugram. An appropriate stay option that fits you away from home. You will never miss the homely vibes! Grab service apartments with a kitchen in Gurugram and prepare a hearty meal daily. Access all the uber-cool amenities like a spa, swimming pool, conference hall, living room, kitchen, and so on. Business travelers can effortlessly manage important tasks and attend virtual meetings.  

Rent out the best service apartments for a day, week, month or even longer with Bag2Bag. Visit the famous tourist attractions and hangout spots when you have a day off from work. To get rewarding stay experiences, book the service apartments across affluent areas like Udyog Vihar, Cyber Hub, DLF Phase 1, etc. Download Bag2Bag Android and iOS apps to secure the best long stay options!

Homestay in Gurugram

The rise in popularity of homestays in bigger cities comes as no surprise as it holds enormous benefits. Grab a homestay in Gurugram with Bag2Bag and feel the supreme convenience. Planning to spend a long weekend in Gurugram? Arriving for business reasons? When you have different purposes to travel, just make use of the homestay properties. The amenities provided in the homestay can precisely suit your needs. Couples, business people, senior citizens, etc., will find this option extremely safe and flexible. Live in the homely atmosphere and enjoy the additional perks. Bag2Bag provides great deals and discounts to delight modern-day travelers. Being a digital nomad, you can work freely from the comfort of homestays. Vast rooms and conference halls will guarantee a tailor-made stay for business travelers. Take advantage of the couple's friendly homestays in Gurugram while going on a romantic trip. Stay near the popular localities and head to the exciting hangout spots in the city. Travelers can absorb the buoyant city culture! Want to live like a local? Superb! Befriend locals and discover hidden gems in the city. Understand the local culture at your own pace and experience a worry-free trip. Homestays come equipped with a modern kitchen to offer travelers more freedom. Cook an appetizing meal and share it with your family members. Enjoy the homely food and stay healthy! Welcome your friends and relatives during weekends to cherish over a cozy dinner.

Hotels in Gurugram for extended stay

Have you ever experienced the convenience of long stay options? If not, book extended stay hotels in Gurugram with Bag2Bag. Get a contemporary living space that has all amenities to make for a well-served accommodation. Travelers can cherish the additional comfort while booking hotels in Gurugram for a long stay. Apart from experiencing true benefits, you can pay less than usual. Extend your stay duration even for a few months to reduce the rental costs. With Bag2Bag, book extended stay hotels at the best prices possible. A private living ambience combined with spectacular amenities will magnify your stay experiences. Corporate people, families, holidaymakers, etc., can benefit from the availability of long stay hotels. Visit the ritzy malls in the city, shop your heart out and savor delectable dishes in the food court. Also, you can soak up the tranquil vibes in the idyllic natural spots. Gurugram amuses travelers with its epic charm. Plan a perfect holiday in Gurugram and rely on extended stay hotels for accommodation purposes. Stay in the extraordinary long stay properties and reap the benefits. The properties are thoroughly sanitized and follow all the cleanliness measures. Strict security services have also been offered for travelers. Leave all your worries and revel in the most secure and flexible stay. Rent out the best long stay properties based on your needs and save more.

Service apartments and homestay in Gurugram for women travelers and senior citizen

This thriving metropolis hosts a good mix of residential and commercial spaces. The hi-tech IT Parks in the city appeal to women travelers. Whether to take part in a week-long tech seminar or look for good career opportunities, women travelers would often arrive in the city. To enable flexible accommodation for travelers, Bag2Bag offers service apartments in Gurugram. Senior citizens can easily make the most of homestays in Gurugram. If you need a stay that lasts more than a few days, book service apartments for extended stay. Planning a medical visit to Gurugram? Then, rely on Bag2Bag to choose the appropriate long stay. A safe and convenient stay for senior citizens. Get all the desired benefits and live with joy. Serviced apartments come equipped with 24-hour security services to create a safe environment.

Economical service apartments and homestay in Gurugram

Bag2Bag has a decent collection of affordable service apartments in Gurugram. If you don’t want to splurge on accommodation, look no further than economical service apartments. Book a long stay in popular areas like Cyber City, Udyog Vihar, DLF Phase I, etc. Pick from the wide range of homestay options based on your comfort and budget. Prolong your stay duration to cut down the rental cost. You can enjoy all the necessary amenities though you are paying less than usual. Personalize your accommodation in Gurugram and use all the modern comforts. Stay in a private ambience with no disturbances. Avail the housekeeping and concierge services that further ease your burden. Grab service apartments with Kitchen in Gurugram and prepare healthy dishes. When you cook on your own, you can avoid spending extra on food.

Business stay service apartments in Gurugram

Gurugram has evolved into a major business hub near the country’s capital Delhi. Seamless transport facilities and advanced infrastructure attract a hoard of business travelers all around the year. The city has cutting-edge IT parks, manufacturing industries and workspaces. To facilitate a sophisticated stay for business travelers, Bag2Bag provides service apartments in Gurugram. Cherish the exclusive perks when you decide to stay long in the city. Stay near the main business hubs and commute easily to the workplace. Use the spacious environment to set up a temporary workspace and save huge on accommodation. Corporate travelers can make use of this alternative stay option and get maximum benefits. A wide range of business-friendly amenities like stable Wi-Fi, conference room, workspace, etc., will address your specific needs. After accomplishing your business tasks, unwind in the cozy living room and relish the leisure facilities. Gurugram has a lot to offer when it comes to entertainment. Take your kids to the nearby amusement parks or shopping malls during the weekend. Book the business-friendly service apartments in Gurugram that precisely serve your needs.

Service apartments and homestay in Gurugram for traveling on medical reasons

Looking to access world-class medical facilities? Ok! Gurugram houses well-reputed hospitals such as Park Hospital, Artemis Hospital, CK Birla Hospital, Neelkanth Hospital, Narayana Super Speciality Hospital, Paras Hospital, etc. Receive advanced treatments from popular hospitals and cure your ailments. You may come here for minor surgery or to do a routine checkup. No matter what, book service apartments for extended stay in Gurugram. Senior citizens can experience true flexibility in the modern living space. Find the convenience of staying in a fully-furnished space across the best areas of Gurugram. With Bag2Bag, you can easily book a homestay in Gurugram near renowned hospitals. Secure a good range of budget and luxury properties based on your needs. Lengthen your stay duration to save more and get the ultimate benefits. Download Bag2Bag Android and iOS apps to book the best service apartments at your fingertips!

Luxury service apartments and homestay in Gurugram

Bag2Bag takes precedence in creating a feel-good stay experience for travelers. Book luxury service apartments in Gurugram to bask in true comfort. From preparing satisfying dishes in the kitchen to taking a dip in the pool, look for awesome experiences. Grab a luxury homestay in Gurugram through Bag2Bag and revel in the pompous stay. Get the warm hospitality experience across the plush neighborhoods of Gurugram. Couple friendly service apartments are always at your disposal. Stately furnishings, a fully-stocked kitchen, spa, swimming pool, conference hall, etc., will add extra comfort. Feel the ultimate luxury of living in a private environment and get more freedom. Important business hubs or ritzy socializing spots? Where do you need a stay? Rely on Bag2Bag to book luxury service apartments. Rent out the refined living space for a few days or weeks and enjoy more freedom. Specifically-curated amenities and lush decorations can offer innate luxury. Plan a get-together with your friends and have the ultimate fun in the homestays. Connect with locals and explore beyond the usual attractions in the city. An unforgettable stay experience is assured for new-age travelers! Work from the comfort of the homestays that offer an office-like ambience. Immerse in the fast-paced city lifestyle and also explore beautiful attractions.

Service apartments for couples in Gurugram

Going on a blissful trip to Gurugram? Wow! You can seek tranquility in the beautiful natural attractions while absorbing the dynamism of Gurugram. Plan an endearing vacation with your better half. Fancy cafes, enthralling nightlife places, and shopping centers make your trip more exciting than ever. If you are looking to stay for a week in Gurugram, book the service apartments to complement your trip. You can easily secure service apartments in Cyber City Gurugram and similar suburbs. Get all the contemporary facilities and spend your leisure time. Bag2Bag provides service apartments for unmarried couples in Gurugram to benefit millennial couples. Soak up the refreshing environment and enjoy each other’s presence. Book the service apartments with a kitchen in Gurugram and reduce the dinner expenses. Your stay also accompanies custom-made amenities to keep you engaged amid the plush neighborhoods in Gurugram.

Villas in Gurugram for extended stay

Traveling to Gurugram to experience its vibrancy? Relax! Book villas in Gurugram with Bag2Bag and relish the finest hospitality services. Stay in the chic properties in the heart of the city and capture the buzzing charm. From specific design features to exceptionally-crafted amenities, everything will add to the aesthetics of your living space. You will easily find ritzy malls, quirky food joints, and high-end nightlife places in the city. Grab villas in Gurugram for extended stay and find it supremely convincing. Get sweeping city views from the balcony while lounging around the pool. Look for all the extraordinary facilities in the villas when you book them via Bag2Bag.

Resorts in Gurugram for extended stay

With its magnificent skyline and hi-tech business hubs, Gurugram has everything to entice millennial travelers. For a distinctive stay experience, book resorts in Gurugram for extended stay with Bag2Bag. Besides the upbeat metropolitan charm, Gurugram boasts several tranquil nature attractions. A day in Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary and Sohna Lake will make for a refreshing outing away from the bustle of the city. Stay near your desired location and cherish the perfect holiday in Gurugram. The facilities in the resorts include a pool, spa, private terrace, in-house restaurant, lush garden, etc. Wander across the city and just feel its liveliness! Get a satisfying stay in the city with Bag2Bag.

Cottages in Gurugram for extended stay

Visiting the millennial-friendly city of Gurugram? From exhilarating city experiences to serene nature getaways, Gurugram satiates your wanderlust in a stellar manner. Then, book cottages in Gurugram with Bag2Bag and experience the ultimate comfort. A great option for both short and long-term stay needs. You can connect with locals and experience a new dimension of the city during your trip. Get a spacious living room with a homely touch, free Wi-Fi, a terrace, garden, luxury pool, etc., as part of your stay. Select cottages in Gurugram for extended stay with Bag2Bag and go easy on your pockets. Download Bag2Bag Android and iOS apps to claim unbeatable deals!

Guesthouses in Gurugram for extended stay

Being one of the most versatile and urbanized cities in India, Gurugram attracts a wide range of travelers for various reasons. To gratify the specific stay needs of travelers, Bag2Bag offers guesthouses in Gurugram. Choose your stay in the vicinity of premium business centers or top-rated entertainment hotspots in the city. Business travelers, casual travelers, couples, etc., usually visit Gurugram all around the year. Bag2Bag has amassed a comprehensive range of guesthouses in Gurugram for extended stay. The facilities are designed exclusively to suit the preferences of modern-day travelers. Access free Wi-Fi to finish leftover tasks or binge-watch your favorite shows in the guesthouses.