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About Pushkar

Pushkar is one of the ancient cities in Ajmer district, Rajasthan, India. It is also known as the king of pilgrim sites. Pushkar is house to many temples and the Brahma Temple is one of those. This is one of the few temples dedicated to Lord Brahma in the world. It is also known as the Rose Garden of Rajasthan. Because it is house to flower forming. These flowers are exported across the world. Pushkar is a very popular destination among pilgrims, Devotees and Tourists. The major crowd puller in Pushkar is “ Pushkar Camel Fair” which is held in the month of November every year. The architectural marvels and rich heritage and culture make a Pushkar a must-visit place in India

Pushkar is situated at a distance of 11 km from Ajmer and 2 hours from Jaipur. It is a pilgrimage spot, well known Pushkar fair is held every year. Pushkar is adjacent to the Thar Desert. During the camel festival more than 50,000 camels are gathered which is really a heaven for the eyes.  Many festivals are celebrated in the month of November. Pushkar has around 500 temples. So, the city is also known as “City of Temples

Varaha Temple is a  very famous temple in Pushkar, this temple is dedicated to the third incarnation of Lord Vishnu, which was in the form of a boar. It is said that Lord Vishnu as Varaha killed the demon Hiranyaksha, recovered a stolen Veda, and saved the earth from drowning in the ocean. Pushkar is a must-visit tourist destination in India. 

Best Time to Visit Pushkar

Pushkar is a holy place. The weather and the festivities in Pushkar stay alive all year long. However, the best time to visit this holy town is between November and March. During this time the weather is pleasant.

Transportation in Pushkar

Pushkar is a small town which can be easily explored while walking. You can hire motorbikes as well. You can hire Taxi, Cab, and Rickshaws as well in Pushkar to get around easily.

Pushkar for Shopaholics

Pushkar is famous for shopping like other cities in Rajasthan. You can buy leather products, Rose products, Silver Jewelry, Textiles, fabrics and a lot more. You can buy rose products such as Rosewater, Rose oil, Gulkand, etc. You can use rose water as a coolant, Moisturizer toner, etc. The benefits are many. You can also look for rose oil. Another item is Gulkand which is a mixture of rose petals and white sugar. There is also a huge variety of Incense sticks, Dhoops which are homemade available in Pushkar. You can buy unique silver jewelry and ornamental rampuri daggers. You can buy various kinds of waistbands, Hairpins, Beads, etc.  You can also buy some home décor items and colorful garments as well.

Night Life in Pushkar

Pushkar is a holy place. Places  to visit in Pushkar at night is Pushkar Lake, Rangji Temple, Market square, Sadar Bazaar, Brahma Temple, Varah Ghat, and many other attractions. The nightlife in Pushkar has got its own vibes and charm. It is highly unimaginable to think of nightlife in Pushkar such as Pubs and Bars, there are many places in Pushkar to visit at night that will mesmerize you. Around 500 temples beautifully lit with lights, Astounding architecture, and 52 Bathing Ghats the town is truly a heaven for the eyes. It is known for its temples and camels. Evening aarthi by the Pushkar Lake should not be missed at all in the night.  You can shop in the evening markets like Sadar Bazaar where you can buy stunning jewelry and clothes while relishing street food.  It is going to be truly an unforgettable holiday experience for visitors. 

Hotels for few hours in Pushkar

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Budget friendly Hotels in Pushkar for Short Stay

Pushkar is a pilgrimage place which is known for its holiness and Heritage. People who prefer to stay for many days in Pushkar can book budget hotels that provide luxury at budget pricing.  budget hotels in Pushkar Rajasthan provide the same comfort and luxury as compared to any luxury hotels. You can go for budget hotels in Pushkar near Pushkar lake and near Brahma Temple. If you are looking for couple friendly hotels, Bag2Bag has Couple Friendly Hourly Hotels in Pushkar. There are many budget friendly hourly hotels in Pushkar for short stay. Bag2Bag has budget hotels in Pushkar and budget hotels in Pushkar near Sadaar Bazaar as well. We have partnered the best hotels that have a proven record in providing excellent service to customers. All the quality checks are done before partnering with a hotel on parameters such as standard, security, and quality of staff that will handle the guests in a smooth and fair manner. We partner with hotels ranging from budget to 5-star categories and ensure the staff, location, amenities & services at the hotel are such that you will feel safe and love to come back to us for your next hotel booking. Bag2Bag has a good number of Budget friendly hotels in Pushkar which can be booked for day use, Day time or for a day stay. Book Best Budget Hotels in Pushkar and have huge savings in your expenses. There are low budget hotels in Pushkar and also Hotels for Unmarried Couples in Pushkar for Few hours. Day use hotels in Pushkar, Day Stay Hotels in Pushkar is also available. Best hotels in Pushkar for group travelers is also available at affordable price.

Night Stay Hotels in Pushkar

Pushkar being the holy city people visit the city from across the globe. If you are planning for a night stay then Bag2Bag can surely help you in this regard. Many night stay hotels, Homestays, Couple Friendly Hourly Hotels in Pushkar are available which offer comfy stay along with modern amenities. You will be surprised by the hospitality you get in Pushkar. Hotels for Unmarried Couples in Pushkar for Few Hours are also available for night stay options. Best hotels in Pushkar for honeymoon couple booked through Bag2Bag offers great discounts and offers. Book night stay hotels and cherish the stay. If you are visiting the city with friends you can book luxury hotels in Pushkar for a night stay and have a gala time. Pushkar has got vibrant nightlife. You can visit Temples in the evening and bask in spirituality and devotion. Book night stay hotels in Pushkar and experience the religious nightlife in Pushkar. Don’t miss the evening Aarthi in Pushkar Lake.

Hotel for one night stay in Pushkar

One night stay hotels can be booked easily in Pushkar through Bag2Bag. You need not book the hotel for a full day if you want to stay for a single night. We have Hourly Hotel Booking in Pushkar. We have budget hotels in Pushkar for family and group trips. Book Hotel in Pushkar on Hourly Basis and enjoy the stay. Pushkar is a very famous religious spot where tourists flock. If you have arrived late, need not worry Bag2Bag has many last-minute hotels to offer. With Bag2Bag you can easily book late check-in hotels, late check-out hotels, and early check-in hotels. Travel stress-free with Bag2Bag and save on accommodations. Budget hotels in Pushkar are available for one night to stay at a very affordable price near the railway station.

Business friendly Hotels in Pushkar for Short Stay, Day stay and Night Stay

There is no dearth for business friendly hotels in Pushkar. People do cist Pushkar for business reasons as well. Pushkar being the spiritual hub and famous Puja Items, Incense Sticks which are homemade are available at very affordable rates.  Pushkar do witness people visiting the city for various business reasons as well. You can book business friendly hotels of your convenience. If you have a layover time of 2-3 hours or more still you can book for a short stay from Bag2Bag and get the benefits. You can drop in your luggage in any luxury hotels in Pushkar near the bus stand, relax and go explore Pushkar. We do have budget hotels in Pushkar near Brahma temple as well. Book Hotel in Pushkar for a Night Stay. Bag2bag offers Hourly Hotels and night stay hotels in Pushkar for Unmarried Couples too! If you are looking for homestays in Pushkar, book through Bag2bag and have huge savings. Many budget hotels in Pushkar are business friendly and offer day stay, Day use as well as night stay.

Day Use hotels in Pushkar

If you are visiting Pushkar during day time for any business purpose or any family reunions, you can book day use hotels in Pushkar or any day stay hotels in Pushkar, budget hotels in Pushkar near Savithri temple which will be very pocket-friendly. Why pay more if your stay is only for a day or only a few hours! There are many day stay hotels available in Pushkar in locations near the bus stand through Bag2bag. Day use Hotels helps you save on accommodation. You can save on accommodation and extend your stay if you need Bag2bag hotels. Bag2Bag has many Day use, Day stay, Day Time Hotels in Pushkar, and hourly stay hotels in all major localities of Pushkar. Budget hotels in Pushkar booked through Bag2Bag are available for day use, day stay and for hourly use also. Hotel for Short Stay in Pushkar offers a comfortable luxurious stay. Day use hotels and Day stay hotels in Pushkar booked through Bag2Bag comes with very affordable price and hence helps you save on hotel expenses. Budget hotels in Pushkar for the family is available for day use through Bag2Bag.

Couple Friendly hotels in Pushkar

Pushkar is a religious place and also often visited by couples. There are many couple friendly hotels in Pushkar. Many hotels allow unmarried couples as well.  Many Short Stay Hotels in Pushkar are couple friendly. You can book Couple Friendly Hourly Hotels in Pushkar. You can even book Unmarried Couple Friendly Hotels in Pushkar at very affordable rates. Couples also can book a top night stay Hotel Rooms for One Night in Pushkar. Unmarried couples can also book hotels in Pushkar for a night stay. You just have to possess valid ID proof to book Unmarried Couple Friendly Hotels in Pushkar through Bag2Bag. Couple Friendly Hourly Hotels in Pushkar You can even lookout for the best hotels in Pushkar if you are visiting the city for a day or two, a budget hotel in Pushkar near Pushkar lake for couples. Hotels for Unmarried Couples in Pushkar for Few Hours are available easily in Pushkar. Best hotels in Pushkar is available through Bag2Bag with all modern amenities.

Hotels near Railway station in Pushkar

Pushkar is a town in The Indian state of Rajasthan, which is a holy place known for its temples, Pushkar Fair etc. The nearest railway station to Pushkar is Ajmer Junction which is located at a distance of just about 11 km from Pushkar. Ajmer station is connected to various parts of Rajasthan and India. 

Hotels near Airport in Pushkar

Sanganer Airport in Jaipur which is the nearest airport to Pushkar. The airport is located at a distance of almost 146 kilometers from Pushkar. This airport is well connected with other major cities of the country such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Indore, Jodhpur and Udaipur.

Close by attractions that can be covered within few hours

Pushkar is a town in Rajasthan state bordering the Thar Desert. There are around 500 temples in Pushkar. Pushkar is a religious town visited by pilgrims and tourists from across the globe. There are many places to visit in Pushkar. You can visit the Hindhu Pilgrimage site Pushkar lake which has many Ghats. Pushkar has Brahmaji Temple,  Savithri Matha Temple,  Varaha Temple, Rangji Temple,  Foy Sagar Lake,   Gayathri Matha Temple, Shiva temple, and many more. During the camel festival, more than 50,000 camels are assembled which is really a paradise for the eyes.  Many festivals are celebrated in the month of November. Pushkar has around 500 temples. So, the city is also known as “City of Temples