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About Colaba, Mumbai

 Colaba has a seaside paved public walk that begins at the Gateway of India, a tall basalt arch built in the 1920s.This  passes high-end fashion boutiques and the iconic Taj Mahal Palace hotel, known for its colonial sea-facing tea lounge. Nearby Colaba is lined with decades-old cafes, hip modern restaurants and outdoor stalls selling handcrafted souvenirs.

Colaba The causeway is known for its street shopping - from clothes to bags to shoes to jewelry. The name Colaba is derived from Kolabhat.  Colaba was originally a region consisting of two main islands: Colaba and Little Colaba. The island of Colaba was one of the seven islands of Bombay. At the end of Colaba Causeway, it has an art deco jewel, which opened in 1933. You can Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, across from the Gateway. Colaba is known for its touristy feel and you can tell it’s been used to tourists for a long time. There are still plenty of local people living there and going about their days

Colaba is in the main location and it has the Gateway of India, The Taj Mahal Hotel, Marine Drive, and Chowpatty Beach all within a short distance. It also has a Churchgate train station which is the main station that can take you elsewhere in Mumbai.

Shopping Places and Restaurants near Colaba

One side of Colaba Causeway also is known as Colaba Causeway Market is lined with Indian Stalls selling all sorts of clothes, books and souvenirs. There’s even a crystal stand and the odd fruit and vegetable stand and therefore Colaba Causeway is a popular area to go shopping along.This is probably because of the temperature drops but if you want to avoid the crowds go in the morning. At Colaba Causeway, you can buy some branded stores like Nike and The Body Shop.

There’s also Colaba Market  which is located just off Colaba Causeway is another popular place to shop but here you will get more local items and stores.

There are many popular places to eat along Colaba Causeway and close to Colaba, I found there is a range of touristy places and local restaurants at a really cheap price. You can check out Leopald Café, Café Mondegar, Café Universal, Madras Café, Delhi Darbar, Britnnia and many more.

Night Life in Colaba

Mumbai’s nightlife scene is vibrant, stunning on the radar of international artists and DJs embarking on global tours. Mumbai's best clubs,  few operating as restaurants and bars throughout the week, and undergoing changes during gig nights and weekends. Colaba Offers the best night clubs like Sunlight Pub, Radio Club, Traffic Pub, Colaba Social, LIV,  The Bar Stock Exchange and the list go on. If you are looking to party in Colaba, you’ll likely find yourself in the bustling areas of Colaba. That being said, a trip to Mumbai will give you a taste of how glamourous Mumbai can get. Ready to dance the night away? The best clubs in Mumbai will astound you.

Hotels for few hours in Colaba Mumbai

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Night Stay Hotels in Colaba Mumbai

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Hotel for one-night stay in City

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Budget friendly Hotels in City for short stay

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Business friendly Hotels in City for Day stay and Night Stay

If you are on a business visit to Mumbai and planning to book for short stay then there are range of 3 star hotels and 5 star hotels in Colaba Mumbai for Short Stay and Hourly Hotels near Colaba for Hourly stay. If you have a layover time of 2-3 hours or more than that still you can book for short stay from Bag2Bag and reap the benefits. You can drop in your luggage in any budget hotels in Colaba near railway station, relax and shop for your loved ones in the nearby Malls in Colaba.

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Day Use hotels in Colaba Mumbai

If you are visiting Mumbai for any business purpose or Entertainment then you can book day use, 24 hours check in hotels in Colaba or just Day Use Hotels in Colaba Mumbai as well as any day stay hotels in Colaba Mumbai which will be very reasonable. Why pay more if your stay is only for day time or only few hours! Just book Short Stay Hotels in Colaba. You can reach the office within no time and can avoid the traffic of Mumbai. So, it is always desirable to book hotels near office and save the time. Day use Hotels helps you save on lodging. You can save on accommodation and extend your stay if you need with Bag2Bag hotels.

Couple Friendly hotels in Colaba Mumbai

There are many couple friendly hotels near Colaba Mumbai for short stay or hourly stay. You can stay for few hours by paying for only the hours you stayed. There are options for unmarried couples also. So, you can book Unmarried Couple Friendly Hotels in Colaba. Couples also can book top night stay Hotel Rooms for One Night in Colaba Mumbai. Couple friendly hotels in Colaba Mumbai and Hotels in Colaba for Unmarried Couples are very reasonably priced with good amenities

Hotels near Colaba Railway Station, Mumbai

There are two stations near Colaba. The closest station to Colaba is Churchgate Station at the end of the Western Railway. The other station is Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (formerly Victoria Terminus) which is the end of the Central Railway . Book Hotels near Colaba Market or Hourly Hotels in Colaba through Bag2Bag. There are many budget hotels in Colaba Mumbai which is very near to railway station. 

Hotels near Airport, Mumbai

Mumbai Airport is one of the busiest airports in India. If you are looking out for budget hotel near Mumbai airport or Hourly hotels near Mumbai Airport, you can book the same through Bag2Bag which offers a comfortable stay at affordable pricing. Colaba has many hotels which are near to Mumbai Airport. Colaba to Mumbai Airport takes about 25 Mins.