Luxury Long stay hotels in Chikmagalur & save upto 80%

Do resorts in Chikmagalur organize outdoor activities?

Yes! From enjoying exciting indoor experiences such as board games and bonfire nights to outdoor activities, resorts in Chikmagalur make for a fun-filled getaway. Trekking, mountain climbing, nature walks, etc., can be arranged based on request.

How long can I stay in the service apartments in Chikmagalur?

It depends on your needs! Be it for a day, week, month or longer, stay in the service apartments for a customized duration. Get exciting deals and save more on extended stays.

What can I expect in the villas in Chikmagalur?

First, you can feel at home! The villas boast spellbinding natural views, an expansive in-house garden, indoor games, luxury pool, a spa, etc. Book a dreamy villa in Chikmagalur now!

Can I grab a homestay in Chikmagalur for family reasons?

Yes! Bag2Bag has amassed a wide range of homestay options in Chikmagalur to gratify the needs of family people. Live in the large family rooms and access all the sophisticated hospitality features.

Do Bag2Bag offer affordable extended stays in Chikmagalur?

Indeed! When you backpack Chikmagalur on a budget, choose affordable homestays or service apartments with Bag2Bag. The longer you stay, the more you save!

About Chikmagalur

A coffee lover’s paradise, Chikmagalur remains one of the most tantalizing hill stations in Karnataka. Lying in the lap of the Mullayanagiri range, the place is bestowed with an abundance of nature.  Refreshing coffee walks, nature trails, sweeping views of hills, salubrious weather, etc., will combine to offer a blissful retreat in Chikmagalur. The high-altitude peaks in Chikmagalur endlessly attract trekking enthusiasts. Be it soaking in the pure magic of nature or trying extreme adventures, Chikmagalur makes for an ideal getaway. Witness the unspoiled beauty of the native villages while tasting local delicacies. Bag2Bag offers service apartments in Chikmagalur to ensure memorable stay experiences for travellers. The exciting nature activities and soothing backdrop draw in families, couples, adrenaline junkies, etc., to the land of Chikmagalur. Grab a homestay in Chikmagalur with Bag2Bag and look for the stunning accommodation features. Stay in picturesque locations within expansive coffee plantations and sip on your favourite brew fresh from the garden. Bag2Bag allow travellers to book resorts and villas in Chikmagalur for extended stay.

Service apartments in Chikmagalur for extended stay

Travelling to Chikmagalur soon with your family? Ok! Book service apartments in Chikmagalur with Bag2Bag for your accommodation needs. Enjoy the flexible stay duration while booking service apartments. Live in a discrete space with a green backdrop in Chikmagalur and feel close to nature. Service apartments are usually packed with stellar amenities to pamper the needs of modern-day travellers. Use the fully-equipped kitchen to cook satiating dishes and save more. You have the option to choose cottages and guesthouses in Chikmagalur for extended stay with Bag2Bag. Stretch your stay in Chikmagalur for continuous days to get extra discounts on accommodation.

Taking year-end vacations or long weekend breaks? Chikmagalur is the best place to travel with your loved ones. Book a homestay in Chikmagalur with Bag2Bag and find it extremely comfortable for your needs. Get the best accommodation in this hill station at reduced rental prices. Travellers can find the relevant amenities in the service apartments for different reasons. Fully-furnished living room, free Wi-Fi, ample parking space, kitchen, and leisure comforts upgrade the stay experiences of travellers. Bag2Bag offers couple friendly service apartments in Chikmagalur to delight several young couples. Rent the most attractive properties for long stay and cherish the perfect vacation in Chikmagalur.

Homestay in Chikmagalur

Looking to spend a long weekend in Chikmagalur? Then, grab a homestay via Bag2Bag for your ideal accommodation needs. Live in spacious rooms that are adorned with modern art and warm tones. Stay amidst sprawling coffee estates that enraptures you with fresh aroma. Booking a homestay in Chikmagalur will let you go beyond the usual route. Take coffee plantation walks and try other outdoor experiences during your stay. Embrace slow travel, stay long in the homestays and be sure to cover all the mesmerizing attractions in Chikmagalur. Choose your accommodation near tourist places. Cherish the freedom of cooking farm-fresh foods in the homestays. The amenities are carefully designed to cater to the demands of a wide range of travellers. Business travellers can use the spacious environment to seamlessly host meetings or work from the gorgeous location in Chikmagalur. Likewise, digital nomads can get a rewarding stay. Capture the enchanting sunrise from the top of Mullayanagiri Peak in the early morning and get refreshed instantly. Hike along the verdant green mountains and marvel at the picture-perfect setting. Bag2Bag offers villas and resorts in Chikmagalur to assure great stay experiences for travellers. Visit this spellbinding hill station soon and rely on Bag2Bag for new-age accommodation options.

Hotels in Chikmagalur for extended stay

Whether you travel solo or as a group, book hotels in Chikmagalur for extended stay with Bag2Bag. A remarkable accommodation option within your budget! Take a quick visit to the sprawling coffee estates where the tempting fragrance of coffee and lush backdrop await you.

You can find all the ideal comforts in extended stay hotels. Step into the kitchen to recreate the authentic flavours of Chikmagalur from the comfort of your stay. The amenities are expertly curated to match the preference of different travellers. You can even consider working from the lavish mountains of Chikmagalur for the duration you prefer. Access the concierge services in extended stay hotels before setting out for exploration.

Avail huge discounts on accommodation when you book the long stay hotels in Chikmagalur through Bag2Bag. Nature lovers, birdwatchers, trekkers, couples, etc., can make the most of extended stay hotels. Would you always prefer to stay in a properly sanitized living room? Well! Bag2Bag clearly understands the needs of travellers and so employs effective hygiene and safety measures in extended stay hotelsDownload Bag2Bag Android and iOS apps to enjoy the latest deals on long stay hotels! Pick from the comprehensive range of budget and premium extended stay properties through Bag2Bag.

Service apartments and homestay in Chikmagalur for women travellers and senior citizen

Chikmagalur is the favourite spot for many travellers to spend a soul-stirring trip amidst pristine nature. The sweeping coffee estates and verdant mountain range further beautify this hill station. To provide trustworthy accommodation for solo women travellers, Bag2Bag has encompassed service apartments in Chikmagalur. Get all the desired benefits that precisely suit your preferences. Work remotely from the exotic locations of Chikmagalur in a perfect office-like environment. Access free Wi-Fi to stay connected with your close ones. The fully-furnished living space will offer extra convenience. Senior citizens can book a homestay in Chikmagalur with Bag2Bag and plan a memorable vacation. Go around and explore the magnificent attractions of Chikmagalur. Book resorts and villas in Chikmagalur for extended stay with Bag2Bag and enjoy your vacation.

Economical service apartments and homestay in Chikmagalur

Backpacking Chikmagalur on a budget? Well! Take advantage of the economical service apartments in Chikmagalur offered by Bag2Bag. Staying long in Chikmagalur will let you explore gorgeous attractions and also go lighter on your pockets. Service apartments come fitted with all the necessary amenities to meet your needs. From a basic living room and free Wi-Fi to a kitchen, you will have the required comforts. Cook homely food on your own and avoid unnecessary expenses. Bag2Bag offers affordable homestays in Chikmagalur to benefit several travellers. The reliable accommodation option at the best prices for several travellers. Don’t miss the exciting deals and offers on service apartments. Live in spacious rooms with no intrusion into your privacy.

Business stay service apartments in Chikmagalur

Travelling for business reasons? Well! To create high-class stay experiences for business travellers, Bag2Bag offers service apartments in Chikmagalur. A vast living room, high-speed Wi-Fi, meeting room, etc., will cater to the specific demands of business people. Host meetings with your business associates in a home-like ambience. Finish pending tasks quickly from the comfort of your living space. You will have the added convenience of enjoying leisure facilities. So, you can extend your business trip for a few more days in Chikmagalur with the availability of service apartments. Book service apartments in Chikmagalur with a view and make your stay further exciting. Sit on your laptop on the cosy balcony and catch the mountain views while working. Meander through nature trails filled with a thicket of foliage, waterfalls and rugged terrains. Revel in the handcrafted indoor and outdoor experiences while staying in the service apartments.  Make use of the cottages and guesthouses in Chikmagalur for extended stay.

Service apartments and homestay in Chikmagalur for travelling on Medical reasons

Visiting Chikmagalur to access world-class medical facilities? Well! There are several multispeciality hospitals located in this hill station. The best medical centres in Chikmagalur include Anuradha Hospital, Annapurna Hospital, Ashraya Hospital, Prasanthi Hospital, Sanjeevini Speciality Centre, KRS Multispeciality Hospital, Chethna Hospital, etc. To offer the perfect stay for medical travellers, Bag2Bag offers service apartments in Chikmagalur. Cure your illness or undergo medical checkups in any of the popular hospitals. Extend your stay in this entrancing coffee destination and avail numerous benefits. Book service apartments with a kitchen and cook feel-good food on your own. Eat healthy food and follow medical advice to recover soon. You can book service apartments near the top healthcare centres and enjoy the convenience. Go sightseeing and get lost in the real charm of nature in Chikmagalur. 

Luxury service apartments and homestay in Chikmagalur

Looking to book lavish hill retreats in Chikmagalur? Wow! Bag2Bag has amassed a good range of luxury service apartments in Chikmagalur. Cool decor, finest comforts, luscious backdrop, etc., will make for a fabulous getaway in this coffee land. The posh amenities are tastefully designed to delight new-age travellers. From visiting alluring coffee gardens to experiencing dashing adventures, travellers can indulge in a variety of activities in Chikmagalur. Swim a few laps in the outdoor pool while capturing the heavenly views of the hills. Sign up for unique spa treatments that can be more rejuvenating than ever. Stay in the hill station for over a week in the luxury service apartments and revitalize your soul with a therapeutic massage. You can cook appetizing dishes from local and international cuisine from the comfort of the in-house kitchen. The soaring peaks in Chikmagalur attract trekkers and nature lovers to soak in authentic experiences. Take a refreshing dip in the gushing waterfalls and encounter breathtaking sceneries all around. Chikmagalur is the place to experience adrenaline-rushing activities and taste exotic coffee varieties. Bag2Bag offers villas in Chikmagalur for extended stay to benefit various travellers. Get unrivalled luxury in the midst of unspoiled nature!

Service apartments for couples in Chikmagalur

Planning a dreamy escape to the hills of Chikmagalur? Well! Bag2Bag offers an incredible selection of service apartments for couples in Chikmagalur. Cherish the most amazing stay amidst a pleasant ambience. Stunning greeneries and mountain vista just oozes romance. Couple-friendly services and leisure comforts make for a specialized stay experience. Step into the expansive coffee estate, pick the finest cherries and brew a cuppa on your own. Wait for the remarkable romantic experiences in the coffee land of Karnataka. Take a splash on divine waterfalls set in the lush backdrop, trek arduous trails and experience extreme adventure sports with your partner. Sip your favourite brew on the elegant balcony or relax by the poolside! Set up a romantic dinner night in the on-site garden and rekindle love.

Villas in Chikmagalur for extended stay

Looking for the perfect weekend retreat in Chikmagalur? Well! Bag2Bag offers villas in Chikmagalur for extended stay. Spend your day dipping in the gorgeous pool, tasting luscious dishes and enjoying mountain views. The villas come furnished with all the lavish features to satiate the stay needs of different travellers. Be it taking a honeymoon vacation or an adventure trip, Chikmagalur remains the go-to destination for many travellers. A trip to Chikmagalur gets further enjoyable when you visit coffee gardens and get lost in its tempting fragrance. Stay in the villas for continuous nights overlooking verdant mountains and access cool discounts.

Resorts in Chikmagalur for extended stay

Would you fancy booking a resort in Chikmagalur? Then, you can exactly get the same via Bag2Bag. Enjoy bonfire nights with soulful music, fantastic food and fun-filled stories! Taste a wide range of local dishes at the in-house restaurant. Lounge around the pool all day long or get therapeutic spa treatments in the resorts. Travellers can make use of the high-speed Wi-Fi and parking space free of cost. If you are searching for an alternate place to work, book resorts in Chikmagalur with Bag2Bag. A cool and perfect place to manage your work! Customize your stay duration in this hill station and enjoy captivating experiences.

Cottages in Chikmagalur for extended stay

Who doesn't prefer to stay in cosy places? Bag2Bag has encompassed several cottages in Chikmagalur to guarantee sheer comfort for travellers. A place where you can access the distinctive range of accommodation features. Unwind in the sprawling garden during the evening to absorb the pleasant environment. The rooms come attached with a classy balcony, flat-screen TV, hygienic toiletries and snug beds. Stay connected with your close ones as cottages offer reliable internet connection. Get the panoramic views of the coffee estate from your living room, which soothes you endlessly. Avail the extended stay options and never miss the exciting offers and deals.

Guesthouses in Chikmagalur for extended stay

Get all the exclusive comforts while staying in the guesthouses in Chikmagalur. Revel in an unforgettable vacation experience in the coffee land! Savour tantalizing food and enjoy similar facilities that will make you feel like living in your home. Congenial local hosts on the guesthouses take care of all your needs. Explore Chikmagalur beyond famous attractions and discover hidden gems. Download Bag2Bag Android and iOS apps to enjoy the new-age accommodation experience! Bag2Bag allow travellers to book guesthouses in Chikmagalur for extended stay. Consider living in Chikmagalur for more than a few days and fall in love with the ethereal charm of this hill station.