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About Mathikere Bangalore

Mathikere is a thriving residential locality in Bangalore City. The area comes under the Malleshwaram constituency of Karnataka State Assembly. The New BEL road stretches at the eastern boundary of the Mathikere locality. The areas like AGS Layout, MS Ramaiah Nagar, ITI Layout, and Nethaji Nagar lies in close proximity to the Mathikere locality. Many still admit that this place was a lake before turning into a residential area. The lake was used to be the habitat of Mathi Fish. Therefore, the locality ‘Mathikere’ has acquired its name as ‘kere’ in Kannada refers to the lake. Additionally, the area of Mathikere is home to a slew of educational institutions such as Fortune Academy, Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Karnataka State Open University, and many more.

The area is developing at a rapid pace with the establishments of commercial spaces, Hospitals, Schools, Colleges, and Parks. This enormously attracts several new dwellers to the locality of Mathikere. The 85-acre long extending JP Park lies in Mathikere to offer a ton of entertainment for all those local dwellers. Bigger walking paths, verdant greeneries, musical fountain, kids sections in the JP Park will combine together to provide you with the utmost fun.

Shopping places and restaurants near Mathikere

Mathikere is famous for possessing the widely spread out market area and the ambience is more of a real Bangalore. The opportunities for shopping in the locality of Mathikere is huge. You can go shopping at Ramp, Unearth, Vika Boutique, Nexgen Store, and to name a few. When it comes to eateries, you can cherish the list of delicious foods endlessly. The restaurants like The Namakh Store&Cafe, Peppermill Bistro, Chapter One Bar, Hard Rock Cafe, and Prana Organic Restaurant will cloy your cravings.

Nightlife in Mathikere Bangalore

Come to Mathikere for a peppy nightlife! To make the local residents go crazy late at night, there are plenty of pubs, bars, and restaurants available in the area of Mathikere. Think only about revelling in the spirited nightlife of Mathikere. Once you are done with experiencing all the frolic elements, book night stay hotels via Bag2Bag in Mathikere. Besides that, you can also make use of the couple friendly hotels via Bag2Bag to accommodate with your loved ones. Unwind yourselves in one of the hourly use hotels offered by Bag2Bag in the area of Mathikere. You won’t need to take any risks in finding hotels late at midnight when there is an availability of short stay hotels with Bag2Bag in Mathikere.

Hotels for few hours in Mathikere Bangalore

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Night stay hotels in Mathikere Bangalore

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Hotel for a one night stay in the city

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Budget-friendly hotels in the city for a short stay

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Business-friendly hotels in the city for day stay and night stay

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Day use hotels in Mathikere Bangalore

The concept of day use hotels was brought into the travel landscape to offer a stay only during the day. By booking day use hotels via Bag2Bag, you can take delight in the aspect of pocket-friendly accommodation. As Bag2Bag offers day stay hotels in the locality of Mathikere, you can easily disregard staying unnecessarily at night. Save money as well as few hours with day stay hotels! Just book hotels near your destined area and avoid getting stuck in the tragic Bangalore traffic. The day stay hotels booked via Bag2Bag will offer extreme convenience to academic travellers, business travellers, leisure travellers, adventure travellers, and many more in the region of Mathikere. No need to worry about the behaviours of hotel staffs as Bag2Bag collaborates only with the credible hotel chains in Mathiker

Couple friendly hotels in Mathikere Bangalore

People in India have mixed views on offering couple friendly hotels. But it doesn’t matter as there is no law to prevent couples from booking a stay. If you need some impressive couple friendly hotels in the vicinity of Mathikere, simply rely upon the Bag2Bag hotels. Getting succumbed to harassments or indecent behaviours in the hotel is impossible when you book couple friendly hotels via Bag2Bag. Even if you are unmarried, you can enjoy a safe stay in case you are issued with enough valid ID and crossed the age barrier of 18.