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Dalhousie is one of the beautiful hill stations and scenic place in Himachal Pradesh , the city also boasts thick vegetation, amiable weather, graceful lakes, opulent culture to captivate travellers. Dalhousie offers a sophisticated lifestyle with all modern amenities and experiences. The places to visit in Dalhousie include  Panch Pulla, Kajjiar, Kalatop Wild life Sanctuary, Satdhara Falls and many more. A lazy stroll along the meadows will turn your evening joyful! Dalhousie has every kind of attraction to amaze travellers. If you have arrived in Dalhousie with your dear one, you can seize the stunning hotels for couples in Dalhousie offered by Bag2Bag Rooms. Cherish the extreme privacy and comfort by booking the couple friendly hotels in Dalhousie. Select from the comprehensive variety of day stay hotels in Dalhousie provided by Bag2Bag Rooms.