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About Kandivali West, Mumbai

Kandivali West is a suburb located in the North Mumbai. The locality of Kandivali was previously known as Khandolee. The Kandivali Railway Station is standing majestically for more than 100 years as it was constructed in 1907. The station has acquired its name from the East Indian Village of Candolim. The region encompassing Western Urban Road between Malad and Kandivali had several stone quarries and was once popular for Malad stone. Many famous buildings in Mumbai were stacked with Malad stone between 1860 and 1930, some of them are David Sassoon Library, Bombay House, and the Western Railway building at Churchgate. In the interim of Plagues of the 1900s, the Fonseca’s from Bandra relocated to Kandivali West at Poisar. Poisar village in the locality of Kandivali West boasts the famous Our Lady of Remedy Church. A distinguished daily journal, The Times of India printing press is operating in the area of Kandivali West.

The high-profile localities in Kandivali West include Kandivali Village, Irani Wadi, Anand Nagar, Ary Chankya Nagar, Tulaskar Wadi, Amrut Nagar, Shanker Lane, Parekh Nagar, and many more. Kandivali West comprises industrial areas such as Akurli Industrial Estate, Kandivali Industrial Estate, Gundecha Industrial Estate, and Balaji Industrial Estate. The locality of Kandivali West enjoys the superior road and railway connectivity.

Shopping places and restaurants near Kandivali West

Kandivali West is a heavenly region for shopping. Unleash an endless time with your families for buying your preferred products. Fancy shopping at Indian Threads, Tapasyaa jewellery & Accessories, JB Collections, Archana Art, Arshia Fashion House, Raghuleela Mega Mall, Xth Central Shopping Mall, and so on. The area of Kandivali West also boasts immense dining options with a lot of variety in it. Go dining at Crave Junction, Amma’s Tiffin House, Chitchat Chai, Makkan Maar Ke, and Akkad Bakkad Bombay Boo.

Nightlife in Kandivali West

Get lost in the high spirit night of Kandivali West! The colourful nightlife sparkles with some marvellous bars, pubs, and restaurants. To offer utmost enthusiasm to the local dwellers, they are available even during the late hours. If you have immersed enough in the rollicking night environment, you can make use of hourly stay hotels in Kandivali West via Bag2Bag. Even if you hang out with your loved one, you can find some stellar short stay couple friendly hotels in Kandivali West. You won’t stumble in a situation where you cannot find some good hotels in Kandivali West Mumbai late at night. Bag2Bag is always there to facilitate you irrespective of the time. So, grab the ultimately attractive hourly stay or hourly use hotels in Kandivali West offered by Bag2Bag.

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Night stay hotels in Kandivali West Mumbai

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Hotel for a one night stay in the city

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Budget-friendly hotels in the city for a short stay

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Business-friendly hotels in the city for day stay and night stay

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Day use hotels in Kandivali West Mumbai

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Couple friendly hotels in Kandivali West Mumbai

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Hotels near Kandivali West railway station

It is one of the pivotal junctions in commuting plenty of passengers in Mumbai. Kandivali West railway station is always brimming with passengers ready to catch their trains. Therefore, Bag2Bag has gathered ample hotels near Kandivali West railway station to accommodate the travellers. Pick from the wide range of budget-friendly hotels near Kandivali West railway station via Bag2Bag.