Book Night stay hotels in Hampi @ ₹784 for 1 night

Can I get travel assistance in the resorts in Hampi?

Yeah! You can access the concierge services in the resorts and know more about the hidden gems in Hampi. Take guided tours and explore the heritage beauty!

What kind of facilities are available in the service apartments in Hampi?

Service apartments are fully-furnished to enhance the stay experience of guests. Free Wi-Fi, a business hall, a large living space, a modern kitchen, and leisure facilities can be accessible in the service apartments in Hampi.

Can I rent the homestays in Hampi for a week?

Indeed! Bag2Bag allows you to choose homestays in Hampi for weekly rentals. If you look to extend your stay further, you can do that as well.

Are service apartments in Hampi ideal for business stays?

Yes! You can manage business tasks from the convenience of service apartments in Hampi. A cool place to work, relax and enjoy new stay experiences. Use Wi-Fi and a conference room to stay connected with your business partners.

Do villas in Hampi offer indoor recreation facilities?

Of course! You can enjoy board games or play the shuttle in the in-house play area. Outdoor pool, gym and spa amenities will make for a refreshing experience.

About Hampi

Hampi, a temple town with rustic charm and magnificent history attracts people from distant lands. Placed majestically along the shores of the Tungabhadra River, the place usually sees a huge influx of history buffs. Old-world monuments and temples in Hampi stand as a symbol of the Vijayanagara Empire. Visiting bazaars in Hampi will let you shop for delightful handcrafted products. Hippie Island is the most astonishing site to enjoy beach time in Hampi. The must-visit attractions in Hampi include Vithala Temple, Virupaksha Temple, Hampi Bazaar, Hippie Island, Monkey Temple, Lotus Palace, Queen’s Bath, Matanga Hill, Elephant Staple, Zenana Enclosure, Achyutraya Temple, Archaeological Museum, etc. Bag2Bag offers service apartments in Hampi to ensure the utmost convenience to travellers. Make use of this great stay option to stay long in the town. You can now easily grab homestays in Hampi for extended stay with Bag2Bag.

Service apartments in Hampi for extended stay

Visiting Hampi soon? Service apartments in Hampi come furnished with sophisticated hospitality features. You can look for unparalleled comfort no matter how long you stay. Accommodate in a private space when you book service apartments. Relax and unwind in the neatly designed rooms. Free Wi-Fi, spa, gym, swimming pool, etc., will make for great luxury accommodation. Bag2Bag offers a homestay in Hampi to guarantee unique stay experiences for travellers. Business people can find all the relevant amenities to work comfortably for a few days to weeks in service apartments. Stay near the popular tourist landmarks and go sightseeing in this enchanting historical town. Temples, museums, palaces, etc., in the town will let you relish the old-world charm.

Get the luxury of living in a large space with no intrusion into your privacy. From preparing your own meals and working in a peaceful environment to enjoying leisure experiences, book service apartments in Hampi for extended stay. Luxuriate in the personalized accommodation with all the enhanced comforts. Bag2Bag allows you to book resorts and villas in Hampi for extended stay. Pilgrim travellers and historical enthusiasts can take advantage of the new-age accommodation options with Bag2Bag.

Homestay in Hampi

Looking to discover the treasure trove of Hampi? Amazing! Bag2Bag boasts a magnificent selection of homestays in Hampi. Travellers visiting this historical town can rely on homestays and enjoy the most comfortable stay. Recreating the comforts of a modern home, travellers will never feel like living in unknown destinations. Homestays come equipped with a range of special amenities to deliver a top-notch hospitality experience. Get the family rooms while you plan a year-end vacation with your close ones. There is no better way to explore Hampi in its true form! Stay long in the town and wander around the hidden gems like a local. Being a digital nomad, you can’t look for any better accommodation than homestays. Work in a cool environment and revel in the fantastic hospitality features. Cook on your own whenever required and taste sumptuous dishes. You can convert the homestays into a party place during weekends and celebrate with your friends and family. Bag2Bag offers couple friendly homestays in Hampi to ensure a memorable experience for couples. Visit this hugely appealing historical town and enjoy the trip of your lifetime.

Hotels in Hampi for extended stay

Planning to spend a long holiday in Hampi? Relax! Bag2Bag offers hotels in Hampi for extended stay. The most reliable and brand-new stay option that you cannot miss! Ancient monuments, beautiful temples and a gorgeous backdrop will make your visit extremely enjoyable. Be it for business or leisure, book extended stay hotels with Bag2Bag and cherish the convenience. Live in the fully-furnished space that boasts all the incredible hospitality features. Access the concierge services in the long stay hotels for tour assistance. Get excellent in-room service and ease off your burden during your stay. Connect with locals and know more about extraordinary places in Hampi. You can even visit secret attractions and delve deeper into local culture!

Download Bag2Bag Android and iOS apps to book long stay hotels at discounted rates! If you expect high-class sanitisation and cleanliness measures while staying out of your home, book extended stay hotels via Bag2Bag. Cherish the distinctive hospitality features along with proper security measures. Bag2Bag has encompassed an exciting range of budget and luxury properties to cater to the needs of travellers. Plan a fascinating holiday in Hampi and relish the wonderful heritage! The facilities are thoughtfully created in the extended stay hotels to make them relevant for all travellers.

Service apartments and homestay in Hampi for women travellers and senior citizen

Travelling to Hampi to experience stunning heritage? Wow! For ideal accommodation, choose service apartments in Hampi for extended stay. Solo women travellers can benefit from the availability of service apartments. A safe and flexible accommodation with contemporary features! The facilities are designed to suit the stay preferences of business and leisure travellers alike. You can seamlessly host business meetings, work and relax in the same place with no worries. Bag2Bag has amassed a decent range of guesthouses and cottages in Hampi for extended stay to delight travellers. Stay long in this town to get rewarding deals on service apartments. Senior citizens can book a homestay in Hampi with Bag2Bag and look for desired comforts. Plan your stay near popular temples and relish the maximum convenience.

Economical service apartments and homestay in Hampi

Looking to access budget-friendly stays in Hampi? No hassles! Bag2Bag boasts several economical service apartments in Hampi. Get the rewarding experience of living in a fully-furnished space without spending huge. You can avail the basic amenities while staying long in the town. Also, you can go lighter on your wallet by booking the service apartments for extended stay. Book your stay in the vicinity of popular tourist sites and still save more on accommodation. Who would like to miss a good-quality stay at affordable prices? Bag2Bag provide affordable homestays in Hampi to meet the needs of several travellers. Service apartments come fitted with a modern kitchen to enhance convenience for travellers. Cook on your own and skip expensive restaurant food.

Business stay service apartments in Hampi

Need an office-like environment while travelling? Can’t miss the homey comforts? Relax! Bag2Bag offers service apartments in Hampi to exclusively match the preferences of business travellers. Get the uber-cool facilities and finish your work commitments without much effort. Business hall, large living room, high-speed Wi-Fi, leisure comforts, etc., can be found in the service apartments. Invite your business partners and new clients and strike new business deals. You can access a slick kitchen to cook yummy dishes from the comfort of service apartments. Stay in the air-conditioned rooms, use modern features and relax on the balcony to capture the charming views of Hampi. You can stay in the town for continuous nights to get the latest deals on service apartments. Go temple hopping and cover all the ancient religious sites in Hampi. Visit the town with your family and plan a cool vacation!

Service apartments and homestay in Hampi for travelling on Medical reasons

Travelling to Hampi with your family? For urgent medical needs for senior citizens, you can get the superior medical facilities in Hampi. The world-class hospitals in Hampi include Amarjyothi Hospital, Srikarii Hospital, Hubli Super Speciality Hospital, Pinaki Ray Eye Foundation, Lifeline, Maithri Hospital, City Hospital, Chiranjeevi Hospital, Sri Vinayaka Hospital, and so on. Bag2Bag offers service apartments in Hampi to benefit medical travellers. Take care of your health while enjoying your vacation in Hampi. Stay in proximity to popular hospitals and cherish the additional convenience. Booking a service apartment will make you feel like living in another home with ideal amenities. You have the freedom to work and use similar comforts. Grab a homestay in Hampi and explore the spectacular travel sites.

Luxury service apartments and homestay in Hampi

Looking to rent out the opulent properties in Hampi? Cool! Bag2Bag offers luxury service apartments in Hampi to deliver top-rated comfort for travellers. You can look for an elegant dining area, attractive outdoor space, feel-good food and attached kitchen amenities. Stay in the heritage-style properties that represent the rich legacy of Hampi. The rooms are complete with vibrant decor and stunning artwork. Enjoy pool time or get luxury spa treatments in the service apartments. Find the distinctive stay features and have a great time! Sit by the pool to sip refreshing drinks and taste mouth watering food. The rooms come fitted with a balcony to let travellers capture the unreal beauty of Hampi. Bag2Bag provide couple friendly homestays in Hampi to match the stay preferences of modern couples. Discover ancient treasures, pious temples with intricate architectural designs and mesmerizing natural attractions in Hampi.

Bag2Bag offers guesthouses and cottages in Hampi for extended stay. You can endlessly admire the bucolic backdrop of Hampi. A perfect spiritual and natural vacation experience awaits you in Hampi! Extend your stay to get extra discounts on service apartments and homestays. You can explore Hampi within your budget! Spiritual travellers, history buffs, family travellers, couples, etc., can make the most of these exciting stay options.

Service apartments for couples in Hampi

Can’t wait to take a historical romantic getaway? Then, visit Hampi! Ancient temple ruins, archaeological museums and alluring beaches will make your vacation more tantalizing! Experience heartwarming romance while staying in the service apartments for couples in Hampi. The living space is adorned with spellbinding art and decor to enhance the stay experience for couples. Book luxury service apartments and access the best-in-class leisure comforts. Lounge around the pool, access delightful spa therapies and cook or bake mouthwatering dishes in the kitchen. Get special arrangements for romantic dinners from the comfort of service apartments. Binge-watch your favourite shows with the availability of unlimited Wi-Fi! A joyful vacation experience for couples is guaranteed in Hampi. Avail the special deals and offers while booking service apartments for extended stay.

Villas in Hampi for extended stay

Looking to soak in the historical beauty of Hampi? Amazing! Then, book villas in Hampi for extended stay with Bag2Bag. Relish the handcrafted leisure experiences while staying in the chic property. Visit Hippie Island to soak in the laid back charm of the beaches and coconut groves in the midst of this historical town. Stay in the heritage-themed villas and get all the desired benefits. Dip in the pool, munch on exotic local dishes, get rejuvenating spa treatments, etc. Take along your family members and turn your vacation into something remarkable. Spend a long weekend in the Hampi and capture its real bliss!

Resorts in Hampi for extended stay

Hampi is a place that transports you back in time with its majestic temples and monuments. Book resorts in Hampi through Bag2Bag and experience exclusive accommodation. Outdoor garden, in-house restaurant and large living space will add to your joy. Whether you travel solo or with your family, you can always look for extraordinary hospitality features. Live in neatly maintained rooms with suitable hygienic facilities. Leisure experiences are delightfully crafted to elevate the stay of travellers. Access the tour desk and lay out a perfect travel itinerary to cover fabulous destinations in Hampi. Head to the hidden gems and cherish exciting outdoor experiences.

Cottages in Hampi for extended stay

Retaining the age-old charm, Hampi attracts spiritual travellers and history enthusiasts all around the year. To ensure proper stay facilities for travellers, Bag2Bag offers cottages in Hampi for extended stay. A highly affordable and authentic stay you cannot miss! Temple tours and sightseeing can be arranged based on your request. You can access fancy hospitality features and live with joy. Download Bag2Bag Android and iOS apps to get special deals on cottages! The indoor facilities in the cottages are truly phenomenal to meet the evolving needs of travellers. Walk through history in one of the marvellous destinations in India, Hampi.

Guesthouses in Hampi for extended stay

How about staying in guesthouses while visiting Hampi? Bag2Bag exactly understands the demands of modern-day travellers and so offers guesthouses in Hampi. You can easily customize your stay experiences. Live with a local family and immerse in cultural exchanges. Taste local food, understand the rich heritage of Hampi and discover secret attractions with the help of native people. Staying in the home-like ambience will let you experience Hampi in all its glory! If you are planning to reside in the town for at least a week, book guesthouses in Hampi for extended stay with Bag2Bag. Wait for unreal comfort and flexibility!